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Poem : Vanishing

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Author: Julie Pisacane (2003)

The love of true nature ,forests and ants.
Logging removes homes for mammals and plants.

Oil spills in the ocean intensely sicken and kill,
birds of many kinds, fish and tiny sea krill.

Hunters kill for tusks and skins to strike it rich,
not concerned that they abuse an intricate niche.

Spotted owls are unable to fly around and search
for a new forest home , nesting and a high perch.

Vanishing are the bounties provided on this land.
Unobtainable cures for man can never be planned.

Their chance of discovery has been taken away,
Despair and some illnesses will certainly stay..

What may seem trivial to some is surely not a danger so small.
Removing forests on grander scales has already affected us all.

Environmental awareness will make our urgent plea strong
if we all join together the task at hand won't take as long.

Vanishing now, are the moments where we can do more.
Firmly petition and stop them is what we should implore.

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