Please sign the petition and tell Obama that you will not allow whale hunting to resume

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Warning – Graphic scenes at the bottom of this page so if you don’t want to see what cruelty whale hunting entails please just follow the links for the petition.

If you haven’t signed this petition please get involved ASAP. America, Norway, Japan and Iceland, Denmark, Germany will all be deciding on a vote to resume whaling, we cannot let this happen so we urge all of you to read below and sign the petition and any other petition that requires your voice to help animals, the sees and the earth. We must remember we are all one and we must all start to heal the Earth, great changes are coming and we have a choice, continue to destroy and kill and we will not survive on this planet because it will not and cannot sustain us, treat it with respect and love unconditionally all things and we can evolve into truly, loving souls and create a world of peace and harmony..You have to choose so please choose wisely.

Such sadness…There is a time that is coming where we must choose, do we continue on the pathway of destruction and killing or do we choose to accept that we are all one consciousness and heal the wounds and care for our brothers and sisters like the whales. It only seems like a handful of people who are making these decisions on war and killing and there is 6.7 billion people on the planet. Our consciousness out numbers theirs and if we took just 1/2 hour each day to focus on peace and love within ourselves collectively we can change the world because together we are strong. Spread the word and the message.

If you are unable to click on the link please visit their website

There are also other agencies that are also asking you to sign the petition – come on people lets make a huge impact and shout as loud as we can.

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Killing whales for profit has been banned since 1986 — but that’s about to change unless we make a stand.

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) just released a new plan that would overturn the global ban on commercial whaling, and even open a whale sanctuary near Antarctica for hunting.

A final decision could happen as soon as next month, and Germany has a key role in the IWC’s decision — please write the German Federal Ministry for Agriculture and stop the sell out of the whales »

Japan, Norway and Iceland have continued to hunt whales in defiance of the worldwide commercial whaling ban. The proposed plan would make their hunts legal again.

A decision on the plan to resume killing whales could come as soon as next month!

Please take action to save the whales »

Thanks for making a difference!

Andrea W.

Don’t Resume
Killing Whales
Protect kids from drowning.
Take Action!

Dear friends,

On Thursday, a proposal will be unveiled that would legalize commercial whale hunting for the first time in 24 years.

The fate of the proposal will be determined largely by the world’s immediate reactions to it — and according to insiders, many governments are planning to stand aside and allow commercial whaling to resume. An outcry is needed now to ensure they stand strong to save the whales.

Avaaz has launched a last-moment petition to show our leaders their people want to protect whales, not hunt, kill, and sell them. The petition will be sent to the delegates to the International Whaling Commission every time we raise another 100,000 signatures — sign here and forward this message:

A strong international consensus has opposed whaling for decades — but for just as long, Japan, Norway, and Iceland have continued to hunt whales, ignoring the global ban on whaling or exploiting a loophole by claiming their expeditions were “scientific research.” Now they could be rewarded by a “compromise” proposal, in which their commercial whaling would be made legal.

Worse still, a number of other countries are watching the process closely — with rumored plans to start their own whaling programs if the proposal goes through. If Japan, Norway, and Iceland can hunt whales and sell their meat, others will ask “if them, why not us?”

It’s time to save the whales — again. Click HERE and forward this message to oppose the legalization of commercial whale hunting:

Forty years ago, whales were on the brink of extinction. But thanks to a global social movement, the world banned commercial whaling in 1986. The ban is one of the environmental movement’s great triumphs. (More info on the ban HERE)

Today, whales still face many threats: not just the whalers’ harpoons, but also climate change, destruction of ecosystems by overfishing and pollution, and nets intended for other fish. A renewed wave of commercial whaling could devastate these extraordinarily intelligent and social cousins of humanity. This is no time to move backwards.

With hope,

Ben, Ricken, Paula, Iain, David, Luis, and the whole Avaaz team


Background on the 1986 international moratorium on whaling:

The most recent public draft of the IWC compromise proposal that is currently being updated:

An AFP article describing the state of whaling negotiations last week:

According to Greenpeace, this deal would permit whaling even in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary (So much for it being a “place of refuge or safety” !!)

As it is – there is no-one enforcing the ban in the Sanctuary apart from International Volunteers such as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. I suggest you watch Animal Planets Whale Wars to see exactly how these volunteers are risking their lives to enforce the safety of the whales.

It’s outrageous that the United States is wanting to be a part of legalising this awful industry. We need to stop this greedy action.

Take action here Obama, Say No to commericial whaling.


Here if you haven’t already done so –>

Here’s a NOT SO gentle reminder of what Whaling entails:

Image courtesy of Blog

from Greenpeace UKImage from GreenpeaceUK via

A bloody battle, photo courtesy of the Sidney Morning Herald

And on a more pleasant note:


Photo via


One more way to help


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Much Love


Take action link:

Latin American NGOs Speak Out Against Whaling

Alongside the negotiations for a “compromise” within the negotiations about the Future of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) 40 environmental NGOs jointly presented a petition to all Latin governments Member of the IWC. They call for diplomatic actions to end scientific whaling in the Antarctica by the Japanese fleet.

Vanesa Tossenberger, executive director of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) Latin America, stated that “the negotiation process has to be clear and not diminish the strong and permanent commitment Latin American countries with the moratorium on commercial whaling. We strongly support the non lethal used for the cetacean and with this the ending of the ‘scientific whaling’ operation. With this letter we continue present our position and our strong refuse to all activities that are not regulated and that are conducted without any mechanisms of control in the different waters.”

While among the Latin American countries some have in the past been sympathetic to support Japanese whaling activities, the region has teamed up as unified block since a few years and speak out jointly against the lethal use of whales.

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