Its an Illusion by John Harris. Please read each and everyone of you, this is so important

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What you are about to read may at first confuse some of you, some may not believe and some will be shocked. What you are about to read is truth and I urge you all to stay and read all this information and understand it because it concerns you and it concerns your children and all your property.

Lawful Rebellion

The British Constitution Group

Stoke on Trent 24th January 2009

Its an illusion

(Transcript on a talk by John Harris called ‘Its an illusion’ from The People’s United Community )

To watch the video please go to

What I want to do today is show you a different perspective. We have been doing a lot of research for the last two years. We have been looking a something that’s called the ‘Freeman’, a position if you like. A lot of people have brought a lot of information to our website, ‘The People’s United Community’,, information has been brought to me which I have deciphered and decided to not accept the normal view of things, I’ve decided to question – question in depth and this is what you’re about to see.

(Slide shows the following;)

Do you believe ‘parliament’ to be elected to ‘REPRESENT’ the people and their wishes?

Do you believe in ‘POLITICS’?

Do you believe that the only way to sort this country out is to get another ‘POLITICAL PARTY’ elected into power?

Do you believe ‘ACTS’ of parliament (STATUTES) are ‘LAW’?

Do you believe ‘STATUTORY INSTRUMENTS’ are ‘LAW’?

Do you believe in a ‘CONSTITUTION’?

Do you believe the ‘SOCIETY’ we live in is broken?

Do you believe we have ‘COURTS OF JUSTICE’?

People say to me society is broken

What I am going to tell you today is its not broken, it works exactly the way it was planned to work, because this goes back hundreds of years, this is not something new.

There are COURTS OF JUSTICE, how many in this room have suffered at the hands of the COURTS OF JUSTICE, injustice is actually what is happening.

What I am going to tell you today is, members of parliament are actually directors of a corporation that is what your electing, because you are only electing directors of a corporation nothing will change – it will go in the same direction forever because politics are not what you think they are.

(Slide shows website of Dunn and Bradstreet) –

If you are going to do business with a company or corporate in the world then you can use Dunn and Bradstreet, at the moment there is about 160 million corporations worldwide. You can use them to find out if that corporation does good business, do they have any debts, has it got any county court judgments against it. So what this is is a register of corporations, of companies.

(Slide shows Dunn and Bradstreet website with members of parliament as a registered company) –

The members of parliament are a registered company, Gordon Brown is a company, David Cameron is a company. (This one I like) The labour party is trading as ALISTER DARLING MP, its their trading name, the reason they trade with ALISTAIR DARLING MP is ALISTAIR DARLING is a DIPLOMAT. There are about three of them, if they trade in his name, that trading name has DIPLOMATIC STATUS, that means they can bend things, and do things that you don’t know about – whole different way of doing things. That’s what politics is about.

You believe the people are representing you, they’re not, this is what they are doing.

So we look at politics as pertaining policy or the administration of a government, a plan or course of action, also defined as a government, political party or corporation, as a government, political party or corporation, a written contract or certificate of insurance.


Do you know what LEGISLATION is, you’ve heard of this word. COUNCIL TAX is a STATUTORY INSTRUMENT ENACTED on the 1st of April 1993 under PRIMARY LEGISLATION The LOCAL GOVERNMENT FINANCE ACT 1992..



Where does it say its law? Can you see it?

Lets look at the word ‘Society’ – SOCIALLY DOMINANT members of a community, a society is a number of PERSONS united together by mutual CONSENT in order to deliberate, determine, and ACT jointly for some COMMON PURPOSE.

Does this country have a SOCIALLY DOMINANT element that wants to stay SOCIALLY DOMINANT ??

A SOCIETY is a number of PERSONS united together by mutual CONSENT in order to deliberate, determine, and ACT jointly for some COMMON PURPOSE – Does that ring any bells?? (Audience laughs).

