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Campaign Action: Demand Action Over Indonesian Forest Fires

Submitted by Save Our Earth
Started on 17/08/2005
Status: CLOSED
Signatures: 6

This action has now been closed. We have now sent letters to Indonesia, the United Nations, Singapore, Malaysia, and the G8 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom and the United States). We will keep you posted on the responses.

Thank you to all of you for signing this action.

Update 24th June 2007

Indonesia has announced that they are pledging to halve the number of forest fires this year - your response to this action has reached the right places! See news article for more information.

Save Our Earth - Forest Fire
Another year passes and there are more forest fires in Indonesia. These fires are deliberately started by farmers to increase their yield, or by loggers and miners clearing the forest.

Malaysia has reported hazardous pollution levels - the API or Air Pollution Index above 300 is hazardous and above 500 triggers a state of emergency - in Kula Selangor, the API was 531!

The forests of Indonesia are the third largest outside South America and home to ecologically sensitive plants, unknown species of animals and plants and to indigenous tribes people.

Despite Malaysia sending firemen to help quell the flames, action must be taken against Indonesia's lack of action to prevent another year of fires.

As Indonesia ratified the Kyoto Protocol on 28th June 2004, they are bound by their carbon dioxide emissions and with stored carbon being released as carbon dioxide from every fire, they will be unable to meet their target emission levels. They will have to buy the carbon credits using loans from other countries - Indonesia will plunge further into debt with only their rainforests to sell to the Western nations to reduce their debt.

Yet this can be solved. We are calling on :

  1. Kofi Anaan, UN Secretary General, to intervene to save these magnificient forests by asking UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme) to study the causes of these fires, and to promote agricultural education and land re-use amongst farmers.

  2. Indonesia to take tougher action against illegal logging and to call for foreign investment from Western nations to help protect Indonesia's forests. For Indonesia to promote sustainable farming methods where farmers work with the forests.

  3. The International Community to prevent this hazardous and lethal pollution from crossing borders, by pledging investment to protect the forests and to recognise Indonesia as a 'guardian of one of the great ecosystems' in the World.

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