Swine Flu Vaccination and Boosting the Immune System by Dr Stephen Hopwood A must read

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The following information was shown on channel 200 sky- controversial TV ‘A Critical State’ Dr Stephen Hopwood

Dr Stephen Hopwood is a qualified doctor who gave up practicing with western medicine due to the pressure of pharmaceutical dominance in treating patients within his profession, he now practices with the ancient treatment of acupuncture, Chinese medicine, true medicine practiced long before western synthetic drugs. He now looks at all aspects covering the body mind and soul but also agrees that there is a place for western medicine in an emergency situation. Many of these drugs used today suppress the problem without addressing it – they interfere with the body’s own natural healing process, the NHS is now starting to realise the benefit of the ancient wisdom of techniques and treatments.

Many of these alternative medicines cannot be patented and so the pharmaceutical companies cannot make money from them, so do not want the mass public to be aware of these true medicines. The pharmaceuticals have a strong hold over the medical profession – where they spend a lot of money on perks and incentives to push their drugs onto the public via doctors and the medical profession. This really is a massive conflict of interest.

www.bbc.co.uk had a huge database of information on vitamins, minerals, herbs, complimentary therapies and medicines which they took down and threw away the archives, denying access to well researched and thoroughly documented information. People are not supported in knowing what’s good for them and so they only have pharmaceutical drugs to rely upon. Dr Stephen Hopwood is now part of the BBC5.TV and it is here that you can find this huge database as they have gained access to it, BBC5.TV also offers an alternative to BBC as they are not providing the public with sufficient information or the correct information.


Up to 1/2 of all doctors will refuse the swine flu vaccine and 1/3 up to 1/2 of all nurses will do the same as they believe the vaccine has not been fully tested and could potentially be dangerous. The testing of the swine flu vaccine has had clearance but has not been tested with adulants, (certain additional chemicals added to the vaccine), the trials they have been conducting are without these adulant substances like squalene which is known to be linked to gulf war syndrome – causing great reactions in the immune system, creating fibromyalgia, ME and post viral fatigue – directly linked to the use of squalene in the vaccine and there maybe 1000 times more squalene in the swine flu vaccine as was present in the gulf war syndrome vaccines, this is one of the adulants not current in the research they are doing. There will also be formaldehyde, mercury and a whole host of other adulants – which are severely detrimental to the immune system.  ( So a vaccine is being brought to the market by the pharmaceutical industry – yet the full vaccine is not being tested in the one being released.)  This is not the half of it, this virus may well be man-made, it is not possible in nature for; bird flu, swine flu and human flu to intermingle into some super virus without intervention. The virus has gone from different parts of the world and affects different species and the only way you can get them to interact  in that way is a bio-tech lab. The virus originated from Mexico and there are a lot of pharmaceutical companies based there: Baxter, Novartis and other German companies. Baxter has a major part to play in the military development of viruses and vaccines as bio-warfare, already this is well established and the research has been done and they are more than technically capable of producing these things as bio-warfare mechanisms.  It is a clean way of fighting your enemy leaving infastructure intact, protecting the economy and it is unattributable as a virus could break out anywhere.

It is possible that when the vaccine is administered it is most likely that it contains these live viruses and that a new virus will be created which will trigger a pandemic, people need to know that the vaccine is potentially very, very dangerous and it is imperative people do not take the vaccine. (Dr Hopwood later states that he is not telling you not to take the vaccine but to go and research all the information on the internet and not just believe what you are being told, but that once you have taken the time you will more than likely come to the conclusion that this is not a vaccine to take.) Do your homework, look at websites and you can substantiate what as many doctors and nurses are, that this thing is untested and potentially extremely toxic and best not taken.

This vaccine will give the World Health Organisation martial law and military control over the people of Europe and the United States. In the UK we have the Civil Contingencies Act bought in in 2004 which was put in place – stipulating that in the event of a disease outbreak martial law be enacted, preventing people from traveling, gathering and even perhaps broadcasting information about these subjects. There are multi-level agendas going on here and also to give the World Health Organisation – the pandemic level 6, martial law control. In Massachusetts in America they have passed a martial law to say that the swine flu vaccine is going to be mandatory and a $1000 dollar a day fine and or incarceration will be imposed on those that refuse. There was an article in the Daily Star concerning Ireland and this new law, all countries who are under the World Health Organisation want to get pandemic level 6 authorization and we will all be under the same law. They are forcing vaccinations on people.

There are ways around this mandatory act by statutory legislation, this is a legislative rule of society bought in by the governments, we have only to comply with it if we give our consent – so you can say NO, because you are not obliged to comply with statutory legislation. More complicated routes are, looking at The Uniform Commercial Code’, in a way you can set up a statement which gives you authority of your corporate entity, (you are in fact separate from your straw man and your straw man is your ‘Scotti dog’ on the monopoly board- it represents your other ‘you’ in commerce, for more info on this go to www.tpuc.org or www.acriticalstate.com as this can be complicated and you need to understand it all to take full advantage of the benefits it can bring you and also applies to dealing with attending court and getting out of fines and tickets, definitely worth reading upon in case anything happens.)

