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Poem : Forest Cry

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Author: Julie Pisacane (2003)

How would life be without the tree?
Bare forests,with not much to see.

Pollutions ,fires and clearing the land,
destroy the trees that are in demand.

Help your son fly a balsa wood plane.
Watch him play with a small wooden train.

Paper, homes,furniture and books,
fences, mantles and wooden hooks.

Tools, pencils and frames for our beds.
Clocks, cupboards and fine wooden sleds.

Shelter, fruits and so much more.
You touch a tree when knocking on a door.

Be careful when you toss a match.
Make sure it doesn't land in thatch.

Do your share and command the part.
Protect the trees,it's time to start!

All creatures that are great and small,
need lots of trees both big and tall.

All forests are visions of beauty.
Protection should be mankind's duty.

No wood will lead to no fresh air.
It's time to show how much you care.

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