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Author: SOE (28th September 2003)

We sent a letter to you in July 2002 demanding an end to the destruction of the Rainforests. Out of 195 letters to each country and the United Nations, we received only 12 replies. In those replies, we received one assurance that everything was being done to save the forests from further destruction. Yet, 12 months later, we are seeing an ever increasing trend of rainforest destruction. Despite many promises and much talk, the governments have taken no action whatsoever to prevent the destruction of the World's rainforests.

Illegal logging still happens daily with those prosecuted receiving paltry fines or prison sentences. We still see illegal timber being unloaded at docks in Western countries as the demand for wood accelerates due to uncompromising advertising on behalf of the timber companies. Yet for the price of a piece of furniture at 100, four acres of rainforest containing maybe a dozen trees could be saved. Who wins? The logger, the merchant, the furniture maker or the end buyer? No-one.

To understand why no-one wins, let us explain what is happening to the Earth as the Rainforests are being destroyed. A Spiritualist medium named Ann Walker with her guide, White Arrow, produced a report in 1992 - over 11 years ago. The report has been verified by the United Nations as being 50% correct - the other 50% cannot be confirmed because it has not happened - yet. It states the rainforests go beyond carbon dioxide absorption. They interact with the wind systems, separating those in the north from those in the south. The winds formed a stable heat transfer around the planet. The oxygenated air from the rainforests should balance the heat transfer in the troposphere and the balance of winds and heat transfer patterns globally.

Scientists believe that global warming is only about the Earth's atmosphere heating up. With all the trapped heat, it is causing instability in the core of the Earth, yet no research has been done regarding the effect global warming has on the internals of the Earth.

The change in the tilt is due to increased geothermal induced density changes beneath the Earth's crust, brought about by the Earth's inability to transfer the heat. The mantle is a heatsink and with more heat, there are more density changes and more stress on the crust. This in turn will cause new fault lines and volcanic activity.

As more rainforest is cleared by deforestation, there are less trees to cope with the increased levels of carbon dioxide. Soon, if the trees are unable to balance this, they will die and release their stored carbon into the atmosphere. With vast amounts of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, and the Earth's inability to remove the heat, the planet will suffer global warming on an extreme scale. Records have found that global warming has happened in the past as part of the Earth's cycle. Yet, mankind is contributing to the carbon dioxide (and heat) in a scale not seen before. The El Nino weather pattern that scientists are unable to explain, albeit to state that it happens every few years when the winds reverse, is a mechanism that the Earth uses to transfer heat. Yet as the Earth heats up more, El Nino will become more common and more severe.

If the United Nations can state that this is 50% correct, then what are the Governments doing to protect their people? Will you care enough? Global climate change does not afford protection to those with money or power; it has no bounds.

We do not have long.

Yours Sincerely,

The Save Our Earth Team

PS. There are no Acts of God, there are only Acts of Man.

If you would like to send this letter to your Government, please feel free to copy the letter and send, then let us know! - Please sign the letter yourself as you will be making a stand to save the Earth, and if enough people send letters, then they cannot ignore you - the most important people on the Earth. The Earth was given to us, to care for, to shape, to protect - lets do it!

Just some of the comments from petition signees...

I would like to urge all our nations leaders to stop eliminationg the Earth's rainforests.We need to preserve what God has created.Please do something, and please do it now!
Jolina, USA

This world is not "ours" it belongs to our children and we need to save it for them.
Theresa, USA

I can't really believe how low humankind can fall... That's monstrous, unbelievable. We cannot let this happen. Let your voices be heard!
Jaime, Andorra

Destroying the rain forests of the world will kill us all.
Steve, USA

i just hope that all world leaders can open there eyes and see what is happening to this planet
Dave, UK

God left us on this earth to be guardian over the animals the water sky and earth, not to be destroyers. If we destroy the earth's eco system we destroy ourselves.
Patsy, USA

Our planet is screaming for help and our leaders are ignoring it - WHY?
Odette, UK

Indeed, save the rain forests - but how? God gave man "dominion" over all the earth and apparently man has misinterpreted his responsibility to earth and all living creatures. Someone thousands of years ago interpreted having "dominion" as having carte blanche to rape, pillage, destroy every living creature, be it bird, animal or fish and to take from the land what he wants and leave destruction in his wake. Mankind is paying a tremendous price for such greed and avarice, for the worship of wealth and power. God must weep!
Pamela, USA

The rainforests and the oceans are the only source of oxygen for the planet. Allowing them to be destroyed will be global suicide.
Michael, USA

Poor earth and poor us....
Juliette, Belgium

It does not matter what country you are from, it does not matter if you think that your country does not have rainforests so why should we save them - what matters is that you add your voice to thousands of people who are campaigning around the Earth, for their home to be saved. It is down to these committed individuals and groups that you can be thankful to that are making our future bright.

Want to Help?

If you want to help save the rainforests, then here are a few suggestions :

  • Sign the petition, and add your name to thousands

  • Raise money by fund-raising activities, (ie sponsored walks, raffles) with funds going to the World Land Trust or other Rainforest-protection groups

  • Write to your Prime Minister, Head of State, or President calling for an end to the Rainforest destruction

  • Visit our Actions You Can Take page for more suggestions and our Boycott section to see who are the current rainforest destroyers

  • And tell your friends, and please remember....

All of us live on the Earth,

We must all stand together

And save our Earth, our home - NOW!

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