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Poem : Wind

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Author: Julie Pisacane (8th July 2009)

Moving all around me
Fresh, flowing and free
Tingling my skin
Waking my senses within-
Traveling faithfully
From tree to tree
Among the sky and shimmering sea
whispering secrets
in my ear
Of many mysteries and memories
Of yester-year.

Wind.lifts the scents of
Fragrant flowers
Letting them drift
To us as a gift
For many delightful hours.

It can be found
Under seagull's wing,
Or passing through our hair,
At times it will rustle up leaves
Til' all the trees go bare .

So eager to greet everyone
And everything
Coming and going
As it may...
Some days it's wild
And at other times
Whimsical wind just wants to play.

It is known to all
Yet not controlled by any man
Nor completely understood.
Wind is just another precious part
Of God's glorious plan.

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