CONTRACT; is an agreement between two or more PERSONS that CREATES or MODIFIES an existing RELATIONSHIP.

OFFER, CONSIDERATION and ACCEPTANCE must exist for a contract to be made.

Then we look at a CONSTITUTION

  • The fundamental RULES written or unwritten, that establishes the CHARACTER of a GOVERNMENT by defining the basic principles to which SOCIETY must CONFORM. Do you have to CONFORM to things, do you? (Audience shout, NO). Do you pay TAX? (Someone in the audience shouts NO, John replies and says, ‘join the club’, laughter from the audience).

  • You were not given a choice if you wanted to join this SOCIETY, it was made for you at a time when you could not express a choice.

  • Then we define the word STATUTE

  • A LEGISLATIVE RULE of SOCIETY given the FORCE of law by the CONSENT of the GOVERNED, a RULE as of a CORPORATION, can you please explain to me where in that definition taken from Blacks law dictionary that that says that STATUTE is law? ( An audience member shouts out ‘the force of law’) John replies by stating, ‘the force of law but it’s not law.’

From Neuter of Latin: STATUS: the, LEGAL CHARACTER or condition of a PERSON or thing: What does our society rely on? STATUS! Yes? That’s what we want to be better in STATUS, more money, bigger car, bigger this, bigger that, better than the next door neighbours.

Well that’s the word STATUS and it all comes from this.

STATUS – is a LEGAL CHARACTER of a condition or a PERSON or thing. It is not real, its imaginary, OK, completely imaginary.

Also by its own definition it is not LAW, its only given force of law by the consent of the governed. Which means it will only apply to you if you give your consent, what does the word consent mean?

So what if you don’t agree – it isn’t law. It can’t be given the force of law. By its own definition it only applies to a PERSON and not a man or woman.

How many men and women in the audience think they are a PERSON?

(Slide shows Dunn and Blackstreet website with United Kingdom)

The United Kingdom is a CORPORATION, now up until February 2008 it was United Kingdom PLC – In February 2008 it dissolved and they have never ever published their accounts, if you want to check this out go on to company’s house because its there on Dunn and Bradstreet, they are now registered as United Kingdom Corporation Limited.

Any CORPORATION has employees, the employees are not just civil servants they are all of you, everyone of you. If you have a NATIONAL INSURANCE number that means ‘you to’ are an EMPLOYEE of this CORPORATION.

COMPANY POLICY of this CORPORATION requires you, as an employee, to pay TAX and follow all the LEGISLATIVE RULES of that CORPORATION in this case; STATUTES.

As in any COMPANY, if you break the RULES, you will be DISCIPLINED under the COMPANIES LEGISLATION.


The POLICE of the UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION are all COMPANIES that run for PROFIT too! ‘cos that’s what COMPANIES do, they run for profit – and who are they making profit for – directors and shareholders – they all want a profit – where does that profit come from? (Audience shout out – ‘US’)



  • If you break the RULES they will ‘invite’ (SUMMONS) you to their place of BUSINESS to discuss your PUNISHMENT

  • Except that they are not inviting you; you just think they are !

  • Even the highest COURT in the land is a CORPORATION – THE HOUSE OF LORDS

(Slide shows their business address on Dunn and Bradstreet)

  • So we believe that the COURTS are issuing us justice. We believe we are going to get a lawful trial, there is a massive difference between lawful and legal, a massive difference.


(Following slide shows a police man and a police officer)

Policeman (Human being) _-                                                      Police Officer (Fiction)

A Policeman or woman’s duties                                      –                                      A police officer is a CORPORATE employee

Duty under common law is to serve                              –                                     A REVENUE collector

Service and protect every individual in this land   –                                       To enforce STATUTES

Uphold common law (that is their duty and never delay right or justice)

A policeman/woman’s duty is to uphold Common Law and never ever delay right or justice for any individual in this land. They must uphold Common Law. But they have a fiction attached to them called a police officer – now if you look at the word ‘officer’ it comes from the CORPORATE world, what is a CEO – A chief executive officer. The officer (fiction) in what enforces STATUTES on you. But the trouble is the boys in blue who I have all the admiration in the world for don’t even know the difference. I have got a lot of friends in the police force who don’t know the difference – They don’t know the difference anymore, some of them did not know the difference in the first place – ‘cos they have been told wrong.

