Recommended Books That should be read by humanity

                  The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life volume 1 and 2 – by Drunvalo Melchizedek Synopsis -Vol 1 – Once, all life in the universe knew of the Flower of Life as the creation pattern…the geometrical design leading us into and out of physical existence. Then from a very high state of consciousness, we fell into darkness and forgot who we were. Vol 2 –  Drunvalo presents, in text and graphics the Flower of Life workshop, illuminating the mysteries of how we came to be, why the world od the way it is, the subtle energies that allow our awareness to blossom into its true beauty, and the Mer-Ka-Ba meditation. The New Rulers of the World – By John Pilger Synopsis – John Pilger is one of the world’s most renowned investigative journalists and documentary film-makers. In this fully updated collection, he reveals the secrets and illusions of modern imperialism. Beginning with Indonesia, he shows how General Suharto’s bloody seizure of power in the 1960s was part of a western design to impose a ‘global economy’ on Asia. A million Indonesians died as the price for being the World Bank’s ‘model pupil’. In a shocking chapter on Iraq, he […]

Lawful Rebellion. Magna Carta – You have sovereignty – by

                  What does Article 61 (Lawful Rebellion) stand for? You have Sovereignty, realize it, and use it. in Common Law (Info from the website. For more info go to Lawful Rebellion. Some one recently asked me the question; what is Lawful Rebellion? Rebellion in itself has a number of different meanings and is in fact quite close to another word that seems to be on everyone’s lips; Revolution. Defined meaning of Rebellion; Refusal to accept some authority or code or convention. An act or show of defiance toward an authority or established government. Defined meaning of Lawful; Being within the law; allowed by law: lawful methods of dissent. (The lawful refusal to conform to the authority that is unjust) Under article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 (the founding document of our Constitution) we have a right to enter into lawful rebellion if we feel we are being governed unjustly. Contrary to common belief our Sovereign and her government are only there to govern us and not to rule us and this must be done within the constraint of our Common Law and the freedoms asserted to us by such Law, nothing can become law in this country if it […]

Former Mayor of Belgium Files complaint against Chemtrails

                  26-jul-2009 -Source Former Mayor: Crusade against white lines (chemtrails) Former mayor of Evergem (Belgium) files complaint against toxic emissions of airplanes. De Gentenaar 26 july 2009 [1] Crusade against white lines “We are massively being poisoned and brainwashed” Former mayor Peter Vereecke (53) of Evergem wants the justice department and the city council to act against planes that are according to him spraying day and night disease causing germs and chemicals all over the world. ”Rest assured I am not insane” Willy De Buck (excerpted & translated by chellow) […] “Don’t confuse this with contrails”, said Vereecke. “Those are harmless condensation trails that are only visible for a few seconds. On the other hand chemtrails are clouds of chemicals and disease causing germs that are deliberately sprayed on us to manipulate our behaviour. The councilmen and – women were stunned and listened to his every word. At last some other subject than a loose tile or a backed-up sewage pipe. “I hope that the city council mobilizes all possible government ministries to fight this mental and physical attack. I have already filed two complaints with the local police, but they don’t to anything with it”, said Vereecke. Could it […]

SANTA – Made in China

                   It maybe some months away but Christmas is coming and as this was a popular article both on our website and people taking the link and spreading the word, I have decided to add this to the blog to reach more people. Please remember ‘We are the people that run the engine if we decide to stop running the engine the car won’t work’. (John Harris In every major store you walk into from about October onwards, (but it gets earlier and earlier each year its ridiculous)  you will find a mass of goods with the tag at the bottom saying, ‘Made in China’. In TX Maxx the designer store in the UK almost all the goods are made in China. Next is another store, as is Argos and countless others. It seems these goods have been thrust upon us in nearly every High Street store and why because they are cheap to make but at what cost! It is important to put into perspective how much the UK, Europe and the US import from China. Based on information from the Department of Trade and Industry, in 2007  Britain alone imported £16 billion worth of goods from China […]

