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Article : Global Warming by Ann Walker

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Author: Mark Naughton (2001)

I have just read the report by Ann Walker, published in her book 'Little One', regarding Global Warming and the catastrophic effects. The report is very informative yet disturbing (at least for Mankind) should the recommendations of the report not be acted upon. Ann doesn't shy from the truth - in fact, as we are told, the truth hurts. I was saddened yet more propelled to act to save the rainforests after reading it.

Save Our Earth - Chimpanzee
Photo supplied by Ann Walker
The report tells of what is happening to Mother Earth as we speak. With the destruction of the rainforests, less oxygen is released into the atmosphere and due to airborne chemicals, larger holes in the ozone layer are appearing. It is not the threat of ultra-violet radiation that is the main cause of concern. It is the disruption to the winds around the tropics that are causing adverse weather patterns. This brings floods and drout (and famine) to the Earth. Added to this, Mother Earth cannot sufficiently cool down as the rains are not absorbed in the forests, which are now barren dust bowls. Her cooling system is on the blink, and the engineers who can fix it (thats us..) choose to ignore her cries.

As the surface temperature gradually rises, polar ice caps melt causing higher sea levels. But a deeper and darker side awaits us. The molten centre of the Earth (the molten magma) cannot release its heat. Slowly the magma is shifting and causes the Earth to tilt. A consequence of this is more volcanoes will erupt. At present the Earth's tilt in axis of rotation has changed 3 degrees, from 23.5 degrees to 26.5 degrees. It must not reach 28.5 degrees! If it does, it means that if we haven't started replanting the trees by 2012, with the Earth rebalancing itself, we will suffer disastrous earthquakes, floods and famine and massive extinction of Nature and its animals. As temperatures rise in the next 20 years, Mother Earth will become inhabitable and when a comet passes in 2042, the inside of the Earth will be pulled out!
Save Our Earth - Ozone Hole by NASA
Ozone hole over the Antarctic on 11th Sept 1999, courtesy of NASA
Sounds bleak doesn't it? Then consider that the UN has agreed that 50% of Ann's report is correct and the rest - they are still investigating. If you want to help Mother Earth back to health, then join us, sign the petition and act now.

Ann Walker was an international clairvoyant and worked with Spirit for 22 years. Sadly, she passed to Spirit herself in January 2004. Ann released a book, The Messenger The Messiah, in 2003 which details all her journeys with White Arrow and their mission to save the Earth from destruction.

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