This people (slide shows policeman on the left) are only being told about this bit (slide shows police officer ‘fiction’ on right)

And funny enough I had a conversation with Albert Burgess  the other day and he was telling me some things that are going on in the police force regarding their training at the moment and all of them are being trained to be this, (slide shows police officer ‘fiction). OK.

So when you meet one of these people, what we are trying to do, I would not say educate them, we are trying to bring them to an understanding of that they really are and what they are supposed to do. I recently, the same as Albert went through from a police force from down the bottom to a chief inspector and made the chief inspector over rule STATUTORY LEGISLATION and go back to common law, anybody can do it, you’ve just got to know the language to speak, because there’s a language they are using against you that you do not understand, you may think you do because its English but its a language of the law society. (You can start a society tomorrow and create your own language, anybody can do it,) so we need to gently tell these people. Now we have methods of talking to these people. But it doesn’t always work if they’re going to slap cuffs on you and drag you to the cells – they are going to do it and you might as well make it easy but always let them know that you are protesting – peacefully and no violence, this is not about violence as Gandhi once said, ‘An eye for an eye makes the world blind.’

Right just to let you know I said all the police are registered CORPORATIONS, City of London Police, Northumberland Police, Gwent Constabulary also trading as Gwent Police Authority – so they’re trading, that means a COMPANY who is trading for PROFIT and how they generate that PROFIT is by ENFORCING STATUTES on you, that’s how they do it – NOT LAW, its policy (John makes reference to a video they have just watched) What you saw in the video was two POLICE OFFICERS trying to get this man to give his name and address because in the world of a POLICE OFFICER they can only ACT on you if you CONTRACT with them, because its the world of CONTRACTS – remember the STATUTORY INSTRUMENT it is a CREATED WRITTEN CONTRACT – they need you to give your name and address because they need to ACT on your PERSONS, not the man or woman. Darren, (pointing to a guy in the audience) didn’t know what he was doing at the time and he is laughing but the point is this is natural, its inherent, its already in you, you’ve just been conditioned to not know it, that’s all that’s happening. When Darren wouldn’t conform, the lady police officer tried to pick a spoil, (argument) with him over any issue she could to try and ENFORCE a STATUTE, now that is not a policeman or woman, that is not upholding the law of this land – the real law of this land. OK. That is a CORPORATE ENFORCEMENT policy agent – you now understand there is a big difference between the two, a massive difference. GO and check it out for yourselves.

What is LEGALESE; the language of the CORPORATE EMPLOYEES.

A language can be created by any society, a CORPORATION can be such a SOCIETY. LEGALESE is such a LANGUAGE. It is in ENGLISH but the same words have very different meanings.

For example LEGALESE is the LANGUAGE of the LAW SOCIETY – check it out. (One of the things I was going to say at the start but forgot is do not take a word I have said as being the truth – don’t, go and look at this stuff yourself, its the only way you will suddenly realise what is going on. The truth is only the truth when you realise it, its meaningless, its down to you to realise this. I can tell you all afternoon but until you realise it for yourself that’s the only way.)

Example: MUST is synonymous with the word may. If someone says to you from a CORPORATION you must they’re actually giving you a choice because they can’t force you, they are not allowed to because its not law. Its only policy.

Example: SUMMONS is synonymous with INVITATION, when you get a SUMMONS from a COURT of supposed law, you are actually being invited to a CORPORATE place or business to discuss how much money you’re going to give that CORPORATE place of business and you won’t get anything for it either.

