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Gilnow Road Trees Saved – Thank you

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

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We did it. Thanks to letters and a petition, we saved the trees in Gilnow Road. Bolton Council were going to remove the trees due to complaints by some residents that the leaves made a mess and that the trees interfered with their satellite reception but common sense has prevailed and the trees are staying much to the delight of the people in Bolton that have fond memories of them when they were growing up.

We were contacted about a week ago by a concerned resident up in Bolton Lancashire who saw that we had helped people in the past secure trees in their area and asked us to get involved in saving the 33, lime trees that lined Gilnow Road to the Cemetery. We decided to to do some research on the lime trees and the wildlife that would be affected we then wrote to the council in Bolton, we also put up the info here on the blog asking you to sign a petition. Along with hundreds of signatures and letters and good old publicity the trees have now been saved. If you would like to know how to save trees in your area please go back to save our earth. If you would like to know more about the Gilnow Trees campaign just type in ‘Gilnow Road Trees’ in facebook. If you would like to contact us please use the save our earth contact page.  See,  people power does work along with persistence. Well done to Ian  and Helen McHugh and all that stood up and fought. God Bless the trees all around the world which do more for us than we do for them.

Billy Bragg To Withold Tax In RBS Fat Cat Bonus Scandal -Join him and add comments on facebook

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

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Billy Bragg To Withold Tax In RBS Protest (since Billy was on BBC this morning we have not heard any more of this in the media, got them frightened that the people of this great nation will get together and end this outrage. He is on again on Sky news at, I believe 7.15pm, Wednesday 19th January)

12:50pm UK, Monday January 18, 2010  Musician Billy Bragg has announced he will refuse to pay income tax from January 31 in protest at bonus payments made at the Royal Bank of Scotland. Billy Bragg Rebel: Billy Bragg is famous for his political songs inspiring protest and direct action In a letter to Chancellor Alistair Darling, the musician and political activist declared he was no longer prepared to fund “the excessive bonuses of RBS investment bankers”. In a statement he said: “If you pay tax in the UK, you are a major shareholder in several banks – Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds and Northern Rock. “The Treasury spent £117bn of taxpayers’ cash bailing out Britain’s failing banks. “The estimated £1.5bn that RBS will pay to its investment bankers next month in the form of bonuses will ultimately be drawn from the taxes you and I are due to pay on January 31. Billy Bragg Letter Bragg has written to Mr Darling stating he will withold income tax from 31st Jan “Unless Mr Darling acts to limit bonues to £25,000, I shall be withholding my tax payment on January 31.” The Royal Bank of Scotland is 84% owned by UK taxpayers. It has announced £1.5bn in bonuses will be paid to staff this year, even though the RBS group is expected to make a loss. Mr Bragg has launched a Facebook group NoBonus4RBS urging others to withhold their income tax. I’m encouraging those that can to withhold their taxes and write to the chancellor and hopefully they’ll do something. Billy Bragg Visitors are encouraged to download and fill out a template letter expressing their outrage to send to the Chancellor. Mr Bragg told Sky News: “I’m a bit new to Facebook but I’m trying to act as a lightning rod for people frustrated about this issue. “I got my tax demand in the post last week and I thought, ‘I’m going to pay this and it’s going straight into some banker’s pocket’. “I’m encouraging those that can to withhold their taxes and write to the Chancellor and hopefully they’ll do something.” RBS has argued bonuses are needed to ensure the best staff are retained. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs Office said anyone withholding income tax could be prosecuted. “When people owe a tax debt to the exchequer it has to be paid and if they’re refusing to pay, we’ll be hard on them,” a spokesman said. A Treasury spokesman said: “We can reassure Mr Bragg and anyone else that there will not be big bonuses paid with taxpayer’s money at RBS.”

send Bill a message on Facebook-

Urgent Action needed – Please note this action is closed and we won the fight thank you

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

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Please go to the above link and sign the petition to stop Bolton Council from taking down the trees in Gilnow Road Bolton. Some people have complained that they cannot receive signals on their satellite dishes and there are too many leaves on the ground, what a stupid excuse to take down these wonderful trees which line the road and have been there for generations.