How to build a Chembuster

                  Following on from the Chemtrails – Silent Killers blog….. After the blue sky was turned hazy by the chemtrails, we decided to do something about it and build our own Chembuster. We sourced the parts over 1-2 months to break up the cost – we’ll tell you how much at the end.Thanks to Ken Adachi at for an interesting article and description how to build the Chembuster. One problem we ran into was all the sites we were reading had measurements in American imperial (inches and feet) – the UK being what it is, had everything in metric. We’ll run through the parts required and then a brief description how it all went together. Parts 5 x Copper Tubes – 28mm by 3m 6 x 28mm copper couplers 6 x 28mm copper end caps 6 x Clear quartz crystals – double terminated – about 2 ½ inches in length and 0.75 inches in width Exterior plywood Two-gallon bucket Aluminium shavings – about 1.5 gallons Polyester Resin – about 7.5kg (works out to be 5kg per gallon) – make sure you mix it with the catalyst in a well ventilated area. Small piece of hosepipe Tools 28mm drill bit for […]

Nikola Tesla Unsung Hero, Humanitarian and Visionary

                  Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) Many people have never heard of Nikola Tesla, born an ethnic Serb in the village of Smiljan, Vojna Krajina on the 10 July 1856 and passed over on the 7th January1943. Although he was a subject of the Austrian Empire he later became an American citizen and was widely respected as one of the greatest electrical engineers. His inventions were groundbreaking and many seemed too far fetched for the American people he became ostracized as a mad scientist. He was not a man that put much emphasis on money and passed away quite poor at the age of 86. The Tesla was named in his honour (The magnetic flux flux density and the magnetic induction). Whilst more known for his work on electromagnetism and electromechanical engineering Tesla also conceived the induction motor and developed devices that used rotating magnetic fields, X-rays, he contributed to the establishment of computer science, remote control, fluorescent lamps, radar, aeriel transportation, ocean thermal energy conversion, robotics and the inventor of the radio. Tesla also demonstrated the transmission of electrical energy without wires, termed the Tesla effect, where there is a movement of energy through space and matter, not just the […]


            This link is to a short clip of documentary validating chemtrails and weather warfare, shown on the  –  Short video of a film that will never see the light of day in Hollywood or on the mainstream tv channels, it focuses on a virus outbreak being caused by Chemtrails. All across the globe people are asking what are these trails in the sky, they are everywhere. If you look up in the sky you can see trails of white lines criss-crossing and then expanding. We have done some research into this and found these to be called Chemtrail’s, a project the worlds governments are keeping secret. So what are Chemtrail’s  as opposed to Contrails, (short for condensation trails or vapour trails) which are visible trails of condensation made by the exhaust of aircraft’s, as the hot gases from the exhaust cools in the atmosphere, if the air is cold enough they create ice crystals and thus leaves a trail, which normally lasts for a few minutes but some could last for hours.chemtrail’s however are thick white and silver trails of vapour which many believe are particles of Aluminium Oxide and Barium Oxide which persist for longer […]

A story by Denise Tansley and guides Sister Ann and ‘Red Feather’ 13th July 2002

                   A Promise A conversation took place between two people; A Man was asked; Will you tender to my gardens, for even though I am around there will be times when, the rain stops and the land needs to be cared for and harvested. I need you to love the land as I love it. The man was then asked; Will you tender to my animals, for even though I am around, there will be days so cold and times so hard that they will need feeding and will require your love and care. I need you to love them all as I love them. The man was then asked; Will you tender for my children for even though I am around they too will need your love and comfort when I cannot be found? I need you to love them all as I love them. Finally the man was asked; Will you tender to each other for even though I am around you may not find me and lose the love and understanding that I have shown you. I need you to love each other as I love you now. The man made a promise that he would; Tender […]


                   ” What is love ? ” ” The total absence of fear,” said the Master. ” What is it we fear ? ” “Love,” said the Master.

Healing thy self writings by Dr. Akilah El and Marilyn Gordon

                   Writings by Dr. Akilah El and Marilyn Gordon Many of us hold on to negativity because we believe that the other person that caused us pain, anger, hatred, guilt, sadness, fear, and resentment is affected by our experience. When people hurt us we want to hurt them back. We want them to experience our pain, so we hold on to the negative experience. Holding on to these negative experiences is the KEY reason why we are bonded to the situation we want to escape. When we encounter a similar situation the subconscious mind shifts the memory that is stored from past experience and brings it to the conscious mind. We recreate the initial situation and react not to the present, but to the experience we had 2, 10, 20 even 30 years ago. Holding on to negative experience causes us to over burden our spirits. We begin to invest in hate and not in healing. Unfortunately, when we hold onto these negative emotions, we are denying our inner power to grow. We are suffocating our spirits. The only way to free our spirit and allow it to grow and keep growing is to Forgive. We all are held accountable […]