Example: UNDERSTAND is synonymous with STAND UNDER – If I say to you do you understand and you say yes, that means you stand under me and you’ve given me authority over you. Simple as that. Its so simple.

This is the language you don’t know and you don’t know you’re being spoken to by this language.

MINISTRY OF JUSTICE also trading as every magistrates COURT in this land, the HIGH COURT of JUSTICE, all of them, every single one is a CORPORATION, running for PROFIT, know who you are. If you go to COURT its a CORPORATE PLACE of BUSINESS and they will immediately ask you for your name – They will even presume to know who you are and will ask as such.

They would say to me, Mr Harris?, Mr is the title of something; with LEGAL PERSONALITY (STATUS). I was named by my parents, but I was not named Mr John Harris.

If I replied ‘yes’ guess what I have agreed to REPRESENT? A man cannot be acted upon by STATUTES, nor can a woman, a human being, a living soul, these only apply to the FICTIONAL ENTITY with LEGAL PERSONALITY, i.e. MR JOHN HARRIS/ Mr J Harris.

Every TITLE in this land is FICTION if you’re Lord whatever, its a fiction, every title is a fiction – it doesn’t apply to a human being, its the LEGAL STATUS, remember the word STATUS it comes in to everything.

Natural Law and Common Law applies to us all. Inherent law – you don’t need to be told it you know what’s right or wrong – do you not? You know don’t you, its inherent, its just there.

Commercial Policy/ Civil Policy/ Political Policy – They all apply to the FICTION

Your human represents the FICTIONAL PERSON because the FICTIONAL PERSON doesn’t exist in the real world – If you look at a company, a company exists because a piece of paper says its a company but its not real – its not in the real world – its just a piece of paper that says this is a company.


The only basic principle that any people, of any nation, need to adhere to are those of natural law which are mirrored in common law

  • Never harm or cause loss – It covers every eventuality, there is nothing it doesn’t cover, nothing

  • Common law applies to a man or a woman, a living soul.

  • STATUTE RULES apply to the PERSON only when the man or woman CONSENTS to REPRESENT the PERSON.

  • CONSENT can be given by in-action as well as action.

  • Within common law exists the word JUSTICE, within STATUES RULES you will just receive a SUMMARY JUDGMENT – you broke the RULES of the CONTRACT – you LOSE! What SUMMARY JUDGMENT is, it doesn’t matter which COURT you go into, as long as that COURT is going to make money from someone, that’s all its about and there are reasons they want to extract revenue from you – there is such a reason.

You are a man or a woman – you have a PERSON.

Man – John Harris       – Person Mr J Harris

Exists naturally          –              Fictional Entity

Created by the Divine (call it what you want) –        Created by the government (FICTION)

Subject to common law jurisdiction      –         Subject to civil policy jurisdiction (FICTION)

Must never harm another or cause another any form of loss                 –                             Must fulfill duties given to and governed by corporate policy (tax etc) under  STATUE (FICTION)

Free unlimited ability to contract and settle debt in private under commercial law  –  Does business in the public, controlled by civil law and corporate courts (FICTION)

(I can basically do as I please as long as I abide by the principles on the left).

So what is a PERSON?

They are inviting a PERSON created by the UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION. They created something when you were born – you just did not know, your parents did not know and their parents did not know because it has been hidden from you. Because its too simple. Our world is so complicated but its not complicated – everything complicated has a very simple foundation – everything is simple.

  • Your PERSON was created when your birth was REGISTERED and is evidence of your BIRTH CERTIFICATE

  • Man created GOVERNMENT, which in turn created PERSONS, your PERSON is not you, it is a LEGAL FICTION which you are falsely identifying with because you have been deceived massively.

  • You don’t get to say what its RIGHTS and DUTIES are; the UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION does. Like I have said you have been misled.

  • But it has to MISS LEAD via; DECEPTION.

