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Did you EU Laws secretly approved behind closed doors, threatens to destroy your health, rights & freedom of choice?

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

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SIGN THE PETITION NOW –    If you are in the media please visit the website and get in touch with joininghandsin health. For more info and a video explaining what is going on please visit


Did you know…  new EU Laws secretly approved behind closed doors, threatens to destroy your health, rights & freedom of choice?  Therefore, you will no longer have access to thousands of  ‘safe’ natural products & foods used successfully for centuries to heal illnesses such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease or to  maintain overall health.

SIGNING OUR PETITION TODAY can stop this tragedy and help ‘safeguard’ yourself, loved-ones and future generations.

This groundbreaking PETITION is uniting UK VOICES to prevent thousands of ‘safe’ natural products (i.e. foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals, supplements & indigenous remedies) from being banned by 2011.  Founder Dounne Alexander MBE.FRSA believes, if this is left unchallenged, it not only poses the greatest threat imaginable to our health, (including our children & future generations), animal welfare and the environment – but also the survival of many cultural foods, holistic practices, therapists and ‘small’ health businesses.  In addition, centuries of ancient wisdom and spiritual beliefs will be written out of the history books and lost forever.  With the European Union and UK Government claiming that these Legislations were created to provide greater consumer protection, however, overwhelming evidence shows their true purpose is to assist global population control, power & wealth.

As the 2011 deadline fast approaches, it is vital that we all JOIN HANDS to protect the future… before it’s too late.


Over 300 EU Legislations, secretly approved behind closed doors (since 2002), started coming into forced from 2010.  To avoid opposition, the European Union (EU), UK Government, Medical Establishment & National  Media have worked together to deliberately  keep the entire UK population (over 60 million people) in the dark.  For this reason, the majority of UK citizens have no idea that as from this year (2010), we no longer have the freedom-to-choose ‘natural health products’ or the right-to-decide what we wish to eat, drink or medicate – in order to manage our health.  Therefore, thousands of beneficial natural foods, proven ‘safe & effective’ for centuries and still commonly used today (to combat serious illness or to maintain overall health).. are being banned or their potency drastically reduced, making them virtually ineffective.  Whilst ancient cultural traditions (such as African, Chinese, Indian, ‘Ayurvedic’ and other indigenous practices), also developed and used successfully for centuries will be lost forever.

Many in the health industry are alarmed at the sheer disregard the legislations have for the ancient principle that Natural Foods are meant to Feed & Heal.  As confirmed by Hippocrates, (the ancient father of medicine), who famously quoted; “Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food”, and Paracelsus (father of Pharmacology) who stated, “All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature… the challenge of science is to find it.”  Also conflicting with the spiritual beliefs recognized & respected worldwide, these legislations will replace ‘natural foods’ (God-made) with ‘all things artificial’ (i.e. man-made).  In so doing, Religious /  Spiritual rights are being dishonoured, disrespected and denied.


However, this is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’, as strict censorship also means we can no longer speak or teach each other about the merits and health enhancing benefits of natural foods, as handed down from generation to generation.  Therefore, centuries of ancient wisdom will be written out of the history books and lost to future generations.

Meanwhile, UK Regulators (funded by vested interests of the Pharmaceutical Industry and employed as EU Law Enforcers & Watchdogs), are currently criminalizing’ legitimate manufacturers & practitioners with heavy fines imprisonment, product confiscation, removal of ingredients (they classify as ‘medicinal’), or forced business closure… for “the crime” of restoring health naturally.  These Regulators have been given more powers than the police and includes the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Trading Standards, Environmental Health, plus others. Their actions are effectively driving the natural health industry underground; threatening the survival of thousands of small (established) health manufacturers, suppliers, practitioners, therapists and consumer health-choice.


If left un-challenged, the impact on ALL OF US; (including YOUR HEALTH) & THE ENVIRONMENT will be catastrophic and irreversible.

The fear is that organic / natural foods & health products will gradually be eradicated and in its place, Genetically Modified (GM), Irradiated, Cloned and other Artificial Foods will be promoted as the cheaper, healthier option, to prevent global starvation.  This clever ‘spin’ was deliberately created to instil fear, so the public would not object to these plans.  It is well known in the health arena that GM, Irradiated & Artificial Foods are DEAD FOODS and a major cause of chronic poor health, malnutrition, mental illness and infertility.  However, we have been unknowingly consuming GM & Irradiated Foods for over two decades, to the detriment of our health and an already overstretched National Health Service.  Armed with this knowledge, would you still encourage more of the same into the food chain?

It is also well known that prescription medication & legalized drugs destroys immunity, are extremely addictive, toxic and hazardous to both health and the environment.  Plus, rated the third biggest killers in the world (after heart disease and cancer); with side effects that often leave many permanently damaged.  Whereas, natural foods, herbal remedies & holistic treatments (used since creation), has an exceptionally high record for safety, effectiveness and sustainability… yet these legislations actively seek to remove them.

Sadly, when you follow the dotted line, you will uncover a disturbing plan to create an increasingly ‘SICK’ society, solely dependent on artificial foods, prescription medication & legalized drugs, whilst vigorously destroying the environment.  In other words, the creation of wealth through deception, fear and suffering.

THE TRUTH is incredibly disturbing.

What appears on the surface to be consumer health protection,

behind the scenes is actually legalized health suicide.


ONLY A NATIONAL PETITION CAN ‘STOP’ THESE LEGISLATIONS FROM BECOMING LAW.  Therefore, we need 35 million people (half the UK population) to sign ‘THE NATION SPEAKS petition today.


From 2011, we will witness the greatest infringement and most restrictive regulatory system ever experienced on our democratic freedoms, personal choice, human rights & natural healthcare… resulting in an unprecedented threat to our lives, livelihood & health as we know it today.  Instead, we will be left with a system that will replace ‘natural health’ and enforce a ‘pharmaceutical drug’ dependent culture.


The Powers That Be include the European Union (EU), UK Government, other powerful world Governments, the World Health Organisations, the United Nations, the World Trade Organisation; vested interest from the Pharmaceutical industry, other large Corporations and Media networks.  Working together, their goal is to eventually extend the legislations worldwide to create ‘what they have called’ The New World Order… whose hidden agenda is global population control, power & wealth.


We elect the Government to serve us, but as they have refused to consult, inform or call a Referendum – we need to take back control.  This will effectively remind them to listen to our voice, not only during election – BUT AT ALL TIMES.  This way the Queen, Government and the European Union will be forced to obey the voice of the nation.

The Nation’s Mandate :

In March 2011, JOINING HANDS IN HEALTH will submit this petition to the Government as the Nation’s Mandate to OPT OUT of the EU Directives, Regulations & Codex Alimentarius.  In its place, to establish an independent legal framework based on NATURAL LAW & COMMON LAW that will…

1. SAFEGUARD – Natural foods, vitamins, herbs, supplements & traditional medicines / indigenous remedies; and the natural health industry.

