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Information : White Arrow has an important message for the World

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Save Our Earth - Ann Walker & White Arrow

Do not think of ANN WALKER as ANN WALKER but of your Son as the Son of God for I have come through her.

Now is the time for all my children to know I'm back amongst you once again. I have heard your prayers, now I ask for yours to save the living planet. I have brought with me on my return five friends who have come from far away to help you, and who are truly blessed by the Father by giving information of the dangers facing you all.

Please listen and pass the words on, for as your saviour I have come again. The Report is below for all to see. Other words will come later but for now learn of the dangers that face you without saving the rainforests of the world. Each and every man on Earth should know of this coming and therefore should pass the message on to all men.

As I do not fail you, please do not fail your Son. I kneel in front of you all as I do to my Father who has sent me and ask you to believe that at long last, the Son has returned. Feel in your hearts and souls that these words are spoken from me, let them tell you I speak the truth.

Last time I brought many words to teach you of Love and Peace and my Father. Now I ask you preach my words once again but this time to save the Planet so it can save my children. While I'm here I will speak and be your Son through ANN WALKER. Look at her as the daughter of GOD who has given herself to me. Only the Son could do such a thing by coming back through a woman because that woman was born of the same seed.


Please pass on The Report to family, friends and people.

(13th March 2003)

Downloading the Report...

The - The report is in PDF Format within a Zip file. (Size: 7.6MB - approx download time: approx 7-10mins)

If you require a PDF Viewer, check out Foxit Reader.

If you require a program to manage the Zip file, check out 7-zip.

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