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Information : Climate Change warnings predicted in 1992 by Ann Walker & White Arrow

Articles, Poems & Information > Climate Change warnings predicted in 1992 by Ann Walker & White Arrow

The climate can change naturally but Man has in no doubt accelerated and interfered with this natural occurance as the IPCC stated in their Fourth Assessment Report released in 2007. The cynics have to open their eyes as we all know deep down inside that something is fundamentally wrong yet we continue to be swayed by the negative few trying to influence the many, leading to confusion. We are running out of time debating climate change and who's caused what. It is time to act now whether small changes are made by the individual or larger changes by organisations - changes must be made. But one thing is absolute - the rainforests must be saved - act now!

This an excerpt from The Report by Ann Walker and White Arrow which was written in 1991 and sent to World Leaders in 1992.

"Europe and England
Presently, the overwhelming influences on Europe’s climate are the Atlantic Ocean, the cold land-mass of Asia and the warm air mass over the ocean with its warm Gulf stream. The Gulf stream is so effective in elevating temperatures that, mountains apart, where the Atlantic and Saharan influences coincide in southern Spain, winter temperatures presently can be as high as Florida – ten degrees of latitude or 700 miles farther south.
     England will be an indication of the severity of upcoming changes that Europe will experience, during process. In the year 2012 there will be nationwide crop losses. The temperature, twenty years hence, in England will begin at 120F and constitute the start of the irreversible stage of temperature increase. Throughout England, at this time, there will be widespread flooding, together with a phenomenon of frequent large-scale fires that may be likened to the spontaneous fires which occur in Canada/North America after prolonged arid conditions."

Fifteen years ago, Ann Walker and White Arrow warned us what we should expect if the rainforests were not saved. The year 2012 has changed. Ann said in her book The Messenger The Messiah that due to continued deforestation and the shift in the Earth's axis, the process had been brought forward five years to 2007! We cannot be complacent. For the past 10 years, climate records have been broken whether its the wettest June, the hottest year, the warmest Winter - these are not one-off occurances. During June/July 2007, the UK has experienced severe thunderstorms and flooding which have hit all parts of England, Wales and Scotland. Homes have been flooded, transport networks have ground to a halt and crop losses have been reported. On 20th July, over one month's rain (100mm) fell in one day in Oxfordshire. The Met Office reports the severe storms that have lashed the UK have been caused by the jetstream that has moved to a lower latitude around the UK which had led to frequent low pressure areas, leaving us with lots of rain and storms - but no-one explains why these weather patterns have changed! To read more about how Rainforest deforestation has changed wind patterns, click HERE!

Ann's report has been verified by United Nations as being correct in its predictions - we must do something NOW! It is up to us to push for change - our politicians are not interested or they would have acted to prevent catastrophes happening to the very people that elect them!

How long before before you become a victim of climate change?


The term 'Global Warming' is a misconception - it is not only going to get warmer, our climate will also get colder, wetter and more unstable - this is 'Climate Change' !

Document last updated on Wednesday 01 August 2018

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