2. SECURE – The democratic freedom, health choice, human / religious & consumer rights of UK citizens and future generations.

3. PROTECT – Animal health & welfare.

4. PRESERVE – Our natural environment.

IT’S TIME TO GET ACTIVE! “Do not wait for Leaders.  Do it alone… Person to Person”…   Mother Teresa.

35 million signatures may seem a mammoth task, however if overnight success Susan Boyle’s audition on Britain’s Got Talent, amassed almost 100 million views (on You Tube) in 9 days, then 35 million signatures in 7 months is definitely achievable.  President Obama’s election victory is another perfect example of PEOPLE POWER through the internet and social networking.  Therefore, we can quickly reach this goal, if each person who signs the petition, forwards the link [ ] to at least 7 people; OR sends via mobile phone, email or social-networking groups (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, You Tube, Bebo etc).

Please remember to encourage family and friends to do the same.  FREE leaflets are also available by emailing (please type <LEAFLET REQUEST> in the subject bar).  Kindly pass on to neighbours, local newsagents, local & high street stores, petrol stations, supermarkets, local & national media, businesses, various groups (i.e. campaigns, charities, faith, parent), personal networks, pubs, clubs, colleges & universities, theatres, libraries, internet cafes,  tea/coffee etc).


“This campaign is about loving, respecting & valuing ‘LIFE’ and therefore, transcends politics, religion, culture, gender, class and race.  It is not against conventional medication or treatments but aims to preserve nature; secure consumer rights & protect freedom of choice.   However we strongly believe that what is taking place is a violent act against humanity, animals and the environment.

As Mahatma Ghandi once quoted –

The Roots of Violence is:

Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics  without principles.”

So… the Future is now in ‘YOUR’ Hands  to secure a safer, healthier life for yourself and your loved ones.  Please sign TODAY and spread the word. You must be a UK citizen or an ex-pat and over 18 to sign.


♥ The inspiration behind the petition is founder – Dounne Alexander (61) MBE, FRSA whose business (GRAMMA’S) and extraordinary herbal products have been effected by these draconian legislations.  She decided to use her experiences to awaken everyone to the serious dangers we will ‘ALL’ face, if they are not stopped before 2011.  The legislations we oppose to are ‘The European Food Supplements Directives’, ‘Nutrition & Health Claims Regulations’, ‘Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive’ and the Codex Alimentarius guidelines.  Please visit to find out more.


Is the Red Cross water in Haiti contaminated? – Cause of Cholera Outbreak

Monday, November 29th, 2010

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Haiti’s case against the UN for
possibly importing the cholera virus
by Ezili Danto
Haitians have been bathing and drinking from the Artibonite river water for two centuries and have never before, in remembered history, gotten cholera. Suddenly they are getting sick from, according to the UN and WHO, drinking or eating food soaked or cooked from contaminated Artibonite river water. What ‘s new to Haiti that’s caused this?
The natural assumption would be the unprecedented earthquake devastation. But the cholera outbreak is not coming from the Southern earthquake areas where sanitary conditions are compellingly worse than ever before in Haiti.
So, what’s that new element, additional toxin and where did it come from?
[For complete article features, please see original at Ezili Danto’s Notes here.]
UN’s leaking, foul waste and unsecure septic tanks in Mirebalais is said by Haiti mayor to be the possible source of the Haiti cholera outbreak. Haiti residents in the Mirebalais, Artibonite and Central Plateau regions of the cholera outbreak are demanding an independent non-UN investigation of the case.*

According to the people in the rural regions where the outbreak started its the oozing foul feces waste from the Nepalese UN base in Mirebalais that’s on the ground flowing across a path and into the Meile river that feeds the Artibonite river.

But, yesterday, October 26, 2010, without providing any scientific proof, pathology tests or details showing there’s no cholera infection amongst their UN soldiers coming from cholera-vulnerable countries, the UN Mission for the Stabilization of Haiti (MINUSTAH) denied that its Nepalese soldiers are the source of the ongoing outbreak of cholera in rural Haiti.

MINUSTAH has a Nepalese contingent in Mirebalais. Nepal regularly has cholera outbreaks, one of the last ones occurring in September 23 at Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital and at Nepalgunj, Nepal in August of 2010 infecting 1400 and leaving 8 dead. (Nepal: Cholera outbreak in Kathmandu, September 23, 2010; Cholera outbreak in Nepal under control, says WHO.)

According to Haiti’s president and health minister, Haiti has never before found cholera in the country. (Haitian cholera epidemic preventable, by Ezili Dantò, October 27, 2010.)

But many of the UN soldiers including soldiers from India, Nepal, Nigeria, Chad, Niger, et al… come from countries where cholera regularly rears its head. Haiti officials believe the cholera virus was imported into Haiti. One of the most persistent suspects of such an import is the Mirebalais base near the bank of the Meille River that feeds into the Artibonite River and rural region where the Haiti cholera outbreak began in Haiti on October 19, 2010.

Laguerre Lochard, the mayor of Mirebalais, along with many of the citizens of Mirebalais accuse this UN base to be the source of the cholera outbreak that infected more than 4,000 Haitians as of this writing and killed upwards to 300. Mayor Lochard and Mirebalais residents say they’ve seen, with their own eyes, waste from this UN base spilling out, leaking and also some area residents say they have seen the soldiers relieving themselves at the Meille river, which feeds into the Artibonite River and is at the exact location where the outbreak started. They worry because these Nepalese soldiers may be infected without showing symptoms. The rains, storms and downpours, they say, perhaps carried their infections South where the people of Haiti are now dying in droves. (For additional info on other possible foreign toxins that could have caused the first ever cholera outbreak in Haiti and to read more on Red Cross handing out dirty water to earthquake victims, go to Is Haiti’s deadly cholera outbreak an imported disease? by Ezili Dantò.)

Also, “just this week ninety-nine cholera cases were confirmed in Pakistan. There are Pakistan UN MINUSTAH soldiers, as well as soldiers from other known cholera regions, stationed in Haiti who also could have come into Haiti with the infection.” (Is Haiti’s deadly cholera outbreak an imported disease?)

For instance, an October 26, 2010 ( news report states that cholera killed more than 1,500 people in Nigeria and infected nearly 40,000 in the worst outbreak in 20 years.

There are Nigerian UN soldiers also in Haiti. The Nigerian outbreak has affected Niger and Chad, which are also countries having UN MINUSTAH soldiers in Haiti. Haitians are as worried about these disease importations as they are about their earthquake sufferings being used to increase the wealth of the 14,000 NGOS living off their pains and making a business out of poverty in Haiti.

The UN mission to Haiti makes approximately $760million per year in Haiti and provides 14,000 jobs to US and US friendly-countries off Haiti’s back.