We were contacted By a John Howarth who asked for our help. We have given the people campaigning some info on how you can protest and fight to protect the trees, here is the link for anyone having similar problems with councils and businesses wanting to take trees down, people have had success with using the info provided.

Here also is the letter we sent to Bolton Council;

This is to the planning committee

We are a environmental group in the UK who are very concerned about the lack of greenery and the loss of millions of trees in the UK which are being systematically destroyed to make way for modern living. We heard about the trees in Gilnow Road, and were privileged to see photos of these 33 very beautiful remarkable lime trees that line the road between Queens Park and Heaton Cemetery. Lime trees have an elegance and impressive history and we would be more inclined to move to an area which has trees lining it.     As stated we have lost many trees in the UK and this must stop. We cannot afford to chop another tree down, not one more. Not only do trees help in combating CO2 levels but stored carbon will be released if you fell these trees. Trees help in cleaning pollution and chemicals, reduce noise levels and they also control winds and absorb water which means if the trees are destroyed not only are you exposed to more winds which are erratic but you also have the issue of flooding which from a home buyers point of view is a high priority which reflects in house prices. We also know that trees in urban areas can reduce temperatures by 4C (7F) more of this cover will be required as temperatures rise due to climate change.

We are also facing another global catastrophe, we are losing bees all around the world and we must do all we can to keep them from dying out, it is a fact that lime trees are very important for bees, especially honey bees, and make ideal honey plants for beekeepers,  they produce a very pale but richly flavoured monoyfloral honey. These trees are also regularly visited by moths,  the green caterpillar of the lime hawk moth is one of a number of insects that feed on the tree’s leaves and due to our declining population of insects we must protect these trees in order to sustain our wildlife. It would be wise not only in the interest of the local people but also due to the above information and not only on an environmental scale but from a moral obligation to continue to preserve these precious trees. A suggestion would be for the council to use the council tax which is paid by the residents to work with them in maintaining a clean up of leaves and for the trees to be sympathetically pruned to maintain them but also keeping their beauty. The people that are complaining should think about moving to an area which can satisfy their need for a cleaner car and a clear satellite reception. Will they also complain when they have been flooded out due to climate change.

Our lack of action in protecting these trees indeed all trees around the world that do us more good than we do them will inevitably seal our fate.

Thank you for your time

Kindest Regards
Denise Tansley and Mark Naughton

A ONLINE campaign has been set up to save 33 trees which have been earmarked for the chop — because they interfere with residents’ Sky TV reception.

More than 200 people have signed up to the Save The Trees in Gilnow Road group, on social networking site Facebook, in a bid to force Bolton Council to think again about felling the decades-old lime trees in Heaton.

The authority says it is considering chopping down the trees because it has received a variety of complaints over the last five years.

Complaints include loss of light, pavement disruption, leaves in gutters, loss of Sky signal, growth on trunks, scratched cars and safety concerns.

But Ian McHugh, who is leading the campaign, believes the trees add historical value to the road, which leads into Heaton Cemetery.

He said: “These trees have been here for generations. I have a Bolton Evening News article which shows a picture of Gilnow Road in the 1940s so I’m guessing these trees were planted in the 1930s. These trees have contributed to the character of our area, and are a major reason why many people have chosen to live there.”

Bolton Council has said it will listen to residents and make a decision on whether to apply for permission to fell the trees based on “overriding public view”.

A spokesman said: “We are consulting on a proposal which would reduce the overall impact of the trees on the properties and the footpath while retaining the avenue effect of evenly spaced trees along the road. This would require the removal of alternate trees and the planting of four replacements.”

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Monday, January 11th, 2010

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I am sure Drunvalo will not mind me typing up the first page of his excellent work with the guidance of  his guide Thoth. This is only to introduce you to his remarkable books ‘The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life‘ Volume One and Two.