Lets Define the word PERSONS

  • Includes natural PERSON, FIRM, CO-PARTNERSHIP, ASSOCIATION, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY or CORPORATION – LEGAL PERSONALITY. Well I have got a problem with this, how can you define a PERSON as including natural PERSON. Defining a word with the very same word is failing to define anything! This definition is from Blacks Law 8th Edition.

  • PERSON is defined as a FICTION in Blacks Law 3rd Edition. (its not real).

I would like to ask why you would need 8 revisions of one dictionary of law for what possible reason – why would the words change – well, why would they? A word means something it never changes. So if its being changed, its being changed for a reason.

The Creation of a PERSON



Your FICTIONAL PERSON known by MR, MRS or MS your NAME or MR, MRS, MS, your name is created by the same means.

This information comes from Rob Bernard


When you SUBMIT; you are bending to another’s will.

When you REGISTER; you are handing over LEGAL TITLE of what you are REGISTERING to

ACKNOWLEDGING or TRANSFERRING the AUTHORITY to another by this PROCESS – this means what ever you are REGISTERING you are handing over your TITLE ownership of whatever you are REGISTERING – you actually, physically hand this over.

In doing this you ACKNOWLEDGE the TRANSFER of that AUTHORITY.

When you APPLY; which means to beg; the assumption is made, you know exactly what you are begging for, by whom or what you are APPLYING to and that you know, exactly what you are willing to give up for it. That’s what this means.

Most of the time you actually VOLUNTEER your APPLICATION and you were not forced to. Did they make you get a credit card? You SUBMIT an APPLICATION.

The whole world runs on, SUBMITTING APPLICATIONS for this, SUBMITTING APPLICATIONS for that. ( I am waiting for health and safety to come and tell me I can’t put a pencil behind my ear in case I get a splinter – but its going to come and you know it that’s why you are laughing.)


You get a certified copy of your BIRTH CERTIFICATE you do not get the original because that goes somewhere else.

When you get home look at your CERTIFICATE and look at it, its phenomenal what they have done.

Name of PERSON being created in CAPITALISED SURNAME – see the SURNAME is in CAPITALS ok. That fiction is going to be created there but what they need is another FICTION to do this;

Name of the PERSONS Father/ Mother CAPITALISED LETTERS (They have to have a FICTION to do this)

Who is the INFORMANT: QUALIFICATION needed to be able to INFORM, Father/ Mother to inform on your child being born!

You actually inform on your own children – Do you know that? You inform on them! Its brilliant isn’t it?


This is absolutely true, look at your BIRTH CERTIFICATE the QUALIFICATION needed and it will say needed – and you inform because you are the Father/ Mother.

What you don’t know is that at the bottom there is a DECLARATION, now a DECLARATION is a sworn oath of a man or a woman, and there is a reason that this is on the bottom – because without that man or woman being present, the FICTION mother or father isn’t present.

Now you are seeing that the PERSON is attached to a human being bit to do this they need the human being to be there. That’s why there’s a DECLARATION at the bottom of it.

It says it quite simply – you have to be present to REPRESENT the PERSON needed to create the new PERSONS LEGAL PERSONALITY. Its mind boggling, it really is and it all makes sense.

Then you REGISTER it to a CORPORATION (slide shows GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE). Get your BIRTH CERTIFICATE and lift it to the light and it will say GRO, that’s the GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE. That’s who you are REGISTERING it to.

REGISTRATION and your children!!

This is not funny, this is really true. To this day REGISTRATION still means the same thing;

  • That you hand over that TRANSFER of LEGAL TITLE to the body you have REGISTERED with

As you have seen the worst possible way that this process could have been abused is in the REGISTRATION of BIRTHS!

Its been abused.

A simple show of this

  • Do you have to mandatory school your children, (someone in the audience shouts, ‘No’. John then continues) Well you do.

  • And can you take them on holiday when you want to? What happens when you take them of term time? I know people who have received £100 fines.

  • Children have to be vaccinated.

