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Campaign Action: Campaign for more protection for the nesting grounds of the Monarch Butterfly

Submitted by Save Our Earth
Started on 16/03/2006
Status: CLOSED
Signatures: 8

With great thanks to you all and the countless Environmental campaigners across the world, Canada, USA and Mexico have agreed to work together to protect the Monarch butterfly. Read more at

Also see for more details on how you can help!

Save Our Earth - Monarch Butterfly
Image copyright Simon Phipps

With illegal logging continuing in the Mexican forests, the winter nesting grounds of the Monarch butterfly is under threat. In 2002, over 250 million butterflies died during a cold spell in the Winter - the reason was their nesting grounds had been decimated by illegal logging.

The Mexican Government has taken steps to protect these grounds by forming a team of 17 rangers to cover over 56,000 hectares and to prevent illegal logging. Unfortunately, deforestation continues.

Please sign this action to ask the Mexican president to expand this team to over several hundred to protect the national park and to protect one of Nature's most beautiful of creatures.

President Vicente Fox
Palacio Nacional
Patio de Honor
Piso 1
Col. Centro
Mexico City DF


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