Again this is an important read for those wishing to relearn what we lost 13,000 years ago, when we had great knowledge and understanding. Graham Hancock who has also done great work uncovering ancient civilisations around the world that existed and were destroyed around the same time, yet he has been ridiculed by the scientific community but now we are beginning to connect the dots ourselves thanks to these great humans who have put their head above the parapet to bring us the information for us to decide and not be swayed by scientific opinions who are funded by governments and institutions who may not have the best interest of humanity at heart and who may not want the truth out in the public domain. Why you may ask, like the pyramid on the dollar the few that know the truth have power over the many that are kept in the dark. We did not have access to esoteric and exoteric knowledgeable documents which have been kept in vaults in libraries like the Vatican and kept by private ruling families but now the truth is beginning to surface through the help of inter-dimensional beings and cosmic influences helping us to find our way home.   To know that we were once very powerful beings who built great structures had knowledge beyond our modern comprehension for example; astronomy, cosmology, astrology, mathematics, geomancy, geometry and much much more and we co existed with nature, the universe and other inter-dimensional beings. We were ONE, with One universal consciousness, that of love.   Now our job is to find the knowledge, learn the knowledge and be of service to mankind. We all have a part to play, we have all been given a gift by God or whatever you want to call this energy you just have to believe in yourself and take the chance knowing that if your gift is for the world then how can it possibly be wrong – we all have lessons to learn to lead us back to the source and when we realise this, things become easier and we are not drawn into dramas. I believe a change is occurring right now and we are all being encouraged to leave the weight of the third dimension behind us and lift ourselves up to the fourth dimension-nothing stays the same forever, we are being shown a new way to live to reconnect with the divine. Here Drunvalo through his guide Thoth shows us the information we once had and how we can remember which will help those wanting to lift themselves up to that next dimension.

Remembering Our Ancient Past

How the fall of Atlantis changed our past

A little less than 13,000 years ago, something very dramatic happened in the history of our planet that we’re going to explore in great detail, because what happened in the past ios now affecting every aspect of our life today. Everything we experience in our daily living, including the particular technologies we use, the wars that erupt, the foods we eat and even the way we perceive our lives, is the direct result of a certain sequence of events that happened during the end of Atlantean times. The consequences of these ancient events have entirely changed the way we live and interpret reality.

Everything in connected! There is only one Reality and One God, but there are many, many ways that one Reality can be interpreted. In fact, the number of ways to interpret the Reality are just about infinite. There are certain realities that many people have agreed on, and these realities are called levels of consciousness. For reasons we’ll get into, there are specific realities that extremely large numbers of beings are focusing on, which include the one you and I are experencing right now.

At one time we existed on Earth in a very high level of awareness that was far beyond anything we can even imagine right now. We hardly have even the capabilities to imagine where we once were, because who we were then is so out of context with who we are now. Because of the particular events that happened between 16,000 and 13,000 years ago, humanity fell from that very high place through many dimensions and overtones, ever increasing in density until we reached this particular place, which we call the third dimension on planet Earth, the modern world.

When we fell – and it was like a fall- we were in an uncontrolled spiral of consciousness moving down through the dimensions of consciousness. We were out of control, and it was very much like falling through space. When we arrived here in the third dimension, certain specific changes took place, both physiologically and in the way we functioned in the Reality. The most important change was in the way we breathed prana,  a Hindu word for the life-force energy of this Universe. Prana is more critical to our survival than air, water, food or any other substance, and the manner in which we take this energy into our bodies radically affects how we perceive the Reality.

In Atlantean times and earlier, the way we breathed prana was directly related to the electromagnetic energy fields that surround our bodies. All the energy forms in our fields are geometric, and the one we will be working with is a star tetrahedron, which consists of two interlocked tetrahedrons. Another way of thinking is as a three dimensional Star of David.

For more on this book you can have a look on the internet auction sites or amazon or other less known book stores on the web. Or you can also visit Drunvalo’s website

Interestingly Drunvalo’s information ties in with Ann Walker and her guide White Arrow. (see or find her books on Amazon ‘The Messenger The Messiah’,and ‘The Stone of the Plough‘)  Ann explains that our ancestors came from planet called Molona which once existed between Mars and Jupiter which was destroyed 17,000000 years ago and which is now the Asteroid Belt, the pyramids were built in Homage to their home that was destroyed, they came in space ships to Earth which are buried underground in designated locations around the world, one being under the Giza Pyramid to which she has conformation of this. This is called the Hall of Records and contains the Mer Ka Ba light vehicle. At around 20,000BC various spiritual masters from Atlantis escaping the growing material corruption of their civilisation went to Egypt as culture bearers and raised the standards of its people to the status of a civilisation in its own right.