The thing is its their property, you signed over TITLE OWNERSHIP of that child to the GOVERNMENT when you REGISTERED them.

You have got no claim to your children whatsoever – You just don’t know it because you’ve been duped.

If you want proof of it – The SOCIAL SERVICES – what happens when you don’t look after their property or they pertain you are not looking after their property. What happens – they take the child away but not all children are taken away because the child is in danger – Linda Lewis, Baby P. Don’t believe that for one second because that’s all propaganda – Its not true and Mr Brian Gerrish can prove this many, many times.

(Slide shows Dunn and Bradstreet and Social Services)

What you will notice is, it says SOCIAL SERVICES PLC because it is a PLC and a PLC is a Public Limited Company that has shareholders and the shareholders need profits, where do they get profit from – stealing children.

I couldn’t believe this when I found out. I was stunned. Brian Gerrish has been telling me this for eighteen months and I couldn’t believe it because I couldn’t see any facts and I only deal in facts. I deal with black and white, right or wrong and this is fact and it makes sense. I want to prove it as well.

Please consider this!

Consider this, could the GOVERNMENT actually take your car away and crush it lawfully if you actually owned it?

  • When you REGISTER your vehicle you hand over the ownership, TITLE ownership of your vehicle to the GOVERNMENT.

  • You get a V5 DOCUMENT and its the REGISTERED KEEPER (look on any of them). If you look at the advert on the telly where a car is crushed in front of a couple who have come back from somewhere and they crush their car in front of them, the voice says, ‘we have the legal right to do this’, It does not say we have a lawful right, because they haven’t got a lawful right. They have duped you into giving them your property, in this case your car, to them, so they can crush it when you don’t put any tax on it. Its incredible.

  • Basically when you REGISTER it as STATED because it is STATED you AGREE to ABIDE by their RULES, MOT CERTIFICATE, TAX and the fuel levy tax as well – you AGREE to this – This is what you AGREE to, because its part of the deal. And then you REGISTER it to another CORPORATION, DVLA, DEPARTMENT FOR TRANSPORT.

Please Remember –

  • When you REGISTER something/ anything you give up ownership (POSSESSIONS), your house, your children to it, and instead you get a CERTIFICATE of TITLE, this is worthless and this is why you do not own anything, not even your CHILDREN!!

  • But your children are your children and no one has the right to take that child away from you- NO ONE.

  • You get a CERTIFICATE OF TITLE and its WORTHLESS, not worth the paper its written on.


So why are there so many FIXED PENALTY NOTICES being given for the most ludicrous reasons?

You get a fine for filling your bin up too much, putting out the wrong bin on the wrong day, putting it in the wrong place. Parking in a place a CORPORATION deems you can’t, speed cameras, SORN DOCUMENTS, the list is endless.

What are these NOTICES in the real world being issued by these CORPORATIONS who never stop dreaming up REASONS for PENALISING you?

They’ve been issued by CORPORATIONS to PENALISE by the way of FORFEIT; something surrendered of subject to surrender as PUNISHMENT for a BREACH of CONTRACT.


An ADHESION CONTRACT is a type of CONTRACT that is a LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT between two parties to do a certain THING, in which one side has all the BARGAINING POWER and uses it to write the CONTRACT PRIMARY to his, her or its ADVANTAGE.

A NOTICE is not a BILL, A NOTICE is not a DEMAND. ( If you went to a restaurant and the waiter/ess comes up and says that’s £60 for your meal and I serve you notice, what would you do? Pay or ask for the bill? Well you’d ask for the bill)

Have you ever thought about asking the council – ‘Can I have a bill for my council tax’?

This is simply a tool for REVENUE COLLECTION and the true reason why this is being forced upon you is simply to maintain the ILLUSION that they have control over your LIFE, your FORTUNE and your FREEDOM because of your fear and their ABILITY to take from you something you deem VALUABLE and that is MONEY – yes?

