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please help PETA stop cruel animal testing and murder at University of Texas.

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

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Just a quick update on this campaign, as soon as the details of this campaign was announced thousands of caring individuals inundated the Facebook page of the  University of Texas and commented on this cruelty only to find all our comments deleted and we were then subsequently banned from adding anything else to the page, we informed PETA of this and now they have set up an email so you can send the University a message this way. The link is below, we are still urging people to post a msg  on their Facebook page as well as the email, maybe we can inundate them and jam their server. Thank you.

A University of Texas at Dallas lab workbook uses this photo to show how to restrain rats in order to drill holes into their skulls. Did you know your Facebook account could help prevent rats from having holes drilled into their skulls? In a course at the University of Texas at Dallas, undergraduate students drill holes into healthy rats’ skulls, destroy parts of the animals’ brains with toxic chemicals, and then inject them with drugs and force them to perform in behavioral experiments to assess the brain damage that results. The rats are then killed and their brains are dissected. This deadly exercise continues at the school even though an interactive computer simulation is available. This cruel experiment is beginning again this week, and we need your help to let the university know that these deadly experiments on rats are unacceptable! Please take time now to log in to your Facebook account and post a message on the university’s wall to politely urge it to replace the use of rats with the humane, non-animal teaching methods that are available. To post on its wall you need to “Like” the University of Texas at Dallas’ Facebook page first. Once you are done posting your message, remember to “Unlike” the page. Also, get your friends involved in this effort by sharing the university’s page and encouraging your friends to post messages too. Thank you for standing up for the rats that are suffering at the University of Texas at Dallas! Sincerely, Justin Goodman Associate Director Laboratory Investigations Department People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

I have just learnt that they are deleting all our messages and blocking us but we must all try and send our disgust at this outdated barbaric cruelty…What if this was one of your pets!!! Please do what you can to get your message to them.

Thank you
Denise and Mark

PETA's Action Team Alert