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Information : Ethical Gift List 2004

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Author: Denise Tansley


Save Our Earth - Christmas House
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Well it's that time of year again where we spend vast amounts of dosh on things people either do not need or items that do not fit - think quickly and try to remember one present you received last year!!?? Ermm..we had problems with that one too.

We had a really good response from people in 2002 saying how great the Christmas gift ideas were and so now we have time this year, we are running this again. I could have gone on forever with the gift list as we are all getting more and more ethical and Earth aware. It is great to see that things are changing for the better. I know there are so many sites which I have missed out but time is against us but, if you have any websites that are on the same lines as any of the sites below, please email us for consideration.


Instead of buying the usual gifts of perfume and aftershave, ('Old Spice' for those of you that remember this one, my dad received unlimited supplies during his younger days) why not visit our sites below and give them something different whether it is a holiday watching animals most of us only see on the T.V., buying an acre of rainforest, or buying a piece of history. You will find a huge selection of fun items and ideas and at the same time you will be helping to give back.. ahhh a guilt free Christmas and remember what you give, you get back in life...oh and please remember to recycle your tags, paper and cards - there are links at the bottom of the page for places to donate your rubbish.

And please remember a tree is for life not for Christmas. Replant your trees in the garden if you really do want a real tree, our fake one has lasted years and we only paid for it once.

Thank you to Katie Bates who has sent us details of a web site that helps those that really need it. It is a fantastic site that shows you where your donations are going and how your money is going to help. Here is what she has sent:

'PRACTISE WHAT YOU PREACH WITH GOOD GIFTS' - Many of us show concern for the war, poverty and pollution in today's world but how many of us actually do anything about it? With the Good Gifts catalogue, you can do your bit. The ultimate antithesis to this consumer-driven society, Good Gifts offers an altruistic alternative to buying yet another handbag for the lady who already has it all and provides you with a way of giving to those truly in need'. Please visit - Christmas Cards helping sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis - Go to Card Aid and help all sorts of charities

Help the blind at in Australia and download their Xmas Catalogue. For the UK go to To help the visually impaired in the developing world go to Help them by donating or buy their online Christmas cards. - Supporting the children in abusive situations.

'Save the Children', a worldwide organisation to help children who have had a tough time in life please see their gift section at

Don't buy your loved one an animal at Christmas - most of them end up at the RSPCA and even worse tossed out onto the streets as the responsibility becomes to difficult for the owners. Adopt them an animal instead at or adopt a Polar Bear at or help the RSPCA by buying gifts from them - they don't just supply goods for the animals, although you could get your favourite pet a wonderful gift at

Save Our Earth - R.I.C Forest
Photo from R.I.C
How about giving the person who has everything nothing, ha ha! Tell them that you have bought them an acre of Rainforest and that this will go towards saving the Earth and that they should be proud as they have contributed to this and CO2 levels, or perhaps your eco-warrier friend who has their heart in the right place. Either way visit

This is an amazing site where you will shop till you're your arm aches. Brill site -

Well Oxfam is so renowned there are no intros needed, helping the third world, (never really understood what those words actually mean) go to

Lots and lots of goodies here at -

Organic goods and clothes for her/him and baby, go to

This is a great site who are in association with National Geographic. You can buy gifts from jewellery to rugs that are hand made by local artists from all around the world. Buying from Novica means you are helping local people get their work out to the world and at the same time you have a unique gift that I am sure will be of the highest quality. Note that shipping costs may vary but at the moment they have a promotion on offering free shipping on most items. Great Site ***

Save Our Earth - Christmas Gift
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Gift Ideas offering unusual yet Green gifts.

Lots and lots of 'Ethical Gifts' for the man in your life at

And for the lady

Stuck for that perfect pressie for the coffee drinker go to where you can get organic fair-trade coffee with a delicious twist. You can buy singular packs or gift packs offering a selection of coffees. Oh and at the same time you are giving back to the growers..ahh a caffeine kick with a conscience!

Eco and Environmental travel holidays - For the more extravagant amongst us, hope they deserve it if not get them an acre of Rainforest, surely they would appreciate that more, and no I am not on commission! Here are the sites if they are really worth it : and - Not sure what to do with that extra cash. Then visit for an unusual and unforgettable break. This is a quote from their web site. 'On this website you will find a collection of unique trips, whether you are looking for culture and heritage, fabulous wildlife holidays and safaris, mountain trekking or gentle walking, or simply some pure relaxation in luxury surroundings in some very special places around the world'. It's worth a look. Loved this site and could have stayed and spent loads of cash, on myself of course! Their handmade jewellery is beautiful and unique although if you are not looking for children, stay away from the fertility section! founded in 1979, Tumi helps sell products made by the Latin American people. - Help stop world hunger and buy your chocolate from these people. Each time you buy chocolate gifts from chocaid you are donating money to help the developing world.

Loved this site, is a member of BAFTS (British Association for Fair Trade Shops) it sells musical instruments some which I have never heard of and as I write songs I shall be going to this site regularly to see what goodies I can pick up for that unique sound. They also sell Buddha's, singing bowls, hangings, clothes, (the socks are pretty snazzy, but maybe not for that important meeting with the boss) and much, much more. Have fun.

For the arty people in the family why not treat them to their own piece of spirituality. At they have a selection of beautiful paintings by Native American Artists. My favourite is the Weasel Clan. Not only are you buying a beautiful pressie you are also helping to give back to the most spiritual people on Earth whom are also the most badly treated, in regards to medicines and water supply.

Here are some more sites with lots and lots of products handmade by the Native American Peoples: and

UNICEF - And for those who have more money and even more sense, help the Sudanese people by donating at

How to reduce the waste this Christmas :

U.K - The Woodland Trust Christmas Card Recycling Scheme - In January 2005 go to your local WHSmith's High Street store or your local Tesco's and place your cards in the bin provided. All cards received will go towards a new campaign called 'Tree For All' helping to give every child in the UK the chance to plant a tree.

USA - card recycling



Ideas on recycling your Christmas cards at

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