There are alternatives and vaccines are not the answer. Increase your immune system by upping the intake of iodine. Japanese take 50 times more iodine via seaweed than the west. Japanese health statistics show that they have half the instances of breast cancer, half the infant mortality rates, half the instances of heart disease and half the thyroid disease we have in the west. Iodine is the fuel of the thyroid, the thyroid is the engine of the immune system – increases the circulation, metabolism and boosts your immunity. If you give the thyroid its essential fuel in the right dosage then the thyroid acts as a blood filter. Every 17 minutes the whole blood of the body passes through the thyroid and will pass through the high concentration of iodine which will kill off viruses, pathogens and will protect you from infection. You can do this in the form of Lugol solution, 1 or 2 drops of lugol a day will bring your consumption of iodine up to the average daily Japanese equivalent and give your thyroid some fuel to run its system and protect your immune system from viral infection. Lugol is available over the counter at chemists and health food shops and on the web.  Please Note: If you have a pre-existing  thyroid condition, or you are taking thyroxine or if you have a hyperthyroid condition or are very dehydrated or are on other drugs please seek medical supervision or see your GP before taking extra iodine.

A combination of taking minerals that support the immune system like iodine, magnesium and a full spectrum of sea salt – plus limiting wheat, dairy and sugar you can strengthen the immune system considerably. Magnesium de-calcifies the body, the pharmaceuticals and western medicine tells everybody how they should take more calcium in their diet and this is true but we also need magnesium. We have insufficient levels of magnesium, you get soft tissue calcium deposition, hardening the arteries and arthritis around the joints – so if you increase your levels of magnesium it takes the calcium out of the soft tissue deposition, brings the calcium back into solution and puts the calcium back into the bone so it strengthens your bones and your bone marrow. Your bone marrow is a very important source of white cell blood production, the bone marrow is an important part of the immune system. In the western diet we have a high level of lactose intake, too much calcium – without magnesium it is not good because you get soft tissue deposition which creates a lot of diseases and is not good for the immune system.

Full Spectrum Sea Salt is good to take,we are told that too much salt in our diet is bad for us but what is really bad is the processed  table salt, they take out 2% of what they call pollutants which are actually essential broad spectrum minerals and replace the minerals with an anti-caking agent and is often a cyanide derivative called hexacyano thorax 2 that they put in the table salt to stop it caking but turns into a very powerful toxin. It is important for our physiological function to have a broad spectrum mineral based input in order to allow our immune system to function.

So along with Iodine, Magnesium and Full Spectrum Sea Salt, Vitamin D is also essential, when there are lower levels of sunlight particularly in autumn/winter hence colds and flu we need to boost our Vitamin D levels make sure you are getting double the daily allowance. Vitamin A, D and E are fat soluble and you can overdose on these but if you take sufficient amounts you can protect yourself.

One more thing on December 31st 2009 Codex Alimentarius is being implemented.  After this date there will be limitations on vitamins and minerals. There is an incremental agenda here, dosages are going to be much lower on vitamins and minerals and if you are not careful they may be mixed with other chemicals like aspartame and saccharin and all other sorts of undesirable extras put in by the pharmaceutical industry. You can go to some very good websites to get good vitamins and minerals, Nutragold and Nutralink are good sources.

For more info on Dr Stephen Hopwood and the BBC5 tv and also the BBC archived info that was taken down from their site is now available on BBC5 –  go to www.BBC5.TV

For more info on A Critical State see channel 200 on Sky usually Saturday or Sunday night viewing or check out their website at www.acriticalstate.com Also if you have a story to tell regarding what you believe is a matter that needs to be heard, get in touch with them.

For more info on Codex Alimetarius check out Ian Crane’s investigations on this, type in his name along with codex alimentarius on www.youtube.com  or just google him, or google the name Codex Alimetarius to find out what is going on.

Websites to look at are www.anhcampaign.org   and www.theflucase.com

To sign the petition on the downing street web site http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Vitamins/    ( this petition is now closed) or contact your local MP


Thank you for reading all we ask is that you pass it on – its time to stand up and be the man-gods you all are

God Bless you all

2 Responses to “Swine Flu Vaccination and Boosting the Immune System by Dr Stephen Hopwood A must read”

  1. Jag says:

    I believe that all living things are equal. Life exists on other forms of life. When animals kill for food or competition or for any reason, whatever they do, they keep things in balance. We, the humans, destroy and kill for so many reasons and this is costing everything. There is a choice for us to live and let live. We have a way of eating which is natural and that does not require unnecesarry killing of life forms. It is through eating milk and fruits. It has all the nutrients; carbs,proteins, fat, fibre, vitamines and minerals and water. Secondly, many people keep the wrong animals as pets. Cats, birds, fish, snakes and wild animals prefer freedom and do not bond as well as dogs with people. Dogs are meant for us and we are meant for dogs. In all possible ways, we should be as natural and as peaceful as possible. We must not be aggresive, for when we are, our tools and technology are hurting MOTHER EARTH. Last and most importantly, we must always love our family. They are God’s gift to us and we, to them. God is love. It is an all-knowing, all-watching,all-present,all-guiding energy who is in everything. Please consider, practise and spread this message.

  2. Janette Marshall says:

    Honey and Propolis which are both amazing honey bee products will help considerably when building and maintaining a healthy immune system. It certainly keeps coughs, colds and flu at bay in our house. We wouldn’t consider going a day without these two products. Two to five teaspoons of honey and 2000 mg of Propolis per day.

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