Do we all believe that MONEY is VALUABLE, we all use it everyday, yes? We all believe its got some worth. These pieces of paper and coin has some worth, because you take it somewhere and someone will give you service for it, you can buy things, you can trade it. You believe its valuable but have you ever asked yourself this

A ‘PROMISE’, what’s that worth?

‘I PROMISE TO PAY THE BEARER ON DEMAND THE SUM OF TWENTY POUNDS’ – For one thing its in capitals, so its again the fictional world but have you ever asked yourself;

TWENTY POUNDS of what? Its true, of what? Go and ask the BANK OF ENGLAND – you’ll get thrown out, that’s what happened to a friend of mine. Seriously.

This is the real truth – you are the currency, not money, you, because without you everything grinds to a halt.

So is the MONEY VALUABLE or the work you are doing to get that MONEY? Because the principle workforce of any machine or any CORPORATION or any COMPANY are SLAVES and they have to give you something to believe in to do their work. And you will not question. And to make it valuable they are going to stiff you with as many fines that are make-believe to make you give over that worthless piece of paper to another CORPORATION just so you believe its real, No?

Lawful Rebellion

Lawful rebellion, this is what I entered into some of you might know what I did. A friend of mine who is sat in the audience, Robin, gave me some information once and funny enough another gentleman also in the audience gave me the same information and I looked at it and its called, ‘Lawful Rebellion’ – its actually written in ‘Magna Carta’ 1215, its article 61. Now I know a lot about the Magna Carta and its certainly wasn’t written for us, and we cannot use it but we can use the methods of ‘Lawful Rebellion’ because what article 61 of the Magna Carta actually says is, ‘Lawfully hinder’ and it says you must never ever use violence. We can’t sort this out with violence because if we sort this out with violence, violence will always ensue.

We have to do this peacefully and the way we do this peacefully is learning the RULES of the game. So when these people come to us, you’ve got to understand there are people out there working in all walks of these CORPORATIONS who know there is something very wrong, they don’t know what it is. They are trying to do something about it but they can’t do something about it until they have the knowledge to do something, and we need to give these people that knowledge.

Every time you write to the TAX OFFICE, ask them, ‘what do you want me to pay with?’ ‘What’s it worth?’ ‘You want me to give you a worthless piece of paper?’

These people need to be educated, they need to learn this, the police, the courts, the judges, the politicians. There are politicians that don’t even know about this.

So what we do is, whenever you are stopped by one of these individuals.

Lawful Rebellion.

  • Always ask – ‘Am I obliged to answer your questions?’ Because they don’t know what the word obliged means.

  • Peacefully resist all claims against your PERSON by refusing to CONSENT to the CORPORATIONS POLICY.

  • Then ask them ‘Under what AUTHORITY and under what law are you ACTING?’ The reason being is, if they say to you, ‘Its under this law’, and you prove its under STATUTE an ACT OF PARLIAMENT, that says it in itself. PARLIAMENT that’s all it is, an ACT.

Shakespeare said, ‘All the worlds a stage‘. Its all acting.

When you say the following to these people and you can actually say this because I’m about to say this to the chief constable of Devon and Cornwall police.

  • Remind them that, ‘Failure to DIFFERENTIATE between STATUTE and a law is GROSS NEGLIGENCE which is equivalent to FRAUD, to the common law crime’.

They are committing fraud, they have been committing fraud on you since the day you were born. This applies to anyone who is trying to ENFORCE A STATUTE upon you, no matter who they are.

You are a man or a woman, you are NOT a PERSON. The LEGAL world is the same as your PERSON, it is FICTION, its not real, its an ILLUSION, its not real, you just believe it is because you’ve been duped. And they have made it so complicated but its not complicated because it doesn’t exist.