It’s no news to Haitians that there is more violence in most of the countries in the UN MINUSTAH mission than in Haiti. Brazil, for instance, heads the UN MINUSTHA mission and make 20% of the $760million per year as an administration fee. Its violence rate is 52.2 per 100,000 people, whereas Haiti’s violence rate is a mere 5.6 per 100,000 according to UN figures. Even the US has a higher violence rate (5.7) and , in some place, a higher HIV rate (Washington DC – HIV rate 3.0) than Haiti (HIV rate 2.2). The HIV rate in the Bahamas is also higher at 3.0 percent as it is in Washington , D.C. where Congress seats.

But Haiti constantly gets picked on so these folks may go to Congress or the unsuspecting but compassionate US public and lift up monies to pay their salaries, living expenses, carry on with disaster capitalism, profit-over-people ways and live the good Island life behind the do-gooder mask while Haitians die, get further indebted to the likes of Monsanto or chained to Bill Clinton’s assembly-plant wage “development” visions, lose their lands and Haiti’s mineral/gold/copper/ coal/oil/gas reserves and other riches. ( See, The Plantation called Haiti: Feudal Pillage Masking as Humanitarian Aid ; Poverty Pimps Masturbating on Black Pain: Monsanto Joins pack ; and Colonization of Haiti’s food and seeds not earthquake relief ; and Haiti: I Can’t Stand the Rain ; and Haiti Oligarchy & the World Profit-Over-People System, Prt 1; and Haiti: Even on these ashes we continue to fight for freedom.; and Who is Rajiv Shah, What are Haiti concerns about Shah/USAID.)

“Responding to the charge, made by Mirebalais Mayor Laguerre Lochard that there are no Haiti cholera cases up-river from the Nepalese soldiers’ UN base, who he says contaminated the Meile river that, in turn, probably contaminated the Artibonite river, the UN denied it spread the cholera that infected Haitians.

The UN mission asserted that it used proper procedures to dispose of its soldiers’ feces. But, Haitian observers ask what if the septic tanks leaked or were not properly disposed by the hired UN subcontractor or the otherwise properly buried contaminated feces somehow seeped into Haiti’s ground water with the recent downpours, storms and floodings?(See, Is Haiti’s deadly cholera outbreak an imported disease? by Ezili Dantò ; and, Une maladie importée, la MINUSTAH clame son innocence .)”
According to the Earthtime report, the UN stated its Nepalese contingent and base in Mirebalais “uses seven septic tanks. These tanks have, however, been built in accordance with the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the mission said. The septic tanks in question are emptied every week by a subcontractor’s trucks, which then take their load to a site, which has “the authorization of the municipality of Mirebalais,” the statement stressed. “It is 250 metres off the Meille River, which is more than 20 times the internationally required distance,” MINUSTAH said.”

But, in an October 27, 2010 article entitled, UN probes base as source of Haiti cholera outbreak, AP reported:
“The U.N. issued a statement on Tuesday defending the base. It said the Nepalese unit there uses seven sealed septic tanks built to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards, emptied every week by a private company to a landfill site a safe 820 feet (250 meters) from the river.

But those are not the conditions AP found on Wednesday.

A buried septic tank inside the fence was overflowing and the stench of excrement wafted in the air. Broken pipes jutting out from the back spewed liquid. One, positioned directly behind latrines, poured out a reeking black flow from frayed plastic pipe which dribbled down to the river where people were bathing.

The landfill sites, across the street, are a series of open pits uphill from family homes. Ducks swim and pigs wallow in pools of runoff. The pits abut a steep slope which heads straight down to the river, with visible signs where water has flowed during recent heavy rains.

The people who live nearby said both the on-base septic tank and the pits constantly overflow into the babbling stream where they bathe, drink and wash clothes.

“The water is no good at all. You shouldn’t wash in it,” said Jean-Paul Chery, a sand miner who lives near the human-waste pits with his wife and five children.

Lochard, the mayor, said he had told Nepalese officers not to place the landfill sites in that location but never received feedback from peacekeeping headquarters in Port-au-Prince.

Pugliese (the UN Mission spokesman ) denied that the reeking black flows from the base were human waste, saying that the only liquid investigators was testing came from kitchens and showers. He said the pipes had only been exposed for the tests, though he could not explain why the liquid inside them was allowed to flow toward the river.

The samples were collected in mid-morning by uniformed military personnel, who scooped black liquid into clear jars with U.N. sky-blue lids. About a half hour later, as AP and Al Jazeera journalists stood by, the Nepalese troops began hacking around the septic tank with pickaxes and covered the exposed pipe jutting from behind the fence, but did not plug it.

Then tanker trucks from the contractor, Sanco Enterprises S.A., arrived to drain the septic tank and dump their contents across the street in the waste pits. As the septic tain drained, the flows behind the base stopped.

The waste company’s CEO, Marguerite Jean-Louis, accompanied the trucks in an air-conditioned white pickup truck. She declined to comment, citing her contract with the U.N.”

Sewage trucks from the Nepalese base of the MINUSTAH mission is dumping sewage directly into the river that’s the source of water to the Central Plateau and the Artibonite areas where the water-borne cholera disease outbreak started in Haiti. AP has also shown that the residents of Mirebalais are not paranoid and crazy. They said they saw feces directly from the toilets in the Nepalese base oozing into the river. The Al Jazeera video proves it. Yet, the UN is sticking to their story that they’ve used all precautions and met EPA standards in disposing of their waste in Haiti. How many such UN bases are similarly affecting Haiti’s water supplies? Who will investigate the investigators , the reputed humanitarians, aid workers and their test results for and on behalf of the disenfranchised in Haiti?

The UN investigating the UN to see if the UN brought cholera to Haiti is not very assuring to Haitians being helped to death by the various “humanitarian aid” units in Haiti since the democratically elected president was deported back to Africa by Bush the son.

Unlike the United States, Haiti directly votes for its president. No electoral college intermediaries bolstering up the traditional oligarchy. So Haiti’s oligarchy depends on US might, unfair trade monopolies and USAID and their NGO’s financial support to keep the masses voiceless, disenfranchise and contained in poverty. There are 192 member nations in the UN. Five have veto power. But the UN and US want to bring “democracy” to Haiti and others! Fact is, the UN has been a tool of injustice, empire’s incessant resource wars and of colonialism to maintain the balance of power of the post WWI allies/Security Council veto power anti-democrats against the other 187 member nations ever since they were implicated in the death of Patrice Lumumba of the Congo. (See UN Is Not For Africans by Magalie X Djehouty-Thot, Haitian Perspectives, May 2006 and The Ezulwini Consensus – The Common African Position on Proposed Reform of the United Nations.)

More than 300 Haitians have died of cholera and over 4,700 are now infected, hospitalized. The UN is announcing that cholera will remain in Haiti for “years to come” and the epidemic may kill “tens of thousands” of Haitians.

