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Poem : Mother Nature

Articles, Poems & Information > Mother Nature

Author: Rachel Finn (2006)

A blanket cloaks the sunset sky,
She watches down on us,
With her jewel encrusted eyes.

She doesn't like what she sees,
The day she begins to dread,
Of the death and killings,
That she never approved, or said.

She grows weaker,
Losing her sight,
She tries to see hope,
Try as she might.

How dare they poison me,
She sadly said,
As she draws the gas mask
Over her precious head.

Morning dawns,
With cocktail clouds,
She begins to brace herself,
For the day that will begin now.

A tear leaks down,
And falls through the skies,
Through a cracked window-pane,
Of betrayal and lies.

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