It is also interesting to note that the Egyptians have been guarding these secrets for humanity until the time was right but we now see the government have built very high walls around the pyramids giving some reason as being for security so people are not digging up tombs. Well most of you who have been there can see how tightly these areas are guarded so I cannot see this being a valid reason.

Another interesting site to look at is Gregg Braden’s work on Zero point Energy and the coming changes for 2012, he has a new book called ‘Fractal Time, The secret of 2012 and the new world age’ and his website is

The Obama Deception by Alex Jones Courtesy of BBC5

Monday, January 11th, 2010

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By Alex Jones
Barack ObamaBarack Obama

The Obama Deception is a hard-hitting film that completely destroys the myth that Obama is working for the American people.The Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the New World Order. He is being pushed as savior in an attempt to con the American people into accepting global slavery. We have reached a critical juncture in the New World Order’s plans. and only by exposing the con can we help to save freedom in America.

The Obama Deception is not about Left or Right: it’s about a One World Government. The international banks plan to loot the people of the United States and turn them into slaves on a Global Plantation. Covered in this film: who Obama works for, what lies he has told, and his real agenda, and how his initial appointments and actions prove he serves the corporate oligarchs, not the American people. If you want to know the facts and cut through all the hype, this is the film for you.

(To see this video please go to the following link)

“The Citizens Have Won”, Says Dr Marc Girard: Victory in Swine Flu Information War Made Possible By Internet

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

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“The Citizens Have Won”, Says Dr Marc Girard: Victory in Swine Flu Information War Made Possible By Internet

Info from, 08 January 2010 12:08

News – Highlighted News

French doctor and author of a book on the swine flu scam, Marc Girard, has declared victory in the information battle in Europe surrounding the swine flu vaccine following the decision by the French government to cancel 50 million doses and abandon the vaccine centers under intense political pressure.

Some other key turning points in the campaign were:

*the decision by the German army in September to refuse to take the toxic Baxter Celvapan jab forcing Baxter to drop mercury and adjuvants at the last moment when seeking EU approval for its vaccine and so triggering a  storm of protest inside Germany about the two classes of vaccines with and without adjuvants.

*protests by Belgium citizens groups stopping a parliamentary law allowing forced vaccination to go through.

*the announcement by the Polish Health Minister and family doctor Ewa Kopacz that she would order the inadequately tested jab for Poland

*the legal action by Marc Vercoutere and Christian Cotton that forced French Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot to start to account, through her lawyer, in a Paris court on January 4th for the swine flu campaign irregularities.

“In the flu affair, by the sole force of the internet and an unprecedented majority, the citizens have won: against the lobbies supported by the large media, and in spite of the objective collusion of all the politicans – including those who are today calling for a commission of inquiry. The time has already come to think about the time after the flu and to reflect on the factors that allowed such a scandal possible.”

“Dans l’affaire de la grippe, par la seule force d’internet et à une majorité sans précédent, les citoyens ont gagné : contre les lobbies soutenus par tous les grands médias, et malgré la collusion objective de tous les politiques – incluant ceux qui réclament aujourd’hui une commission d’enquête. Il est déjà temps de penser l’après-grippe et de réfléchir aux facteurs qui ont rendu possible un tel scandale. Réalisée dans des conditions techniques précaires imposées  par une situation que tout le monde connaît, la vidéo qui suit vise à susciter une réflexion citoyenne sur la question centrale des conflits d’intérêts.  Bonne écoute – bonne réflexion… Marc Girard”

However, while we, in Europe, have beyond a doubt achieved a fantastic victory, much remains to be done to stop the swine flu jabs being sent to developing countries, among other things.

Also, we need to start legal actions and insist on parliamentary inquries to identify those responsible for this scam.

