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During the timespan of our campaign, we have picked up interesting little facts that we would like to share with you. If you have any, then please contact us from the Contact page.

  • Apparently, the amount of carbon dioxide released during the whisky making process is four times less than the amount absorbed by the growing barley. There you are, drink whisky and you can save the Earth!
    (Source: Tranquility magazine & Glenmorangie)

  • Scientists have stated that in the last 450,000 years, carbon dioxide has not risen as much as it has since the Industrial Revolution.

  • (2002) Argo floats have taken to the waters in an attempt to measure temperatures and salinity of the Oceans. There will eventually be around 3,000 Argo's taking readings every ten days or so, oceanographers can then predict the onset of El Nino, climate change, sea level rises and environmental management and protection.
    (Source: NOAA News)

  • Earthquake 2001 Fact - Although seismic activity was normal for 2001, 21,436 people died, reported scientists.
    (Source: Reuters)

  • Hurricane Fact - Hurricanes redistribute heat around the Earth as they move across the oceans. If there are more hurricanes, does this mean the Earth is getting hotter?

    (14-Dec-2001) It is predicted by Dr William Grey from Colorado State University that there will be 13 named tropical storms in 2002 that will form in the Atlantic Ocean. The average is normally 10.

  • Environmentalists report there are 2000 fires a day in the Amazon caused by illegal logging. Loggers fell trees which open up gaps in the canopy. Sunlight then streams through, drying out the ground which leads to fires.

Document last updated on Wednesday 01 August 2018

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