Chemtrails and Sylphs

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I’ve been meaning to write this for some time but it was only two weeks ago that I downloaded the photos from my phone. Back in March/April 2010, I took some photos at work around 7am as I noticed chemtrails in the sky and they showed something very interesting.

First in March 2010, I noticed the following:

Chemtrails over London Heathrow - March 2010

Nothing unusual as we have all been seeing these over the past few years – parallel chemtrails. Despite a concerted effort by us all, Governments have denied that they exist and that they are in fact contrails. However, lets look at the next photos.

Chemtrails over London Heathrow - April 2010

In April 2010, I noticed another plane leaving a chemtrail at the same location – however, I noticed that despite the chemtrail, it was also leaving a contrail behind. This was taken at 8:04am.

Chemtrails over London Heathrow - April 2010

I took another photo 1 minute later – this was taken at 8:05am, check out the area highlighted by the red arrow – it shows the contrail disappearing, leaving the chemtrail in the sky.  Do not believe our Governments when they tell us that chemtrails are in fact contrails – they are not, they are different as the photos above prove. Whoever it is, they have been spraying chemicals from the back of aircraft for many years and have been lying to us about their existence and why. We watched a documentary recently, cannot remember the name, and they showed how chemtrails have made it into advertising and TV, whether drama programmes or adverts (including animated) – no doubt to get us used to and not question the chemtrail existence.

For more info, check out the other Chemtrails post on our blog and check out our Chembuster build post.

Now there has been much talk about Sylphs and how they clean the air for us being as they are, elementals. Check out the following photo:

Sylph over Farnborough, Hampshire

I took this photo in September 2009 and didn’t look at the photo until recently. I was leaving work and noticed a chemtrail and to my amazement, I noticed a Sylph attacking it ! Now I work some 25 miles away from home and as I travelled home, this was in the sky all the time. Only when I got home did I realise that the Sylph was attacking the chemtrail over our house, no doubt encouraged to do so by our Chembuster.  When I viewed this photo normal size, I could not make out the sylph but when I viewed it as a thumbnail, I could clearly see it – as kids, we saw the wind in this image – two eyes, a nose and his mouth open blowing the wind. Since that image has been around for maybe hundreds of years, our ancestors must have known and tried to share their knowledge about the elementals with us.

Yes I know there will be some of you who say we will see faces in clouds or anything we look at but can you not see the face in this photo?

In our opinion, Sylphs exist and are here to help.

3 Responses to “Chemtrails and Sylphs”

  1. jack bushnell says:

    please get in touch asap i wish to affiliate with you and share some info regarding chembusters
    i know its not urgent for you but it is for me !!

    please darling sylphs – i give to you my eternal gratitude for the work you have done and ask you humbly to protect myself, my family, and all the good people in the world, from the harmful chemicals and particles we are being made to take into our precious bodies.

    all my unconditional and infinite love

  2. admin says:

    Hi Jack,
    Thanks for your post – feel free to share your thoughts here.
    Mark & Denise.

  3. admin says:

    Just to add – you can report your chemtrails during a study by the Met Office in the UK :

    Met Office climate survey: how to get involved

    Climate Survey

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