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Campaign Action: Add your name to protest against Rainforest destruction

Submitted by Save Our Earth
Started on 08/08/2005
Status: CLOSED
Signatures: 12

This action has now been closed.

Update February 2007

We sent out letters to all World Leaders - this time we sent them to their home countries.

Update August 2007

We have received a number of replies and while none of those were from the G8 nations, we have seen a multitude of actions by nations wanting to protect the World's rainforests. Our actions will continue until they are protected.

Thank you to all of you for signing this action.

Save Our Earth - Forest and Sunlight
As part of our continuing Rainforest campaign, we are writing to World leaders once again.

We are calling for urgent action to save the World's Rainforests from illegal logging, ranching and the soya industry. As each day ends, we are getting closer to the Point of No Return where the Rainforest ecosystem will break down, and will release years of stored carbon into the atmosphere, accelerating Global Warming beyond limits that life can endure on Earth.

We must congratulate the African nations that have been working together to protect Africa's rainforests, but we, the people of the Earth must call for much needed intervention by the Developed Nations to safeguard the Earth of tomorrow.

There has been too much talk from these nations whether in promising to look into the issue or by increasing financial aid. These Nations are:

  • Demanding a supply of tropical hardwood for luxury items which is leading to financial incentives with illegal logging.

  • Demanding cheaper cattle feed which is leading to increase Soya production.

  • Demanding cheaper beef for the food industry which is increasing the size of slash-and-burn areas set aside for ranching.

This must stop, and these Nations must work with others to actively seek more sustainable farming practices and sustainable wood materials - we have been warned many times in the past, and as we head further into the 21st Century, we must work together to maintain our existence and all of life on Earth.

Please sign this campaign and add your voice of concern to World leaders to call an end to the destruction of the remaining Tropical Rainforests.

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