Given the grave nature of these charges and the UN’s obvious interest in making self-serving declarations of innocence, the Haitian government ought to step up and investigate. But, as we know, these are puppets ruling under UN/US occupation riveted to the short term economic thinking of the global corporatocracy. Haitians have every reason to be terrified of the aid organizations that replaced their democratically elected government with the UN occupation and un-elected NGO invaders. Life has been a million times worst for Haiti since then. There’s so much cruelty raining on their heads behind the mask of humanitarian aid. It goes from 300,000 dead in 33 seconds, to Obama’s silent continuation of the previous Bush policies in Haiti, to the militarization of aid and no rubble removal, to Hillary Clinton bringing in Monsanto, Bill Clinton using his UN position and directing donor energies to bring in more assembly plants in the last 10 months than clean drinking water, health care or housing for the two million homeless to more misery to agony, to the private charities raking in the donation dollars for themselves to no school, no jobs, no recovery, no relief and now, to cholera. ( I Can’t Stand the Rain .)

So, at minimum, there ought to be an independent investigation or an international tribunal inquiry into this possible importation of the cholera virus on behalf of the people of Haiti by nations or epidemiologist entities who have no vested interests in the current international crimes, fraud and poverty business being so meticulously carried out against defenseless Haiti.

Ezili Dantò of HLLN

Recommended HLLN Links:

A chilling video testimony of brackish Red Cross water in Haiti- How the Red Cross ill-used your donations. For another compelling testimony on Red Cross delivering filthy water to Haiti victims ever since the earthquake, view also: How did the Red Cross spend $106 Million Dollars in Haiti: (Ezili Dantò’s note: Amongst some of the testimonies that’s not clearly translated in this most valuable video: a woman standing next to a small child repeating “no, no, no,” points to a water drum with a “Red Cross” sign on it and says that even the water they give is not treated. She explains that she drinks it because she has no money to buy good drinkable water but suffers right now from a stomach ache from drinking the Red Cross’ polluted water.)
The cholera outbreak need not have happened. Shows the failure of the international relief effort.” —Ezili Dantò – Haitian cholera epidemic preventable, October 27, 2010

Aljazeera Video, October 27, 2010 — Haiti cholera outbreak water contamination UN soldiers Nepal batallion base Mirebalais sewage. (Watch it below.)

Is Haiti’s deadly cholera outbreak an imported disease? by Ezili Dantò

Please act now to Save Our British Forests ( Now Closed. Well done to all the people Common Sense Prevailed)

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

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Campaign Action: Save Our British Forests

The British Government has signaled their intent to sell 150,000 hectares of woodland looked after by the Forestry Commission in order to reduce the economic deficit. They are perpetrating an environmental crime by selling natural resources while lecturing other countries.

The Forestry Commission manage 1.85 million acres of woodland and around a third would be sold to be potentially turned into amusement parks, sold off to developers for ‘affordable’ housing, sold to large landowners or large corporations. If the land was sold at present market price, it would raise £250m (despite the UK Government wanting to raise £5bn) which is nothing compared to how important these forests are to the environment and the country. It would set back countryside protection and the restoration of ancient woodlands by years if corporations were allowed to pick the most profitable land which would cut off funds now used for conservation and afforestation.

The average forest cover in the UK is 12% where as in Europe its nearer 30% – how can the UK Government justify selling off when their election pledges promised to plant one million trees within the next Parliament term. The Read Report concluded that if an extra 4% of the UK’s land was planted with new woodland over the next 40 years, it could lock up 10% of the nation’s predicted carbon emissions by 2050.

Yet all this doesn’t seem to matter to the UK Government who are willing to change laws dating back to the Magna Carta in 1215 to allow the sale of the forests. Even the Conservative Party who were in Oppostion at the time, published a report named Forests for Life which put forward proposals to save the rainforests by including financial mechanisms to protect them, yet they are now willing to sell their own forests for financial gain – something which they have criticised other countries for doing !

It is time to act to save our forests from being used to reduce the economic deficit and as the Conservative Party quoted in their Forests For Life report from Theodore Roosevelt, “A people without children would face a hopeless future; a country without trees is almost as hopeless”.

It takes a minute to copy and paste the link  and send a loud and clear message to DEFRA and the government telling them you will not back the destruction of the lungs of Britain

please help PETA stop cruel animal testing and murder at University of Texas.

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

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Just a quick update on this campaign, as soon as the details of this campaign was announced thousands of caring individuals inundated the Facebook page of the  University of Texas and commented on this cruelty only to find all our comments deleted and we were then subsequently banned from adding anything else to the page, we informed PETA of this and now they have set up an email so you can send the University a message this way. The link is below, we are still urging people to post a msg  on their Facebook page as well as the email, maybe we can inundate them and jam their server. Thank you.

A University of Texas at Dallas lab workbook uses this photo to show how to restrain rats in order to drill holes into their skulls. Did you know your Facebook account could help prevent rats from having holes drilled into their skulls? In a course at the University of Texas at Dallas, undergraduate students drill holes into healthy rats’ skulls, destroy parts of the animals’ brains with toxic chemicals, and then inject them with drugs and force them to perform in behavioral experiments to assess the brain damage that results. The rats are then killed and their brains are dissected. This deadly exercise continues at the school even though an interactive computer simulation is available. This cruel experiment is beginning again this week, and we need your help to let the university know that these deadly experiments on rats are unacceptable! Please take time now to log in to your Facebook account and post a message on the university’s wall to politely urge it to replace the use of rats with the humane, non-animal teaching methods that are available. To post on its wall you need to “Like” the University of Texas at Dallas’ Facebook page first. Once you are done posting your message, remember to “Unlike” the page. Also, get your friends involved in this effort by sharing the university’s page and encouraging your friends to post messages too. Thank you for standing up for the rats that are suffering at the University of Texas at Dallas! Sincerely, Justin Goodman Associate Director Laboratory Investigations Department People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

I have just learnt that they are deleting all our messages and blocking us but we must all try and send our disgust at this outdated barbaric cruelty…What if this was one of your pets!!! Please do what you can to get your message to them.

Thank you
Denise and Mark

PETA's Action Team Alert

We must not allow another invasion because America wants one and a touching speech by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejed

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

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Addressing the UN General Assembly, we heard that the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejed accused the US of carrying out the attacks on 9/11, this view is shared by many across the world as more information and evidence comes to light, why did the American delegates walk out during the speech?  If it were I or my fellow men being accused and I was innocent  I would have stayed, if I had nothing to do with carrying out those missile attacks, I would have stayed. .We are being led to believe once again that there is a terrorist threat to us all , what are these shadow people that control the governments trying to acheive, the more they push as all apart the more we have to stand together with love and compassion because I for one do not think the world is a terrible place. The controllers want you to believe that this is the case, divide and conquer is the name of the game but we as the masses have to start understanding the game and stop playing theirs.

