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Information : Rockdust - how you can help the Earth

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Author: Denise Tansley (16th April 2009)
Save Our Earth - Rockdust Volcanic Rock

Seer Rockdust is 420 million years old and is freshly ground, untreated volcanic rock blended from various Scottish quarries. It is a natural top dressing for soil and contains more than 50 minerals and trace elements. It has been certified as organic by the Scottish Organic Producers Association and Organice Farmers and Growers. Years of stringent gardening trials and scientific analysis have shown Seer Rockdust is safe to be added to soils and compost.

Why Should I Use It and What Benefits Are There?

  1. Climate Change

    Minerals and trace elements that have such as calcium and magnesium, which have been locked in rock for 420 million years (and not due to be released until the next ice age!), form carbonates with CO2 in the atmosphere. This process is a slow and long term process which is known as "long-term carbon offsetting".

  2. Soil Health

    Many of the vital minerals that should be in our soil have been washed through the soil and depleted by over-agriculture. By using Rockdust, the health and population of soil fauna, from bacteria to worms, is boosted.

  3. Crop and Flower Health

    Using Rockdust has been proven to show the following benefits:

    • Boosts organice soil fertility
    • Bigger and healthier crops
    • Higher nutritional value
    • Better flavour
    • Longer shelf life
    • Increases pest resistance
    • Lusher lawns
    • Improves drought resistance and less rootball
    • Vibrant colours of flowers (despite heavy summer rains)
    • More flowers and better plant growth

  4. Human Health

    As many of today's problems are due to poor diet, crops grown with Rockdust (and free from synthetic chemicals) have an important part to play in human health.

  5. Animal & Insect Health

    Insects such as bees and butterflies who pollinate the flowers and ladybirds who feed off aphids, and animals that eat grasses, will be taking up many more minerals, making them stronger and more resistance to disease.

  6. Reduces Pollution

    Today's food is dependent on synthetic fertilisers. These wash from the soil and pollute our waterways. The fast grown crops are weak and require more chemicals to kill the pests. These pesticides form part of our diet. Rockdust reduces the reliance on synthetic fertilisers and pesticides and increases biodiversity and removes the poisoning side effects of chemicals from our food. If we all used Rockdust, there would be no need for GM crops !

  7. Composting

    Rockdust speeds up the composting process, creates a higher temperature, reduces the odour, locks nitrogen and produces more fertile compost.

Save Our Earth - Rockdust, Crops and Flowers

If you are in the UK and in the Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey counties, please contact us, otherwise please visit to find your nearest stockist, and visit the Seer Centre at for testimonials and more information on their trials.

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