Balance of Female Energy

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Balance of Female Energy

Energies must be brought back into balance, there is little respect for the female energies. In my home of Native America women had their place just as man had his but we respected women. Many white men raped our women and men still continue to rape women around the world today, just like the Earth is being raped. Man must accept women as equal, without women there is no man and without man there is no woman. Each time you come to this Earth you change many times from man to woman and woman to man, it is yourselves you are not respecting.

Women are not pieces of meat to be traded with. The balance needs to be brought back of the female energies, turning your backs away from love has done this. Man thinks he can create and bargain with lives when he is not the Creator merely a spark of the Great Divine. Women must also know that to be a woman is a beautiful thing, although you will have many lives to live as men and women and again you are the closest to the Mother as woman, her cycles, her sways, her seasons, her cries, her joy. Learn to love the Mother, learn to love yourselves, you are so beautiful as you are and by accepting your beauty you will bloom like a flower, open your heart as a flower opens its leaves, show your beauty through your soul. Do not degrade yourselves into man’s lusts and greed. Look into your heart and listen to you, by doing what your heart wants you can show man how to bring balance back, do not try to be man for there is too much of this energy. Be gentle, be kind to all things, show man he can cry. Do not change who you are but open up your heart, learn to respect yourselves and be proud to be of Mother Nature.

A Woman.

Denise Tansley and Guides, Red Feather and Ann. 2002

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