Below is the transcript of a speech made by the Iranian President in 2006, no wonder the Zionists have their tentacles in him. (Interestingly the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales has also had his fair share of bullying from the USA, what does he have that they could possibly want, only mines full of Lithium which is used in car batteries – a very lucrative business if you are creating electric cars and you want all the profit, and who wants all the profit – The Rockefellers, the Morgans and of course the Rothschilds is there no pocket these guys have their grubby little hands in?!!! !)

At last the time is here, now when we are seeing the truth that the same people that have created and maintained  ‘A SOCIETY’ whom millions have entrusted their lives to are the very same people creating a world of misery and deception. It is only the everyday people who change the world and we must remember that…do we keep turning away from all the deaths being carried out in the name of religion, greed, politics, not to mention the damage being caused to this beautiful planet, we are waking up from a deep sleep and are now seeing that all is not what it seems and the calling to act is becoming unbearable that we can no longer look away at the injustices.  I say well done to  people like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who openly speak the truth to the detriment of himself and his country. We cannot stand by and let another war take place because America wants their own way…we have to really ask what is going on around the world and why does the American government feel the need to control the middle east and more importantly how are they getting away with it… We need to ask ourselves why is it that nearly all presidents and prime ministers in the UK have been  involved in a war in their time in power…what can that tell us, wars generate money and depopulate.. in the end it all comes down to control but so much is lost, soldiers are maimed and mentally affected many neglected after serving and millions of civilians die, animals and plants annihilated and for what to control a piece of land and humans yet the politicians are the ones still in tact and can go home to a nice large house…I am not saying there is no evil in the world but we cannot go on believing what information is being fed to us, we are pawns, the lie is fed to us, then we do the job for the governments and the media as we become repeaters for the lies until we all believe the lie, job done.

What are we becoming to continually allow this, if we want peace we have to fight for it and come together as ONE for the sake of this Planet and each other. There is no longer a reason to make excuses for what is happening. The truth is shinning its light on every inch of this world for us all to see, whether you want to is another matter.

Here is the full transcript of the speech made by President Ahmadinejed to the UN Assembly. Personally I think USA should be very careful they seem to want to annihilate any country that gets in its way.

Transcript of President Ahmadinejad’s U.N. Speech

The following is a transcript of remarks by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the United Nations General Assembly in New York. September 19, 2006

Madam President, Distinguished Heads of State and Government, Distinguished Heads of Delegation, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I praise the Merciful, All-Knowing and Almighty God for blessing me with another opportunity to address this Assembly on behalf of the great nation of Iran and to bring a number of issues to the attention of the international community.

I also praise the Almighty for the increasing vigilance of peoples across the globe, their courageous presence in different international settings, and the brave expression of their views and aspirations regarding global issues.

Today, humanity passionately craves commitment to the Truth, devotion to God, quest for Justice and respect for the dignity of human beings. Rejection of domination and aggression, defense of the oppressed, and longing for peace constitute the legitimate demand of the peoples of the world, particularly the new generations and the spirited youth, who aspire a world free from decadence, aggression and injustice, and replete with love and compassion. The youth have a right to seek justice and the Truth; and they have a right to build their own future on the foundations of love, compassion and tranquility. And, I praise the Almighty for this immense blessing.

Madame President, Excellencies,

What afflicts humanity today is certainly not compatible with human dignity; the Almighty has not created human beings so that they could transgress against others and oppress them.

By causing war and conflict, some are fast expanding their domination, accumulating greater wealth and usurping all the resources, while others endure the resulting poverty, suffering and misery.

Some seek to rule the world relying on weapons and threats, while others live in perpetual insecurity and danger.

Some occupy the homeland of others, thousands of kilometers away from their borders, interfere in their affairs and control their oil and other resources and strategic routes, while others are bombarded daily in their own homes; their children murdered in the streets and alleys of their own country and their homes reduced to rubble.

Such behavior is not worthy of human beings and runs counter to the Truth, to justice and to human dignity. The fundamental question is that under such conditions, where should the oppressed seek justice? Who, or what organization defends the rights of the oppressed, and suppresses acts of aggression and oppression? Where is the seat of global justice?

A brief glance at a few examples of the most pressing global issues can further illustrate the problem.

A. The unbridled expansion of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons

Some powers proudly announce their production of second and third generations of nuclear weapons. What do they need these weapons for? Is the development and stockpiling of these deadly weapons designed to promote peace and democracy? Or, are these weapons, in fact, instruments of coercion and threat against other peoples and governments? How long should the people of the world live with the nightmare of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons? What bounds the powers producing and possessing these weapons? How can they be held accountable before the international community? And, are the inhabitants of these countries content with the waste of their wealth and resources for the production of such destructive arsenals? Is it not possible to rely on justice, ethics and wisdom instead of these instruments of death? Aren’t wisdom and justice more compatible with peace and tranquility than nuclear, chemical and biological weapons? If wisdom, ethics and justice prevail, then oppression and aggression will be uprooted, threats will wither away and no reason will remain for conflict. This is a solid proposition because most global conflicts emanate from injustice, and from the powerful, not being contented with their own rights, striving to devour the rights of others.

People across the globe embrace justice and are willing to sacrifice for its sake.

Would it not be easier for global powers to ensure their longevity and win hearts and minds through the championing of real promotion of justice, compassion and peace, than through continuing the proliferation of nuclear and chemical weapons and the threat of their use?

The experience of the threat and the use of nuclear weapons is before us. Has it achieved anything for the perpetrators other than exacerbation of tension, hatred and animosity among nations?

B. Occupation of countries and exacerbation of hostilities

Occupation of countries, including Iraq, has continued for the last three years. Not a day goes by without hundreds of people getting killed in cold blood. The occupiers are incapable of establishing security in Iraq. Despite the establishment of the lawful Government and National Assembly of Iraq, there are covert and overt efforts to heighten insecurity, magnify and aggravate differences within Iraqi society, and instigate civil strife.

There is no indication that the occupiers have the necessary political will to eliminate the sources of instability. Numerous terrorists were apprehended by the Government of Iraq, only to be let loose under various pretexts by the occupiers.

It seems that intensification of hostilities and terrorism serves as a pretext for the continued presence of foreign forces in Iraq.

Where can the people of Iraq seek refuge, and from whom should the Government of Iraq seek justice?

Who can ensure Iraq’s security? Insecurity in Iraq affects the entire region. Can the Security Council play a role in restoring peace and security in Iraq, while the occupiers are themselves permanent members of the Council? Can the Security Council adopt a fair decision in this regard?

Consider the situation in Palestine:

The roots of the Palestinian problem go back to the Second World War. Under the pretext of protecting some of the survivors of that War, the land of Palestine was occupied through war, aggression and the displacement of millions of its inhabitants; it was placed under the control of some of the War survivors, bringing even larger population groups from elsewhere in the world, who had not been even affected by the Second World War; and a government was established in the territory of others with a population collected from across the world at the expense of driving millions of the rightful inhabitants of the land into a diaspora and homelessness. This is a great tragedy with hardly a precedent in history. Refugees continue to live in temporary refugee camps, and many have died still hoping to one day return to their land. Can any logic, law or legal reasoning justify this tragedy? Can any member of the United Nations accept such a tragedy occurring in their own homeland?

