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Author: SOE

On 27th May 2004, we finally finished posting copies of Ann Walker's report, our leaflet and covering letter to prominent politicians around the World, scientists and to actors, actresses, musician/singers who voice their environmental concerns.

Reports Sent: 33 Responses Received: 7 (since 27th May 2004)

Bono - Bono replied and said he was unable to support Save Our Earth. This does not worry us as Bono is campaigning to bring more aid to the poorer nations, thereby helping to protect their forests from development by wealthier nations - good on you Bono!

Prince Charles - Royal Family - Prince Charles acknowledged receipt of the Report and thanked us for sending it to him.
(12th August 2004) We sent Prince Charles a letter asking for his comments on the report. He replied, stating that every right thinking person would agree that the rainforests are of the greatest possible importance to the world and that they are severely threatened. We were also sent a copy of his speech which he read at a reception for Birdlife International's campaign to save a part of the Sumatran Rainforest from illegal logging. It is extremely relevant to the campaign to save the forests. You can read it by clicking here.

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair - A standard reply received and the Report will be passed onto the Department for International Development.
(7th July 2004) We received a letter from the DFID that basically states that more than new laws and removing subsidies for agricultural areas will help to protect the forests, yet there is no simple solution.
(29th July 2004) We responded to DFID and they said that the UK Government takes the issue of rainforest destruction very seriously. They spend 20 million on helping poorer countries conserve their forests, while spending 16 million on 7 projects to help Brazil battle illegal logging. DFID are also involved with Indonesia to combat illegal logging.

EU President Romano Prodi & EU Commissioner Margot Wallstrom - A letter on behalf of these was received and although the analysis of the report was not shared, they do share the overall concern of man's activities on the ecosystems and the rainforests. They state they provide support for development cooperation programmes in the Amazon, Central Africa and SE Asia.
(27th July 2004) An email was sent asking what parts of the report they did not agree with.

President Jacques Chirac, President of France - A standard reply was sent to us in French thanking us for sending the report to the president and that it would be passed on to the relevant department.

George Michael - A reply was received from George's fan club. They apologised as George was too busy at this time.

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin - A reply was received thanking Save Our Earth for bringing the report to his attention.

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