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Ann Walker's Report

Save Our Earth - Earth Letter Campaign

We have been writing to all world leaders, all 191 of them and asking them what actions they are taking to stop the destruction and to regenerate the world’s rainforests partucularly the equatorial regions. We are also asking what incentives they are making to the local communities to help them sustain a living instead of taking from the forest for corporate companies.

We want answers from them all and we will keep you posted on their response. We want them to stop twiddling their thumbs and worrying about when their next cheque is coming in and to take immediate action; this is where we need your help.

For the price of a stampwe are asking all the people of the Earth to send a letter, email and/or fax (where it is supplied) and tell the governments that you will no longer look away and that action needs to be taken now to end the destruction of the worlds rainforests for the sake of all of our future.

We have written to the leaders in the past and although some effort is being made for conservation not enough is being done.

Ann Walker

Fourteen years ago, Ann Walker wrote a report and sent it to World Leaders and Scientists. Many doubted her in the scientific community but the United Nations verified Ann's report was 50% correct - the other half could not be verified as it had not yet happened!

Since 1992, World Leaders have had the answers to combat climate change but they have acted far too little. Read Ann's report in The Messenger The Messiah :

Save Our Earth - The Messenger The Messiah by Ann Walker & White Arrow

Read Ann Walker & White Arrow's new book.

Available from Amazon (USA and UK) and all good book stores.

(ISBN 0-9545044-0-2).

Many of you may say that global warming is a natural cycle and it may well be but Man has exagerated this process and accelerated this cycle un-naturally. We constantly pump CO2 emissions into the atmoshphere, and we take natural resources from the Earth and dump our waste in to the ground and the oceans without a thought of the consequences. We have to take responsibility for what we leave for our children. We should be utterly ashamed of what we have done. There are no excuses and with this must come action to change all our ways. We cannot leave it to others to sort out. Here are a few examples of how we can change our ways personally :

  • Whether it is replacing our lightbulbs to energy efficient,
  • Turning off the car engine while waiting for people,
  • Being conscously aware when buying goods, for instance, sustainable wood products,
  • Can I buy second hand and recycle,
  • Recycle your goods instead of dumping them in a landfill site,
  • Is the food I buy grown in my country in order to save CO2 emissions,
  • Do I need to fly abroad for a meeting,
  • Can I compost or recycle my waste,
  • Why do I need to use so many plastic bags.
Once you get into this and get the kids involved you won’t look back.

Once you get into being conscious about what you actually do each day, it can make all the difference and if we all do it we can win this but one thing is for certain, we need to stop the trees from being destroyed and press the governments to take action NOW, no more excuses. That is why we need everyone to send letters, emails and faxes (where appropriate) to the governments of the world - even better send letters and email for it is just the cost of a stamp for a leader, and can be sent to your own country or to a country that has a Rainforest, like Brazil, Indonesia, Congo.

We have listed all the leaders names and addresses along with their email and fax numbers where it has been possible to get them. Please go to the link at the top of the page and follow the instructions. Below is a sample letter that you are welcome to send, alternatively you are more than welcome to personalise this letter or write your own but please refrain from using abusive language as this spoils it for everyone else.

We know that some people may think why should I bother to send a letter myself but we are asking you to please spend a minute or two and think about this. We are asking you to do this for the future of your earth, for people you love for their future, for the animals and insects who's seasons we have distrupted and who's numbers are dwindling because of these sudden changes in the weather. We owe it to each other to act and take the time.

Sample Letter

and now paste it into your letter!

Please note: Unfortunately this only works for Internet Explorer. For other web browsers, you will have to select and copy the text using your browser Edit options.

Things to bear in mind when writing to the leaders:

  1. The island of Tuvalu is sinking and more of its shores are being washed away each year and they are losing hope. With environmentalists a delegation from Tuvalu pushed for a reduction in CO2 emissions at the 1992 Rio De Janeiro climate conference to save their island. It was decided a 60/80% reduction in emissions was needed to help prevent the worst of global warming but World leaders would only commit to a pathetic 6% !

    Other islands also facing the same problem are The Marshall Islands and the Kiribati islands. We are asking if it is not too much trouble to send these countries an email of support and to let them know that the world is with them even if the leaders are not and that you are doing what you can to make them listen.

  2. France and African nations in the Congo Basin (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of Congo) have also signed a pledge to help the African forests, so well done these countries but we also need their help in saving the worlds Rainforests. So please again congratulate them but ask for them for their help.

  3. Although China has nearly finished the Three Gorges Dam and is using coal for its power stations, please write to China and encourage them to invest more time and money in renewable energies. Please also do the same for India.

  4. Brazil have created a number of Amazon forest reserves but we need to tell them how important their forests are to the World and the climate, and encourage them to call on the World's leaders to help them financially in protecting the forests.

It is now up to you...

Please email us any responses you receive so we can collate the information, any comments you have and if there are any problems in sending your letters. Please also let us know if any of the information is out of date.

Document last updated on Wednesday 01 August 2018

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