The pretexts for the creation of the regime occupying Al-Qods Al-Sharif are so weak that its proponents want to silence any voice trying to merely speak about them, as they are concerned that shedding light on the facts would undermine the raison d’être of this regime, as it has. The tragedy does not end with the establishment of a regime in the territory of others. Regrettably, from its inception, that regime has been a constant source of threat and insecurity in the Middle East region, waging war and spilling blood and impeding the progress of regional countries, and has also been used by some powers as an instrument of division, coercion, and pressure on the people of the region. Reference to these historical realities may cause some disquiet among supporters of this regime. But these are sheer facts and not myth. History has unfolded before our eyes.

Worst yet, is the blanket and unwarranted support provided to this regime.

Just watch what is happening in the Palestinian land. People are being bombarded in their own homes and their children murdered in their own streets and alleys. But no authority, not even the Security Council, can afford them any support or protection. Why?

At the same time, a Government is formed democratically and through the free choice of the electorate in a part of the Palestinian territory. But instead of receiving the support of the so-called champions of democracy, its Ministers and Members of Parliament are illegally abducted and incarcerated in full view of the international community.

Which council or international organization stands up to protect this brutally besieged Government? And why can’t the Security Council take any steps?

Let me here address Lebanon:

For thirty-three long days, the Lebanese lived under the barrage of fire and bombs and close to 1.5 million of them were displaced; meanwhile some members of the Security Council practically chose a path that provided ample opportunity for the aggressor to achieve its objectives militarily. We witnessed that the Security Council of the United Nations was practically incapacitated by certain powers to even call for a ceasefire. The Security Council sat idly by for so many days, witnessing the cruel scenes of atrocities against the Lebanese while tragedies such as Qana were persistently repeated. Why?

In all these cases, the answer is self-evident. When the power behind the hostilities is itself a permanent member of the Security Council, how then can this Council fulfill its responsibilities?

C. Lack of respect for the rights of members of the international community


I now wish to refer to some of the grievances of the Iranian people and speak to the injustices against them.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a member of the IAEA and is committed to the NPT. All our nuclear activities are transparent, peaceful and under the watchful eyes of IAEA inspectors. Why then are there objections to our legally recognized rights? Which governments object to these rights? Governments that themselves benefit from nuclear energy and the fuel cycle. Some of them have abused nuclear technology for non-peaceful ends including the production of nuclear bombs, and some even have a bleak record of using them against humanity.

Which organization or Council should address these injustices? Is the Security Council in a position to address them? Can it stop violations of the inalienable rights of countries? Can it prevent certain powers from impeding scientific progress of other countries?

The abuse of the Security Council, as an instrument of threat and coercion, is indeed a source of grave concern.

Some permanent members of the Security Council, even when they are themselves parties to international disputes, conveniently threaten others with the Security Council and declare, even before any decision by the Council, the condemnation of their opponents by the Council. The question is: what can justify such exploitation of the Security Council, and doesn’t it erode the credibility and effectiveness of the Council? Can such behavior contribute to the ability of the Council to maintain security?


A review of the preceding historical realities would lead to the conclusion that regrettably, justice has become a victim of force and aggression. Many global arrangements have become unjust, discriminatory and irresponsible as a result of undue pressure from some of the powerful; Threats with nuclear weapons and other instruments of war by some powers have taken the place of respect for the rights of nations and the maintenance and promotion of peace and tranquility;

For some powers, claims of promotion of human rights and democracy can only last as long as they can be used as instruments of pressure and intimidation against other nations. But when it comes to the interests of the claimants, concepts such as democracy, the right of self-determination of nations, respect for the rights and intelligence of peoples, international law and justice have no place or value. This is blatantly manifested in the way the elected Government of the Palestinian people is treated as well as in the support extended to the Zionist regime. It does not matter if people are murdered in Palestine, turned into refugees, captured, imprisoned or besieged; that must not violate human rights.

– Nations are not equal in exercising their rights recognized by international law. Enjoying these rights is dependent on the whim of certain major powers.

– Apparently the Security Council can only be used to ensure the security and the rights of some big powers. But when the oppressed are decimated under bombardment, the Security Council must remain aloof and not even call for a ceasefire. Is this not a tragedy of historic proportions for the Security Council, which is charged with maintaining the security of countries?

– The prevailing order of contemporary global interactions is such that certain powers equate themselves with the international community, and consider their decisions superseding that of over 180 countries. They consider themselves the masters and rulers of the entire world and other nations as only second class in the world order.


The question needs to be asked: if the Governments of the United States or the United Kingdom who are permanent members of the Security Council, commit aggression, occupation and violation of international law, which of the organs of the UN can take them to account? Can a Council in which they are privileged members address their violations? Has this ever happened? In fact, we have repeatedly seen the reverse. If they have differences with a nation or state, they drag it to the Security Council and as claimants, arrogate to themselves simultaneously the roles of prosecutor, judge and executioner. Is this a just order? Can there be a more vivid case of discrimination and more clear evidence of injustice?

Regrettably, the persistence of some hegemonic powers in imposing their exclusionist policies on international decision making mechanisms, including the Security Council, has resulted in a growing mistrust in global public opinion, undermining the credibility and effectiveness of this most universal system of collective security.


How long can such a situation last in the world? It is evident that the behavior of some powers constitutes the greatest challenge before the Security Council, the entire organization and its affiliated agencies.

The present structure and working methods of the Security Council, which are legacies of the Second World War, are not responsive to the expectations of the current generation and the contemporary needs of humanity.

Today, it is undeniable that the Security Council, most critically and urgently, needs legitimacy and effectiveness. It must be acknowledged that as long as the Council is unable to act on behalf of the entire international community in a transparent, just and democratic manner, it will neither be legitimate nor effective. Furthermore, the direct relation between the abuse of veto and the erosion of the legitimacy and effectiveness of the Council has now been clearly and undeniably established. We cannot, and should not, expect the eradication, or even containment, of injustice, imposition and oppression without reforming the structure and working methods of the Council.

Is it appropriate to expect this generation to submit to the decisions and arrangements established over half a century ago? Doesn’t this generation or future generations have the right to decide themselves about the world in which they want to live?

Today, serious reform in the structure and working methods of the Security Council is, more than ever before, necessary. Justice and democracy dictate that the role of the General Assembly, as the highest organ of the United Nations, must be respected. The General Assembly can then, through appropriate mechanisms, take on the task of reforming the Organization and particularly rescue the Security Council from its current state. In the interim, the Non-Aligned Movement, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the African continent should each have a representative as a permanent member of the Security Council, with veto privilege. The resulting balance would hopefully prevent further trampling of the rights of nations.

