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Poem : Song Of The Trees

Articles, Poems & Information > Song Of The Trees

Author: Julie Pisacane (2005)

Listen to the song heard only in the trees
Made up of whistles from a
Slow, calming breeze.

They sing for you in their own special way
They carry a song and gently bow
while they pray.

They now ask if you can find a wise way
To create the tall blades of grass
Found moving as they sway.

While we listen to the song of this solemn oak tree
Will you do me a kind favor and
Number all the stars for me?

Warm winds arrive and surround us now
Suggesting to us that we need
To quietly pray and bow.

The song of the trees is music to my ears
As it celebrates His Peace
And calms me of all fears.

Seeds from the trees have scattered to the ground
Only from the mighty power of God
Will precious life emerge and abound.

A new song is heard in the trees made by rain
Soft, washing, soothing droplets that
Can comfort all pain.

Trees speak their own language of glory and praise
From the very beginning when they first
felt the touch of Sonís glorious rays.

Watch what happens to a small tiny seed...
With the amazing grace of God will it
Only then succeed.

The song of the trees helps us to understand
Of a day that will arrive , when all of our voices
Will sing together throughout His land.

1 Chronicles 16: Then shall the trees of the wood
sing out at the presence of the Lord , because he cometh to judge
the earth.

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