Since this is the same international corporate crime syndicate organised around the Bilderbergs that is also responsible for Codex Alimentatarius, GMO foods, poisoning us through water and other means, as well as for the financial crisis and instigating numerous false flag terrorist attacks and wars (Afghanistan, Iraq and now Yemen), there is a unique opportunity to deal with a multitude of problems by systematically dismantling the power structure of this group.


Monday, 04 January 2010 12:08

News – Highlighted News

Man given NT$50,000 after flu vaccine
The Department of Health (DOH) decided yesterday to offer a relief fund of NT$50,000 to a 35-year-old man because he showed symptoms including numbness in the lower limbs after getting A(H1N1) flu vaccination, making him the first recipient of financial aid related to the vaccine shots.

Medical experts on a panel screening the medical cases related to vaccination said they have so far reviewed applications for relief fund in 39 cases connected to A(H1N1) flu inoculation, but the man was the only patient qualified for the relief measure.
Commensurate compensation to victimized vaccine recipients will be offered only when three major criteria are met: 1) after they are diagnosed to have suffered consequences related to vaccination; 2) their sufferings have reached a specific extent, and 3) the effects of the vaccines are unable to be ruled out, they explained.
The male patient in the case met the third criterion since the panel was unable to completely exclude the possible impact from the vaccine.
Thirteen days after taking the vaccine shot, the man showed symptoms of fever and numbness in the feet.
Since the man has a medical history of diseases, including problems in spinal cord, the problem could have arisen from effects on his immune system.

He will be given a relief fund of NT$50,000 because the team of medical experts were unable to entirely rule out the connection between the vaccine and the symptoms, a spokesman of the panel said.

The patient is presently recovering from the conditions after follow-up medical treatment, he said.

Families of some patients have held press conferences along with elected officials, mainly lawmakers and members of local county or city councils, to publicly question the connection between the causes of the patients’ deaths and the anti-flu vaccine.
They accused the DOH for providing unsafe vaccines and sought government compensation.
At a press conference yesterday, Chang Yao-chung, a member of the Taichung City Council, said a student at a senior high vocational school in the central Taiwan city suddenly lapsed into unconsciousness and died after receiving the vaccine.
There were similar cases and suspicions expressed by patients’ families.
DOH officials said autopsies will be performed at the request of families to determine the actual causes of patients’ deaths with objective reviews by a panel of medical experts.
But families can also appeal their cases or use other channels for relief if they do not accept the ruling of the panel.
Families of some deceased patients have already filed charges against doctors who provided medical treatment and the DOH for providing the vaccines.

DOH officials such litigation cases will have to be dealt with via proper legal procedures.
Prosecutors said they can proceed with the judicial procedures only after gathering adequate evidence and getting formal medical reports from the Institute of Forensic Medicine under the Ministry of Justice to help determine the responsible parties for the cases.

Officials at the institute confirmed that they have been working on some cases related to the flu vaccines forwarded from prosecutors in various districts to help settle the medical disputes.

But they said the institute will not make public the findings concerning any particular cases before adequate medical examinations and analyses are complete

Stop the dictatorship in the Europe and America by Jane Burgermeister

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

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If history is anything to go by, just three per cent of us taking decisive action will be enough to stop dictatorship being established in Europe and the USA and resurrect the real democracy.

We have reached a fork in the road, a crossroads, and the latest film by Alex Jones, The Fall of the Republic, makes our choices clear.

Whether we live in the USA or Europe, we are watching the accelerating speed with which republics and democratic states are being transformed into dictatorships.

Regional dictatorships are emerging in the form of the North American Union and the European Union.

These totalitarian systems will, in turn, be subsumed under a single global dictatorship controlled by the WHO, the UN and the IMF. Behind the UN complex is a corporate crime syndicate that uses these bodies as vehicles for their grab for world domination, also by declaring a pandemic emergency which has given WHO and the UN extraordinary powers over the national governments around the world, including health services and police services.

Alex Jones’s latest DVD, The Fall of the Republic, describes how a predatory financial elite is currently consolidating their power, and is the follow up on the illuminating documentary, The Obama Deception.

The new film — about to be released and discussed on Infowars — makes it clear that we must choose between slavery and liberty.

