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Author: Denise Tansley (2006)

I was horrified to learn that the charity, Cancer Research UK tests on animals; I heard from a friend some years ago but thought that they were mucking around with me knowing how I loved animals and how sensitive I was, but reading on the text on TV I was shocked, they confirmed it was true. I often visit this charity shop and buy knick-knacks but I will not be doing this anymore. Here is some information on the charity and what their director general has to say.

"Animal research is crucial in the fight against cancer", said professor Gordon McVie, director general of the Cancer Research. A reply from Jan Creamer from the Anti-Vivisection Society argues that there are non-animal techniques available for testing new treatments. Animal testing is unnecessary and unreliable. To back up Jan Creamer here are a few facts from the Vivisection Information network (VIN).

  • Less than 2% of human illnesses (1.6% are ever seen in animals. Over 98% never affect animals.

  • 95% of drugs passed by animal test are immediately discarded as useless or dangerous to human.

  • At least 50 drugs on the market cause cancer in lab animals. They are allowed because it is admitted the animal tests are not relevant.

  • Vivisectors, Procter and Gamble used an artificial musk despite it failing the animal tests, causing tumours in mice. They said results were "of little relevance for humans."

  • When asked if they agreed that animal experiments can be misleading "because of anatomical and physiological differences between animals and humans", 88% of doctors agreed.

  • Sex differences among lab animals can cause contradictory results. This does not correspond with humans.

  • Genetically modified animals are not models for human illness. The mdx mouse is supposed to represent muscular dystrophy, but the muscles regenerate with no treatment.

  • 61% of birth defects are caused by drugs passed safe in animal tests, according to the same study. Defect rates are 200 times 1948 levels.

  • 70% of drugs known to cause birth defects pass tests on pregnant monkeys.

  • One in six patients in hospital are there because of treatments they have taken.

  • Over 200,000 medicines have been released, most of them have been withdrawn.

  • According to the Royal Commission into vivisection (1912) "The discovery of anaesthetics owes nothing to experiments on animals." The great Dr Hadwen noted "had animal experiments been relied upon…humanity would have been robbed of this great blessing of anaesthesia." The vivisector Halsey described the discovery of the anaesthetic Fluroxene as "One of the most dramatic examples of misleading evidence from animal data."

That is just some of the information from VIN for more information please contact them at: P O Box 223, Camberley, Surrey, GU16 5ZU or email them at:

Since when has a human gene become the same as a rabbit, a dog, a monkey, or a rat?

These animals are suffering untold harm and irreparable damage for our luxury. The thought of a pregnant monkey being experimented on for our luxury sickens me, how many years of suffering is it going to take before a cure for Cancer is found, we are destroying the Rainforests of the Earth where there is more chance of finding a cure. Click here for info on medicines found in the Rainforests.

People should be aware of where their money goes when they buy products or give to charity, we have a choice lets choose wisely and think before we commit.

One of the companies mentioned above is Procter and Gamble, here are a list of products that they provide for us and that DO test on animals. Be shocked, I was and consequently choose to now but products not tested on animals and from a Vegan source, so that I know that all the ingredients come from as natural a source to the Earth as possible.

Procter & Gamble Products
Bounty (Kitchen Roll)
Fairy Liquid
Giorgio Beverley Hills
Head and Shoulders
Lenor and Downy
Oil of Olay
Pantene Pro-V
Sunny Delight
VS (Hair care)
Wash 'N' Go
Always and All Days
Fairy Snow
Hugo Boss
IAMS (Pet food!)
Max Factor

Companies that have cruelty free products and DO NOT test on animals
  • The Co-Op (all own brands)

  • Lush (also have a web site)

  • Sainsbury's (own brand toiletry and cosmetics only -except lip and nail care products)

  • Superdrug (own brand toiletry and cosmetics plus washing up liquid and soap powders)

  • TESCO (all own brand products)

Products NOT TESTED on animals
Barry M
Calder Valley Soaps
Clear Spring
Green People Co.
Montagne Jeunesse
Tom's Of Maine
Beauty without Cruelty
Body Reform
Daniel Field
Little Green Shop
Miners International
Nicky Clarke
Thursday Plantation (Tea Tree Oil)
Tuesday Girl
Your Body

Most of the product information above is from Uncaged Campaigns.
For more information contact them at St Matthew's House, 45 Carver Street. Sheffield. S1 4FT.

Visit their web site:

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