Madame President,


It is essential that spirituality and ethics find their rightful place in international relations. Without ethics and spirituality, attained in light of the teachings of Divine prophets, justice, freedom and human rights cannot be guaranteed.

Resolution of contemporary human crises lies in observing ethics and spirituality and the governance of righteous people of high competence and piety.

Should respect for the rights of human beings become the predominant objective, then injustice, ill-temperament, aggression and war will fade away.

Human beings are all God’s creatures and are all endowed with dignity and respect.

No one has superiority over others. No individual or states can arrogate to themselves special privileges, nor can they disregard the rights of others and, through influence and pressure, position themselves as the “international community”.

Citizens of Asia, Africa, Europe and America are all equal. Over 6 billion inhabitants of the earth are all equal and worthy of respect. Justice and protection of human dignity are the two pillars in maintaining sustainable peace, security and tranquility in the world.

It is for this reason that we state:

Sustainable peace and tranquility in the world can only be attained through justice, spirituality, ethics, compassion and respect for human dignity.

All nations and states are entitled to peace, progress and security.

We are all members of the international community and we are all entitled to insist on the creation of a climate of compassion, love and justice.

All members of the United Nations are affected by both the bitter and the sweet events and developments in today’s world.

We can adopt firm and logical decisions, thereby improving the prospects of a better life for current and future generations.

Together, we can eradicate the roots of bitter maladies and afflictions, and instead, through the promotion of universal and lasting values such as ethics, spirituality and justice, allow our nations to taste the sweetness of a better future.

Peoples, driven by their divine nature, intrinsically seek Good, Virtue, Perfection and Beauty. Relying on our peoples, we can take giant steps towards reform and pave the road for human perfection. Whether we like it or not, justice, peace and virtue will sooner or later prevail in the world with the will of Almighty God. It is imperative, and also desirable, that we too contribute to the promotion of justice and virtue.

The Almighty and Merciful God, who is the Creator of the Universe, is also its Lord and Ruler. Justice is His command. He commands His creatures to support one another in Good, virtue and piety, and not in decadence and corruption.

He commands His creatures to enjoin one another to righteousness and virtue and not to sin and transgression. All Divine prophets from the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) to the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him), to the Prophet Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), to the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), have all called humanity to monotheism, justice, brotherhood, love and compassion. Is it not possible to build a better world based on monotheism, justice, love and respect for the rights of human beings, and thereby transform animosities into friendship?

I emphatically declare that today’s world, more than ever before, longs for just and righteous people with love for all humanity; and above all longs for the perfect righteous human being and the real savior who has been promised to all peoples and who will establish justice, peace and brotherhood on the planet.

0, Almighty God, all men and women are Your creatures and You have ordained their guidance and salvation. Bestow upon humanity that thirsts for justice, the perfect human being promised to all by You, and make us among his followers and among those who strive for his return and his cause.

Use Nature to Cool your Home

Monday, July 12th, 2010

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Many years ago, we came up with an idea to keep our house cool in Summer that used Nature instead of expensive, electricity consuming air conditioners.

We have five cats and since several of them are indoor cats, we could not leave our windows or doors open in the searing heat, so we came up with an idea that meant we could leave the windows or doors open while keeping everyone secure – the result was a grate made from inexpensive materials that fit the purpose, and we want to share it to help all of you in flats and houses who want some cool breeze to enter their homes without leaving doors and windows wide open.

This project requires tools that should not be used by young children –  we know you have common sense to only get adults to build it. Talking of common sense, please be careful of small children when the grate is within the window, it may prevent pets from getting out but not small children – if in doubt, don’t put the grate up.

20.5mm x 33mm sustainable wood
Cup Square Bolt (65mm long) with a washer and wingnut
PVC coated wire mesh – around £10-20 from Wilkinsons (UK) – we used this type of mesh as it doesn’t rust in wet weather and has more strength to prevent animals from clawing it and making holes!

Staple Gun with 6mm staples
Wire cutters
A saw
Power drill and 6 or 7mm drill bit


1. Measure the inside of your window.

Save Our Earth Blog - Measure for the grate

Cut the wood to length, if required use a mitre cut at 45 degrees for a snug fit.

Save Our Earth Blog - Cut Wood for the grate

2. Check that the wood fits together inside the window – you may have to trim as required.

3. Drill and screw the wood together

Save Our Earth Blog - The assembled frame for the grate

Then check it fits inside the window again.

Save Our Earth Blog - The assembled frame in the window

4. With the assembled frame inside the window, mark where you want the bolt to go through.

Save Our Earth Blog - Mark where you want the bolt

5. Drill the hole – I used a 6mm or 7mm drill bit.

6. Unravel the wire mesh and stretch over the frame, and using the staple gun, secure the mesh on one side.

Save Our Earth Blog - Now time to staple the mesh to the frame

Then stretch it across to the opposite side and fix again with the staple gun. Repeat for the last remaining sides.

7. Using the wire cutters, trim off the excess.

Save Our Earth Blog - The frame is almost complete

8. Depending on your windows, you have have to cut a small piece of wood (as a spacer) and use the same drill bit to make a hole – we had to do this as there was a lip on the UPVC windows and the lock would not secure properly.

Save Our Earth Blog - The spacer for the lock

9. Now you will need to cut a another piece of wood to use as the lock – see image.

Save Our Earth Blog - The lock for the grate

10.Push the bolt through the hole from the mesh side, through the spacer and the lock and twist on the wingnut.

11. Back to the window, insert the frame gradually and slowly as you do not want to tear the draught excluder around the window frame. Twist the lock up into
the horizontal and tighten the wingnut.

Save Our Earth Blog - The finished grate - let Nature cool you

There you are, simple. You can now enjoy Nature’s cooling breezes during the Summer and allow your pets to enjoy the fresh air.

Help Pets suffering from Obscene Cruelty at Sun Pets – Please Act Now

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

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I did not watch the video, I could not bring myself to do that so if you do not want to watch the video please just send an email to the district attorney of Fulton County GA who will not investigate the cruelty being carried out on these poor animals. We need to shout as loud as we can to ensure this company is closed down, please take a minute to add your own personal comments at the front of the email. Thank You Guys.

As you may recall, video footage obtained in a PETA undercover investigation earlier this year revealed disturbing living and dying conditions for hamsters and other animals at Sun Pet Ltd., a wholesale animal dealer that supplies animals to PETCO and PetSmart stores.

PETA is now able to release to the public more graphic footage and photos from this undercover investigation. View the never-before-seen photos and video footage from the investigation now.

Animals at Sun Pet were confined to dark, extremely crowded containers that were like tombs. They were forced to eat, sleep, urinate, and defecate all in the same cramped space. PETA’s investigator also recorded the violent killing and abusive handling of hundreds of animals. While training PETA’s investigator, Sun Pet’s supervisor said of mice, “You could throw them against the wall and they’ll stand back up again and keep on running.”