If we take the wrong turning on the fork in the road ahead of us, we will be entering a period of impenetrable darkness, a polar night of history with FEMA concentration camps, barbed wire, wars and famines, forced military or labour service in a police state using nano chips as a means to accomplish a total electronic surveillance of every single person every minute of the day.

Every day we see more evidence of how democracy in the USA is being replaced by an obligatory ecstatic worship of the dictator/president.

It is glaringly obvious that the cult of personality being built around President Obama is just a instrument in a cynical game, a means of strengthening the centralized control of a banking clique pulling the strings of its puppets in Washington DC.

Children are being trained in schools to sing songs of worship of the man-god “Obama“: they are not singing these songs spontaneously of their own free will.

Respect for the Constitution and Bill of Rights is being replaced by the cult of universal genius and charisma of the President; soon the president/dictator will be the only free person left in the USA and his whims will be the only law.

Genuine government involving a reasoned debate about policies has already been replaced by an extensive network of bureaucrats and Czars, who act as obedient instruments ready to do the will of the President whatever that might be.

A hierarchical and centralized electronic surveillance state is already in place thanks to the Patriot Act and other measures. The surveillance state, under cover of claiming to protect against terrorists, aims to destroy individuality and free-thinking and eliminate anyone who does not bow down to the cult of the president and submit to the ideology.

Free thinking people have been labelled terrorists.

A totalitarian structure is already established that will allow the president/dictator to soon just click his fingers in a monumental building for armies to instantly march into apocalyptic wars, millions of people to be taken from their homes to FEMA camps, because food and water will be cut off from whole regions leaving many more millions to die as the elite’s depopulation program gets underway.

The bureaucrats and officials who carry out these orders and implement the regulations and rules that are being used to oppress the majority of people may obtain a certain amount of power and money in return for their services but they will not enjoy any real freedom either. They will not have any value outside their work of calculating, planning and carrying out an endless stream of crimes that the dictator demands. As soon as they have performed their function like machines, they will be dispensed with. This is what happened in Nazi Germany as well to even the most loyal functionaries.

The elite’s contempt for human beings is being paraded before our eyes everyday. We see the brutal spectacle of torture, wars and famine affecting millions of people on TV, desensitizing us to the ghastly suffering of so many people today.

There is, indeed, a depressing similarity between totalitarian structures emerging today, the atmosphere of terror, the prevalent nihilism and Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union and Mao Tse Tung’s Communist China.

In the meantime, we know these totalitarian structures with the same features did not appear in different regions around the world accidentally.

Thanks also to people like Alex Jones, we know more about families such as the Rockefellers, the Windsors, the secretive networks such as the Bilderbergs and their plans for world domination. No wonder, Jay Rockefeller is rushing through a bill to dismantle the internet as information flows freely for the first time in history about this group’s crimes.

The same bankers who financed the rise of the twentieth century dictators are now financing Obama and Blair, Sarkozy, Merkel and Brown.

Hiding in secret places, casting a greedy eye on the world’s resources, judging everything from the point of view of whether it can be used to increase their enjoyment or power, slaves to their own appetites, these banksters cannot be the future of humanity – and their puppets in government cannot be our rulers.

People like Frederic Mitterand, the French Minister of Culture, who says in his own autobiography that the sight of the slavery, degradation and suffering and sexual exploitation of children “excites“ him, need to be removed from office and treated for psychological problems, not praised and defended by the French Prime Minister as is the case today.

When you consider the caliber of people in government in France today, the secret French government plans to force vaccinate people with a poisonous toxin and strip them of their civic rights, plans which are being circulated by the Health Minister Roselyne Bachelot and the Justice Minister Michele Alliot Marie, are not that surprising.

A rotten tree does not bear good fruit.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Uncovering the monstrous structure of the new world order is frightening – but is also an opportunity. Now we have identified the root of the disease, we can apply the cure.

Not many people are needed to effect a change for the better.

It appears that only three per cent of the colonialists rebelled against the despotic British king. Yes, just three per cent of the colonialists were enough to start and win the first American Revolution and found an independent Republic based on a Constitution.