The CORPORATE EMPLOYEES must get a man or a woman to REPRESENT the PERSON before a CONTRACT can be formed, that’s absolutely true, they will ask you your name and your address, when they have got your address they have got, ‘JOINDER’, there can be 100 thousand John Harris’s in England, they need that address to get JOINDER, so they can prove who you are. The second you do that the human being has said ‘yes I am that PERSON.

Remember there is no justice in this country and there isn’t any justice in this country, I see it daily. I have people contacting me and I hear the most saddest of stories. I know a lady sat in the audience who’s story is so incredibly sad about her Dad and I’ve listened to it and I want to help but I can’t help her, not at this moment but I have a way of doing it though.

Remember there is no justice and you only ever receive SUMMARY JUDGMENT, they just want to extract money from you because they want you to believe that this stuff is real. For every COURT even the highest COURT in the land is a PROFIT CORPORATION which is part of the UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION.

Lawful Rebellion is the final part to play; we need to sacrifice the PERSON, this is the only way to do this and I’m not asking anybody to do this, I’ve never asked anybody to do anything I do. I want to save my country, I want to save this island, why have we got borders, why do the English hate the Scottish or the other way around, or the Welsh, because we have been divided, because when we divide we cannot unite. We have been divided by languages. Political parties were designed to divide people. The only way to get rid of this once and for all it to sacrifice the PERSON. To sacrifice the PERSON is to remove that PERSON completely and that means the BIRTH CERTIFICATE has to be destroyed and it can be done, I have seen it done, massive implications but it can be done and I am going to do it, because I am not living in this society one moment longer than I have to and watch my fellow human beings suffer under it. I will find a way to get out of this and I will succeed. The reason is that what I am doing is right.

It breaks my heart, I could weep for the world.

If anybody tells you a grown man cannot cry. Yes he can.

Thank you

John Harris

Thanks to;

Dr Stephen Hopwood

Alan from Bournmouth

Brian Gerrish

Anthony Beckett

BBC5. tv

Colin ‘power’ Williams

Dan ‘Freeman’ Hughes

Roger Hayes

Scott Hudson

Anyone who passes this on.

John Harris has a website called, The People’s United Community. To watch the video of the above transcript please go to

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Thank you

Denise Tansley and Mark Naughton

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  1. Neil Gough says:

    I watched John’s talk on Sky TV last night (08/12/11) and was completely shocked and saddened by what was divulged. I can fully understand why john got so upset at the end. We are all slaves to something we dont even know we are slaves too. The world could be and should be such a different place, I hope that people keep waking up and realising what is actually going on, who knows, 21st Dec 2012 wont be the end of the world just the end of the “world” as we know it, if enough people learn the truth and decide they want it to change. They (the coroporations) want and fully expect us PERSONs to riot in the upcoming months when the economy dips even further, they have actually planned this. Why do you think some of the riot police in london and other cities were instructed not to actually stop the rioters? The police made sure that all the news teams with TV cameras caught all these “vile rioters against society” and broadcast that into our homes? They wanted public opinion to agree to the army being called in, they were ready and waiting but public opinion, thankfully, disagreed with this option. And why did a girl (rioter) who took a packet of 20 cigerettes get 4 months jail time when MPs who have stolen 10’s of thousands and 100’s of thousands of pounds in illegal expenses claims either have had sentances of months cut short or not even been prosecuted at all? They dont even abide by the rules they have set for the rest of us. Therefore, WE MUST NOT RIOT BUT PROTEST PEACFULLY they dont expect us to do this.
    Its like when one of the bigger kids picked on you in school, they did so because they wanted you to retaliate so they could knock you down, you gave them the excuse to knock you down by fighting back with violence. I am sure you rememeber that just by using words and winding these bullies up was a much better way of getting back at them and beating them because by this time the rest of the play yard had got behind you and were also laughing at the bully. If only we could walk up to the authorities and laugh into their faces as we explained that we know whats happening. I too feel saddened that even the PERSONs in authority dont even know what kind of organisation they have joined into.
    Things will change, its already starting, we can and will change this.

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