Shockingly, Paul L. Howard Jr., the district attorney of Fulton County, Ga., has yet to file cruelty-to-animals charges against anyone in the case, including the worker who put live hamsters in a bag and bashed the bag against a table in an attempt to kill the animals inside—which left at least one animal panting and suffering for several minutes. Despite the disturbing video footage captured at Sun Pet, PETA has received information indicating that Howard has instructed his office to halt its investigation of animal suffering at the facility.

Please view the horrific video footage and just-released photos from the investigation and then tell Howard to investigate and file suitable cruelty-to-animals charges against the worker caught bashing hamsters against a table and all others responsible for the suffering of animals at Sun Pet. Ask Howard what constitutes cruelty to animals if not bagging them up, bashing them against a table, and then leaving them to suffer and die slowly from the trauma and injuries.

Thank you for your compassion and continued action for the pet trade’s animal victims.


Chemtrails and Sylphs

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

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I’ve been meaning to write this for some time but it was only two weeks ago that I downloaded the photos from my phone. Back in March/April 2010, I took some photos at work around 7am as I noticed chemtrails in the sky and they showed something very interesting.

First in March 2010, I noticed the following:

Chemtrails over London Heathrow - March 2010

Nothing unusual as we have all been seeing these over the past few years – parallel chemtrails. Despite a concerted effort by us all, Governments have denied that they exist and that they are in fact contrails. However, lets look at the next photos.

Chemtrails over London Heathrow - April 2010

In April 2010, I noticed another plane leaving a chemtrail at the same location – however, I noticed that despite the chemtrail, it was also leaving a contrail behind. This was taken at 8:04am.

Chemtrails over London Heathrow - April 2010

I took another photo 1 minute later – this was taken at 8:05am, check out the area highlighted by the red arrow – it shows the contrail disappearing, leaving the chemtrail in the sky.  Do not believe our Governments when they tell us that chemtrails are in fact contrails – they are not, they are different as the photos above prove. Whoever it is, they have been spraying chemicals from the back of aircraft for many years and have been lying to us about their existence and why. We watched a documentary recently, cannot remember the name, and they showed how chemtrails have made it into advertising and TV, whether drama programmes or adverts (including animated) – no doubt to get us used to and not question the chemtrail existence.

For more info, check out the other Chemtrails post on our blog and check out our Chembuster build post.

Now there has been much talk about Sylphs and how they clean the air for us being as they are, elementals. Check out the following photo:

Sylph over Farnborough, Hampshire

I took this photo in September 2009 and didn’t look at the photo until recently. I was leaving work and noticed a chemtrail and to my amazement, I noticed a Sylph attacking it ! Now I work some 25 miles away from home and as I travelled home, this was in the sky all the time. Only when I got home did I realise that the Sylph was attacking the chemtrail over our house, no doubt encouraged to do so by our Chembuster.  When I viewed this photo normal size, I could not make out the sylph but when I viewed it as a thumbnail, I could clearly see it – as kids, we saw the wind in this image – two eyes, a nose and his mouth open blowing the wind. Since that image has been around for maybe hundreds of years, our ancestors must have known and tried to share their knowledge about the elementals with us.

Yes I know there will be some of you who say we will see faces in clouds or anything we look at but can you not see the face in this photo?

In our opinion, Sylphs exist and are here to help.

Still spraying chemtrails – thought there was a recession

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

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We posted when a change of government took place in the UK that there were no chemtrails since the conservatives and liberals took over…well it seems that, that was just a settling in period and we were hoping with the so called ‘recession’ that the government would not be able to continue with the spraying on two grounds, one a moral, the other financial …seems that this government along with the last one does not have a moral issue with spraying the people and on a financial level..they seem to have reserved enough coffers to pay for these planes to spray continually throughout the day and night everyday weather permitting!!!…Do you remember a clear sunny day? Please remind me, cos when you look at movies or tv programs or look up the chemtrails  are everywhere…on tv and movies they are subliminally showing us that this is a normal sky when it is clearly not.   We have only recently found out that the sun contributes to wind patterns and as the governments of the world are so not ending the spraying even in a recession you have to ask what are they doing this for?…are they in receipt of knowledge regarding the sun and solar winds that they are trying to shield the earth from, or is it population control, if its population control that means that they and their families are also breathing in this air…all we can say is there are changes that are clearly recorded in history about a time of change due in 2012 and we can also say more and more people are getting sick!



URGENT ACTION – Help Save Japans Dolphins

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

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End the Brutal Killing of More Than 20,000 Dolphins Every Year in Japan

In The Cove, a team of activists and filmmakers infiltrate a heavily-guarded cove in Taiji, Japan. In this remote village they witness and document activities deliberately being hidden from the public: More than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year and their meat, containing toxic levels of mercury, is being sold as food in Japan, often times labeled as whale meat.

The majority of the world is not aware this is happening. The Taiji cove is blocked off from the public. Cameras are not allowed inside and the media does not cover the story. It’s critical that we get the word out in Japan. Once the Japanese people know we believe they will demand change.

Send a letter to President Obama, Vice President Biden and Japanese Ambassador to the United States Ichiro Fujisaki urging them to address this issue. Everyone who signs the letter will be able to have their name displayed in a widget that will be posted on top social networks, web sites and blogs in Japan. The widget will link to actions people there can take to make a difference.In The Cove, a team of activists and filmmakers infiltrate a heavily-guarded cove in Taiji, Japan. In this remote village they witness and document activities deliberately being hidden from the public: More than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year and their meat, containing toxic levels of mercury, is being sold as food in Japan, often times labeled as whale meat.

The majority of the world is not aware this is happening. The Taiji cove is blocked off from the public. Cameras are not allowed inside and the media does not cover the story. It’s critical that we get the word out in Japan. Once the Japanese people know we believe they will demand change.

Send a letter to President Obama, Vice President Biden and Japanese Ambassador to the United States Ichiro Fujisaki urging them to address this issue. Everyone who signs the letter will be able to have their name displayed in a widget that will be posted on top social networks, web sites and blogs in Japan. The widget will link to actions people there can take to make a difference.

Sign the petition by visiting the link below at Care2

Please also see our blog on the imminent meeting to resume whaling and add your voice to the thousands speaking out about this cruelty

You can also go on to facebook and also sign this petition-

To: President Obama, Vice President Biden and Japanese Ambassador to the United States Ichiro Fujisaki

We petition that…

you urge the Japanese government to revoke permits that allow Japan’s Fisheries Agency to continue this heinous, dangerous and illegal practice. I also urge American leadership to ensure that the International Whaling Commission includes the proper management of dolphins and porpoises and a comprehensive plan to stop the slaughter of dolphins in Japan.

Your immediate action is needed. Go to the above link and sign the petition today, it only takes a few moments and we can stop this from happening. Believe it.