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Please Somebody Everyone Do Something

Date : 1st August 2005, Source : Dr Glen Barry

How I long for faith that the Earth's environment is going to be all right. Humanity will engineer a biosphere. We will discover an endless energy source that is non-polluting. Markets will grow forever. Water will be created, substitutes found for forests and plants, food will be grown in test tubes and nano-servants will clean up our toxic messes.

How has it come to this - inane techno-babble promises, as a form of denial that deflects attention from the Earth's perilous state? How has humankind lost site of their animalness? When did the sickness set in? How could we be so delusional as to believe that we do not need the Earth, are not one with the Earth, and can have any type of life at all without a healthy Earth? When did we trade clear skies, healthy forests, clean water and plentiful natural and healthy food for ipods, cell phones, junk food galore, and more fancy clothes than a person needs?

Roar! We need the Earth to live, the Earth is being killed, and by you and I - when we should be defending her. If you disbelieve my paranoid preaching, listen to the Earth. She is everywhere around you - just outside your door in fact. A few centuries ago forests and animals surrounded us. Now they exist as tawdry relicts. Biological life is endangered, much has already become extinct, and more will follow. Ecological systems are collapsing - deserts expand, land becomes barren, oceans lifeless and water squalid. Wal-Mart parking lots will not sustain us.

You, I, our ancestors and our gutless, greedy and corrupt leaders have - all of us - committed grand crimes against the Earth. I am beside myself with grief and you should be too. What started out so promisingly - the evolution of the hominids with big brains, thumbs and the will to create - looks to be turning out so very badly. Things simply can not continue as they are. Again, humanity is called upon to evolve or go extinct.

Our leaders and even our big environmental groups are ignoring the magnitude of the age of ecological collapse that we are now entering. How shall we live without seasons, water, air and food? WWF would have us believe that logging ancient forests more carefully is part of the solution - ignoring 6 billion people - a third starving and a third wallowing in throw away consumer items. How shall we manage inadequate resources to meet all their needs in times of starvation, war and pestilence?

Howl! This has gone on long enough; we are marching right up to the edge. At any moment climate change may cross the threshold and become abrupt, new emergent disease may rise from burned out rainforests and run rampant, major aquifers responsible for feeding millions may run dry, and any number of other calamities related to collapsing ecosystems await us. Yet the President Bushs and WWFs of the World compromise a little more and offer technological, managerial fixes to ecological problems, failing to devise and implement solutions sufficient to address biological problems of this magnitude.

And the Earth, her humanity and all her life move a bit closer to death. Why must we trade the seed for the computer?

Listen. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Either you will consume less, have fewer babies, eat and otherwise live sustainably - and exhort others to do so - or you are a disease. Time is so very, very short. Quite likely it is too late to expect 6 billion people can live sustainably and comfortably on what remains - much less the billions more on the way and rising expectations of material frivolity. Yet what choice is there but to try as hard as we possibly can?

I expect the World's citizens and leaders to embark upon a massive effort to embrace ecological sustainability and restoration. Immediately - two years at the maximum - a program must be in place adequate to reasonably achieve global ecological sustainability. Or I expect there to be war and revolution. The Earth must be defended as if our lives depend upon it. It does. All right minded bright greens are called upon to pursue all means necessary to stop industrial ecocide and usher in a new era of green hope.

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