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Poem : This is our Land

Articles, Poems & Information > This is our Land

Author: Megha Malpani (2008)

We all need oxygen and clean air to breath
and for that we need lots of trees
But people are cutting and breaking
so some oxygen is vacating
What to do? said the people, feeling blue
I know, spoke a person, somewhere in the crowd
Let's plant some trees and make every one proud

The arctic is melting! Where are the polar bears?
They are all drowning, does anyone care?
I do, yelled the kid way at the back
But how on earth can we save the arctic pack?
Create less pollution listen to your heart
Recycle, save, conserve, that's a good start

The tigers are disappearing, soon they'll be gone
But forests are being cut and mother nature's harmony being torn
Stop, say the children, this is our land
It's not okay to bury our heads in the sand
Don't waste our natural resources, abuse them no more
Dear Earth, your life and beauty, we pledge to restore

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