If the Republic does fall today, it will be because there are not even three per cent ready to rise to the occasion and save it.

But will the Republic fall? Or will the vital three per cent of the people once more step up to the plate, start and win the second American revolution by rallying others?

I believe they will. We can see the resistance growing every day.

The time has, therefore, come to think about what a new Republic and new democratic states might look like.

A revolution that unleashes mindless violence and/or a military coup that leads to tyranny instead of freedom are certainly not what we need. What is required is a systematic plan to achieve clear objectives.

“Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness“ of every person seems to me to be a valid objective.

This is the objective enshrined in the American Constitution, in the Declaration of Independence and Bill or Rights and implicit in modern European constitutions and normative law.

The American Constitution was clearly written with a consciousness of the high value of human beings and every single person. This consciousness was nourished by the soil of certain ideas found in philosophy, religion and art, especially that of the ancient Greeks.

Liberty or freedom is a central concept of the ancient Greeks who inspired the Founding Fathers and is worth taking a moment to explore.

Freedom is not only a moral or philosophical concept but also a social and a political one. The ancient Greeks understood that a person enjoyed freedom if they lived in a free state, a state that was autonomous and that passed laws that guaranteed the freedom of its citizens.

The unfree were those people who were subjected to a foreign laws and who had to serve a foreign ruler.

It is clear that we in Europe and in the USA today are indeed unfree in as far as we do not pass our own laws that serve our interests. Instead, we serve the puppet governments who obey foreign rulers in the form of a corporate crime syndicate.

These entities have corrupted, bribed and bought national governments; the laws that are now rubber stamped by our parliaments serve the interests of that corporate crime syndicate, not our interests as a people.

A huge transfer of wealth has taken place under the cover of wars, economic collapses from the people to this tiny syndicate.

For impoverished populations suffering from the mismanagement of these criminals, the bankers have a solution: a police surveillance state, concentration camps, FEMA camps and now mass murder through biological warfare under the cover of vaccines and even famine.

Freedom has too often come to be understood by the people in the USA and Europe as the freedom of choice when it comes to careers, cars, leisure pursuits etc. People are used to thinking about economic freedom and not political freedom. They are encouraged to think of freedom as the opportunity to satisfy their desires, no matter how destructive to them or others those desires might be.

By contrast, the ancient Greeks defined a free person as someone who lives in a free state, a state whose political and social system allows them to enjoy personal freedom and also directly shape the future of their country themselves. This implies participation in the political process that goes far beyond casting a vote in elections once in every four years for either two parties, which have more or less the same policies, and which work for the same paymasters.

Real democracy requires that free and informed citizens engage every day in the political decision making process, and debate and discuss the best policies or the state as a whole on a continuous basis.

Authentic freedom for the ancient Greeks was the right to make your own choices every day, so that you can develop your highest self, your latent talents, live out your unique life purpose in harmony with the deeper purpose of the cosmos, itself ordered by the divine principles of harmony and justice.

To do this, the ancient Greeks recognized that people needed a functioning free political system state – and they had to give a portion of their time to maintaining that state.

Justice demanded that each citizen enjoyed the same freedom and dignity and that the freedom and dignity of others was protected against the abuses of others.

Those who infringed on the freedom of others or committed crimes were held to account.

Athens was indeed the first democratic state founded on the rule of law. The idea of law was religious in origin. The ancient Greeks considered laws as coming ultimately from a divine source just as the laws in the Old Testament come from God even if the laws of ancient Greece had a more secular and rational character. Athens was unusual for its time because it was ruled by laws and by a free people and not by a dictator or a god-king with absolute power.

Central to the functioning of the free city state of Athens was the notion of responsibility. The ancient Greeks believed no human being can evade the consequences of their actions. Everything is interconnected. A wise, free, strong state must be built on the wise, strong, just characters of its citizens.

That the cosmos itself will react and push back when the actions of people infringe basic laws is an idea central also to Greek drama.

While people may enjoy freedom, creative power, great potential for happiness, they are also responsible for what they do; they are responsible for whether they use their energy and freedom to develop their character to become more wise, courageous, just, virtuous, honest, brave, disciplined, loving and caring.

