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What is

Many people have asked us about Save Our Earth - we hope the following answers your questions.

  • What is

    We are a non-profit making, non-commercial environmental group which was set up as part of the White Arrow Spiritualist Church. We had read a report by Ann Walker which had a profound impact on our lives and so set the direction of our campaign.

  • What is your primary aim?

    Our aim is to save the tropical rainforests. That is, to campaign for an immediate end to their current destruction. We want a law that protects these forests that are being destroyed legally and illegally and we aim to achieve this through the politicians of every country by handing them our petition, and by letter or email campaigns.

  • Who is your target audience?

    Everybody who wants a future on Earth and especially World leaders and the United Nations who can bring about this much-needed change so that old-growth tropical forests are never destroyed again.

  • What difference can a petition make?

    We have been asked this many times. Our answer is that when a million people sign the petition, the politicians will see that at least one million people have added their voice to a subject that is close to their hearts and their children's future. It also means that for every one who signs, through word-of-mouth, other people are told of the importance that these forests play in all of our lives. So for every person that signs, at least another three are told. Now, if we add this up....

  • How do you hope to achieve this?

    Apart from the petition, we have started letter and email campaigns. Constant and consistent action is the key.

  • So, what have you done so far?

    Since the start of Save Our Earth, we have campaigned in two shopping centres, Slough and Kingston and saw that the number of petition signatures and awareness gained was slight. We focused more on Internet signatures and in March 2002, we delivered 5,245 signatures to the UK Prime Minister. We have also sent out letters to Leaders of all countries (incl United Nations) in July 2002. Despite a small number of replies, we continued. We set up a Campaigns page to allow visitors to send emails and letters. Two actions of note were the Monarch Butterfly campaign and the Indonesian forest fires - this latter one involved sending letters on the behalf of many visitors. In February 2007, we had finished collating names and addresses of all Leaders. We sent letters to each country and received a number of replies, many very positive. After this, we began our campaign "Is The Earth Worth The Cost Of A Postage Stamp?" - we have had over 2,300 downloads during this campaign. In 2008, in response to the BBC documentary, Lost Land Of The Jaguar about Guyana's rainforests, we received over 200 signatures which were sent to the UK Prime Minister and Shadow Leader, the UK Environmental Minister and the President of Guyana. In November 2009, we sent letters to all World Leaders incl the United Nations asking for the World Rainforests to be saved at the Copenhagen Climate Conference in December 2009. While a climate agreement was not reached, positive signs came out from the conference about saving the rainforests.

    But since the tropical rainforests are still being destroyed, we can never give up!

  • What else do you campaign against?

    We campaign against any environmental issue that affects us, the people of the Earth. We also campaign against animal testing and animal cruelty.

  • If the Rainforests are saved, what next?

    When they are saved, we will campaign more on the other campaigns we support. We will also campaign to raise awareness of other forests and environmental issues.

  • I noticed you do not accept donations or have advertising on your website - why is that?

    We are purely self-funded and are driven by our own goal to save the tropical rainforests. We believe that donations from individuals or corporates can have a negative impact on our work by moving focus to other areas which are of interest to third parties. With regards advertising, we are an environmental group, not a commercial television station, and would have no control of what adverts, appropriate or otherwise, were placed on our website.

We hope this has given you an insight into what we are about. If you would like to know more, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Document last updated on Wednesday 01 August 2018

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