Still spraying chemtrails – thought there was a recession

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We posted when a change of government took place in the UK that there were no chemtrails since the conservatives and liberals took over…well it seems that, that was just a settling in period and we were hoping with the so called ‘recession’ that the government would not be able to continue with the spraying on two grounds, one a moral, the other financial …seems that this government along with the last one does not have a moral issue with spraying the people and on a financial level..they seem to have reserved enough coffers to pay for these planes to spray continually throughout the day and night everyday weather permitting!!!…Do you remember a clear sunny day? Please remind me, cos when you look at movies or tv programs or look up the chemtrails¬† are everywhere…on tv and movies they are subliminally showing us that this is a normal sky when it is clearly not. ¬† We have only recently found out that the sun contributes to wind patterns and as the governments of the world are so not ending the spraying even in a recession you have to ask what are they doing this for?…are they in receipt of knowledge regarding the sun and solar winds that they are trying to shield the earth from, or is it population control, if its population control that means that they and their families are also breathing in this air…all we can say is there are changes that are clearly recorded in history about a time of change due in 2012 and we can also say more and more people are getting sick!



7 Responses to “Still spraying chemtrails – thought there was a recession”

  1. Yes I did also note the lack of operations in the period described , and today 22nd may 2010 at 8 am over Havant area , a huge chembombing operation started and , is still going on as i write . If 3 bombers make a squadron ( for arguments sake ) then outside i have breifly watched at least 3/4 squadrons flying both low /high and fast ! The sky is disapearing at a geometric rate . What goes up must come down huh ? These people are also spryaing THEIR familys and loved ones too SEIGE HEIL !

  2. admin says:

    Yep we noticed the same up in Farnborough – seems they started early and have only done one X shape and about 3-4 lines – likewise, they must be feeding these pilots some baloney to get them to spray their families!

  3. lionheart says:

    Clear in Birmingham for about two weeks. The sky is blue again!

  4. admin says:

    Hiya, Thank you for letting us know, excellent news, isn’t it nice to see the sky again, makes you appreciate it more.
    Take Care

  5. dani says:

    no, spraying is in full swing in the usa

  6. admin says:

    Same here as well – moment the new Government settled down, they started spraying again – thought we were in a recession !

  7. admin says:

    Just to add – you can report your chemtrails during a study by the Met Office in the UK :

    Met Office climate survey: how to get involved

    Climate Survey

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