The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek

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I am sure Drunvalo will not mind me typing up the first page of his excellent work with the guidance of  his guide Thoth. This is only to introduce you to his remarkable books ‘The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life‘ Volume One and Two.

Again this is an important read for those wishing to relearn what we lost 13,000 years ago, when we had great knowledge and understanding. Graham Hancock who has also done great work uncovering ancient civilisations around the world that existed and were destroyed around the same time, yet he has been ridiculed by the scientific community but now we are beginning to connect the dots ourselves thanks to these great humans who have put their head above the parapet to bring us the information for us to decide and not be swayed by scientific opinions who are funded by governments and institutions who may not have the best interest of humanity at heart and who may not want the truth out in the public domain. Why you may ask, like the pyramid on the dollar the few that know the truth have power over the many that are kept in the dark. We did not have access to esoteric and exoteric knowledgeable documents which have been kept in vaults in libraries like the Vatican and kept by private ruling families but now the truth is beginning to surface through the help of inter-dimensional beings and cosmic influences helping us to find our way home.   To know that we were once very powerful beings who built great structures had knowledge beyond our modern comprehension for example; astronomy, cosmology, astrology, mathematics, geomancy, geometry and much much more and we co existed with nature, the universe and other inter-dimensional beings. We were ONE, with One universal consciousness, that of love.   Now our job is to find the knowledge, learn the knowledge and be of service to mankind. We all have a part to play, we have all been given a gift by God or whatever you want to call this energy you just have to believe in yourself and take the chance knowing that if your gift is for the world then how can it possibly be wrong – we all have lessons to learn to lead us back to the source and when we realise this, things become easier and we are not drawn into dramas. I believe a change is occurring right now and we are all being encouraged to leave the weight of the third dimension behind us and lift ourselves up to the fourth dimension-nothing stays the same forever, we are being shown a new way to live to reconnect with the divine. Here Drunvalo through his guide Thoth shows us the information we once had and how we can remember which will help those wanting to lift themselves up to that next dimension.

Remembering Our Ancient Past

How the fall of Atlantis changed our past

A little less than 13,000 years ago, something very dramatic happened in the history of our planet that we’re going to explore in great detail, because what happened in the past ios now affecting every aspect of our life today. Everything we experience in our daily living, including the particular technologies we use, the wars that erupt, the foods we eat and even the way we perceive our lives, is the direct result of a certain sequence of events that happened during the end of Atlantean times. The consequences of these ancient events have entirely changed the way we live and interpret reality.

Everything in connected! There is only one Reality and One God, but there are many, many ways that one Reality can be interpreted. In fact, the number of ways to interpret the Reality are just about infinite. There are certain realities that many people have agreed on, and these realities are called levels of consciousness. For reasons we’ll get into, there are specific realities that extremely large numbers of beings are focusing on, which include the one you and I are experencing right now.

At one time we existed on Earth in a very high level of awareness that was far beyond anything we can even imagine right now. We hardly have even the capabilities to imagine where we once were, because who we were then is so out of context with who we are now. Because of the particular events that happened between 16,000 and 13,000 years ago, humanity fell from that very high place through many dimensions and overtones, ever increasing in density until we reached this particular place, which we call the third dimension on planet Earth, the modern world.

When we fell – and it was like a fall- we were in an uncontrolled spiral of consciousness moving down through the dimensions of consciousness. We were out of control, and it was very much like falling through space. When we arrived here in the third dimension, certain specific changes took place, both physiologically and in the way we functioned in the Reality. The most important change was in the way we breathed prana,  a Hindu word for the life-force energy of this Universe. Prana is more critical to our survival than air, water, food or any other substance, and the manner in which we take this energy into our bodies radically affects how we perceive the Reality.

In Atlantean times and earlier, the way we breathed prana was directly related to the electromagnetic energy fields that surround our bodies. All the energy forms in our fields are geometric, and the one we will be working with is a star tetrahedron, which consists of two interlocked tetrahedrons. Another way of thinking is as a three dimensional Star of David.

For more on this book you can have a look on the internet auction sites or amazon or other less known book stores on the web. Or you can also visit Drunvalo’s website

Interestingly Drunvalo’s information ties in with Ann Walker and her guide White Arrow. (see or find her books on Amazon ‘The Messenger The Messiah’,and ‘The Stone of the Plough‘)  Ann explains that our ancestors came from planet called Molona which once existed between Mars and Jupiter which was destroyed 17,000000 years ago and which is now the Asteroid Belt, the pyramids were built in Homage to their home that was destroyed, they came in space ships to Earth which are buried underground in designated locations around the world, one being under the Giza Pyramid to which she has conformation of this. This is called the Hall of Records and contains the Mer Ka Ba light vehicle. At around 20,000BC various spiritual masters from Atlantis escaping the growing material corruption of their civilisation went to Egypt as culture bearers and raised the standards of its people to the status of a civilisation in its own right.

It is also interesting to note that the Egyptians have been guarding these secrets for humanity until the time was right but we now see the government have built very high walls around the pyramids giving some reason as being for security so people are not digging up tombs. Well most of you who have been there can see how tightly these areas are guarded so I cannot see this being a valid reason.

Another interesting site to look at is Gregg Braden’s work on Zero point Energy and the coming changes for 2012, he has a new book called ‘Fractal Time, The secret of 2012 and the new world age’ and his website is

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