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Campaign Action: Tell the UK Government to make a decision on Guyana's rainforests!

Submitted by Save Our Earth
Started on 17/08/2008
Status: CLOSED
Signatures: 6

Thank you to every one who signed this campaign. We have now sent off the letters to the British Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and the Environment Ministers for both parties. We have also copied in the President of Guyana, Bharray Jagdeo. We will keep you informed of their responses.

Save Our Earth - Guyana - UK Prime Minister Reply - Page One Save Our Earth - Guyana - UK Prime Minister Reply - Page Two Save Our Earth - Guyana - UK Shadow Leader Reply
Response from UK Prime Minister - click to view
Response from UK Leader Of The Opposition - click to view

Save Our Earth - Guyana
The recent BBC documentary, Lost Land of the Jaguar, highlighted the issues surrounding the rainforests of Guyana in South America.

Guyana is a poor country and are struggling to protect their forests from the inevitable outcome of deforestation to fund their country and people. They offered the rainforests as carbon credits to the UK because of the BBC documentary, Lost Land Of The Jaguar, which was compelling viewing. The expedition team found new species and travelled deep into the forests. At the end of the programme, they presented a report on their findings to Guyana's President.

President Bharrat Jagdeo then took the unprecedented step of offering them to the UK Government as carbon credits in exchange for financial help but as of the programme's showing, the UK government had yet to make a decision.

Back in October 2007, President Bharrat Jagdeo urged Commonwealth finance ministers late Monday to influence the upcoming UN conference on climate change by raising the economic reasons behind global deforestation. According to Jagdeo, forests are cut down by people living in the area or engaged in agriculture and business to generate profit for national development.

While the system of carbon credits only rewards countries for growing a new forest and not protecting a new one, Brazil has recently set up an international fund to protect their portion of the Amazon rainforest.

So it can be done. A country like Guyana must be compensated for protecting their forests and we cannot let developers and timber companies travel into these pristine forests to destroy the forests and incredible ecosystems.

Please act now and sign this action to put pressure on the UK Government to make a decision to save the Guyana rainforest and to protect the ecosystem instead of sitting back and watching it become a wasteland.

This action will be closed at the end of August 2008 and letters will be sent on your behalf to the UK Government.

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