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What Can You Recycle?

We aim to provide a comprehensive list of waste materials and goods that can be recycled for better uses.

Let us know if this list is incorrect by going to the Contact Us section. We do not want anyone misled over something that is positively good for the environment.

You can even visit

Thank you to Jo Mullet for her comments!

Excessive Packaging

On a similar issue, do you find that whatever you buy, it comes in a big box, with colourful and glossy pictures and then open it, to find a small product? For example, I bought a video card for my PC. It was packaged in a 24 inches by 10 inches box with glossy pictures. I got it home, opened it up and found the card was 6inches by 4 inches !!!

The point I'm making is we have to campaign against companies that use excessive packaging. They spend far too much money on selling us something that gets us because 'big is better'! We need to write letters to these companies or email them asking them to stop their excessive practices at the expense of the environment.

If you have found this to be the case then please write or email them or alternatively, visit the Contact section and tell us, and we'll email them as well. We might be able to set up a separate page for email campaigns to help this.

Now onto the 'What can you?' list of recycling...

Material / Product Recycling Method
Junk Mail Ring up the company that sent it to you and ask to be taken off their mailing list; credit card companies must send out thousands every week. If in doubt, recycle the same as magazines and newspapers.
Glass jars or bottles Rubbish dumps and supermarkets provide bottle banks for different coloured glass. This means that you can recycle before/after you shop. Some local councils do collect glass or recycling.
Paper, Newspapers and Magazines Rubbish dumps provide skips for paper and newspapers. Local councils arrange recycling collections. You could even drop magazines off at your doctor's surgery, dentist or chiropractor etc.
Aluminum Foil Local councils do not recycle aluminum foil, but facilities do exist, mainly in Supermarket recycle areas.
Cardboard Rubbish dumps provide skips for paper and newspapers. Local councils arrange recycling collections.
Plastic bottles and cartons Rubbish dumps provide skips for plastic bottles. Local councils arrange recycling collections. Plastic cartons are not recyclable!
Drink cans Rubbish dumps provide skips for drink cans. Local councils arrange recycling collections.
Engine Oil Council rubbish dumps provide facilities for engine oil. Do not put into normal domestic rubbish or pour down drains!
Batteries For car batteries, council rubbish dumps provide facilities. For batteries in household goods, local recycling centres or council rubbish dumps provide facilities. For rechargeable batteries, please call local recycling companies for details.
Computers In the UK, the Department of Trade and Industry has published a document - 'Unwanted Computer Equipment - A Guide to Reuse'. It is available online at
Plastic Plant Pots In the UK, these can be recycled at your local Wyevale garden centre - check with them first in case they can no room to take them.
Computer printer ink cartridges Laser printer cartridges can be returned to the manufacturer for refilling and reuse. For other cartridges, you should be able to buy ink refills to restock your printer. Many charities also accept ink cartridges and when they recycle, they receive a donation.
Energy Efficient and Fluorescent Light Bulbs Energy saving light bulbs and flourescent tubes can be recycled at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre in the designated bin. Please ask site staff and they will be able to advise you accordingly or phone ahead of your visit to check they have capacity for the items in the bin.
Green Waste All councils in the UK either have a chargeable green waste collection and/or bins for green waste at the local recycling centre.
Steel, Copper and Metal Local councils have containers for steel, copper and metal at local recycling centres.
Televisions Local councils have areas for televisions at local recycling centres. Components are recycled where appropriate.
Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Freezers Local councils can collect (some charge) these white goods and have areas set aside at local recycling centres.

Recycling Centres

We used to hoard all of our recycling in bags, out of view, outside our house. We had bags of glass bottles, cans, cardboard, paper, tin foil and plastic bottles. We used to separate them into individual bags then take them to the rubbish dump where they had bottle banks, can & plastic bottle banks and skips for cardboard and paper.

Then our ex-local council, Hillingdon, started a recycling service every two weeks. They wouldn't take tin foil or glass but they supplied the bags and took away whatever we put out. A round of applause for them!

Rushmoor council recycles cans, cardboard, paper, plastic bottles and glass bottles. They also have garden waste collection service for general items and Christmas trees. The local supermarket has a aluminium/tin foil recycling area.

We are sure almost all local councils in England, Wales and Scotland must do recycling so we would like to know who the good guys are!

We would like to know if there are any recycling centres that you use, that you would like listed, anywhere in the World. We do not aim to list those who do not provide the facilities but only those who do. So come on, let us know via the Contact page!

Document last updated on Wednesday 01 August 2018

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