They are responsible if they misuse their freedom to sink into ignorance, apathy, greed, materialism and corruption.

Indeed, Athens fell to tyranny as its people became more and more corrupted and materialistic.

A new beginning for a new Republic and new democratic states in Europe, means, in my view, that we need to support the development of people’s physical, emotional and intellectual abilities and talents through education, sport, work and the arts, like music, for example.

That way, people will not only enjoy more fulfilling lives themselves; they will also be able to better contribute to the overall prosperity and success of their nation or state.

Today, people are all to often reduced to animal-like existences, to wage slaves or cogs in a corporate machine, given minimum wages or benefits, poor quality food and even poisons by an international corporate crime syndicate that sees an advantage to keeping people in a degraded, ignorant and pliant state.

Today, we have a culture that is run by the likes of the French Minister for Culture, Frederic Mitterand, who openly revels in his decadent appetites, which he satisfies at the expense of the life and health of young and vulnerable people, whom any decent person would try to assist.

A new beginning for a new Republic and democratic era also requires a new appreciation for what it means to be part of a community in my view.

Today, the assault on the family, the community, the church, on anything that holds people together, has resulted in the atomization of society, in the isolation of people who have been demoted to being not members of humanity but to being part of a “herd”, of the “masses”, estranged from one another and also from themselves.

This alienation makes people miserable and results in a feeling of powerlessness.

A really new beginning requires establishing a framework for government that allows people to feel safe and secure and also gives them the space to live the lives they wish to, as long as they do not harm their fellow human beings.

Today, by contrast, the state has become an apparatus for the constant and minute surveillance and control of people. Violence and the fear of violence has become pervasive. Current laws criminalize just about everyone under the pretext of fighting terrorism – and now the swine flu pandemic.

The Constitution introduces a minimum of rules to ensure that citizens are safe and secure in their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. There is not a word extra.

A new beginning means also establishing an economic system based on sound money and where people are allowed to build their own homes, put up their own energy systems, like solar panels and grow their own food with their own hands if necessary.

Today, people are stripped of the capacity to provide for themselves and also deprived of adequate benefits from the government.

In the USA, the bankers have thrown 40 million Americans out of their homes; men, women and children have been left to starve and freeze to death while 18 million houses stand empty.

We need to establish an education system where people are actively encouraged to think for themselves, to use their reason and not to submit in blind obedience to authority as people are trained to do today.

It is time to give people a solid education, accurate information and not a stream of half truths, lies and shallow opinions as is currently the case.

The hidden networks like freemasons and secret services that control the media and governments have to be dismantled.

There must be transparency, accountability, a genuine separation of powers among the branches of government, checks and balances that work and a media that is critical and independent – and not just an instrument of propaganda and deception.

A new beginning means putting in place a culture that helps people to develop their higher selves, their creative, productive, happy, virtuous side.

This new beginning is within our reach. We are at a turning point.

Millions of people are waking up around the world to how their political and economic systems are being manipulated by the international corporate crime syndicate. Many people want to take action – and they must do so if they want to live in freedom and dignity.

Our churches have not taken action. Our police have not taken action. These institutions have sanctioned this slide into a new era of darkness and barbarity.

We, the people, must take action whether we live in Europe or in the USA to stop the establishment of this monstrous, global totalitarian system under WHO, the UN and IMF.

Even if the US or other country’s military were to carry out a coup, as some have suggested, and remove the top level of the network of operatives working for the corporate bankers, which has become embedded in its own organization, in governments, in labs and corporations, the military alone cannot restore the Republic.

Any military will need the help of millions of brave, informed, intelligent and disciplined citizens.

Before we can enjoy a new era of freedom and prosperity, security and happiness, in a political and legal framework based on a return to the Constitution and the rule of law, we have to clearly demonstrate by our actions that we really deserve that freedom, that we are willing to endure risks and hardships for that freedom and that we have thought deeply about what we will do with that freedom.

If history is anything to go by, just three per cent of us taking decisive action will be enough to stop dictatorship being established in Europe and the USA and resurrect the real democracy.

Jane Burgermeister, October 10, 2009