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Environmental, Campaign & Website News > Panama's Ngobe Indians Win Temporary Halt to Dam Construction

Panama's Ngobe Indians Win Temporary Halt to Dam Construction

Date : 22nd June 2009, Source : ENS

WASHINGTON, DC, June 22, 2009 (ENS) - The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has ordered the government of Panama to suspend all work on a hydroelectric dam that threatens the homeland of the Ngobe Indians of western Panama. In a ruling Thursday, the commission granted the Ngobe's request for an injuction that stops construction of the dam to prevent any further threat to the community and the environment while the commission deliberates on the merits of the case. The Chan-75 Dam is being built across the Changuinola River in the heavily forested and sparsely populated province of Bocas del Toro by the government of Panama and a subsidiary of the Virginia-based energy giant AES Corporation.

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