My Poetry

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A Moose Loose


Denise Tansley

Over materialism gluttony and greed

You think that on these things the world will succeed!

The money the drugs and alcohol too

An escape from this world

To me it’s a zoo

As another whip cracks

We learn our new tricks

What a life, in a cage

No wonder such rage

As the ringmaster shouts for us to perform

I’m sick to my stomach, to see such forlorn

Wake up and smell them, the roses you see

The bitter illusion that money’s the key

Spent lives trying hard just to make an end meet

I’m out of it now, ‘tis not me you’ll mistreat

It’s my life and my reality I have to take responsibility

And seize the day it’s not so hard

Follow your dreams and you’ll see

And when you’ve achieved them send me a card


A moose on the loose

c/o London Zoo

@Copyright Denise Tansley



Mother Earth


Denise Tansley

Will no one stand up for me,
I am all things can’t you see.
I give you air to breath, the life that feeds
I nourished you from birth.
Never once have I ask for anything, always a silent friend.
We are as one and one we are when will you ever learn,
to know when you are lonely that you are never alone.
For I walk with you in the shadows, through the dark and dim lit roads,
when the wind is light and the sun is bright, my beauty in you shines through.
How could you forsake and turn away from me when I still see,
my gardens burnt and taken away for the price of luxury.
My children starved and diseased in the name of a gene,
what price would it be to feed to love and keep clean?
My heart of fire taken like a thief in the night, and you, you took it too,
to feed machines that take you around so fast and they say to the moon.
You will see in time to come the damage that has been done,
as you try and breathe the air once clean, if only you ‘believe’ you would have won.
To bring out love from hearts of rock, would that be so hard to do?
The seeds that grow I do not create, the leaders and powers that should not dictate.
And so my tears will flow with pain and sorrow, for the friend I had.
When the light that is slowly diminishing from the sadness and anger in you,
we are one and one we are and so for me it will too.

@ Copyright Denise Tansley



Ode to John Lennon


Denise Tansley

Peace and love were free to all

He went against that mighty wall

Bringing love to our hearts

he opened our minds

How could it be, he so gentle and kind

And now the revolution gone

Just memories and second hand songs

The smell of Utopia was a second away

The day John Lennon died was a very sad day.

@ Copyright Denise Tansley



St Peter’s Square

Denise Tansley

I Sleep no more by that door

Of hands that rocked the world

Her house that sits on shores will be no more

The pain and anger of those sleeping children awakening with misty eyes

Can now see clearly

While all around is chaos

She will not come out like a mother tending to her young

Nay she sits and counts the blood stained gold

In the name of God! In the name of God!

Copyright@ Denise Tansley



Summer, Summer Love


Denise Tansley

The sun shone down like a river filling once dried,

Jumping flees and honey bees where do you go when winter thrives.

The smell of Rose petals, Hyacinths and Lavender too

The sweet long days of summer sun help us see the cold days through.

Summer, how I love you don’t go,

the wise ones fell and worshiped you,

how I can see just what they knew

You bring us harvest you bring us fun

Oh summer, summer love when will you come.

Copyright@ Denise Tansley





Denise Tansley

I hear the sound of deep sigh’s coming from the north

It’s voice loud and course rushing to my door

I try to block it out with the warmth of the hearth

Chilling me to my bones as the last leaves fall

I wait for this creature to leave that has starved me

And left me to die.

I know when it has gone, not for long though

It’s claws scratching at my door like a well-fed cat

But now it is far from my mind as the feathers of the south,

Brush my face with delight and feed my belly

Copyright@  Denise Tansley 1999




Denise Tansley

and guide


Take me slowly by the hand and lead me the way

for I would love to see a brighter day

I walked alone or so I thought believing things were bad

now you’ve shown me goodness I can see a brighter land

So I walk along with you, you’ve opened up my eyes

and when I saw what I had seen

I just broke down and cried

For all the lives we have lived and all the things we’ve seen

Why has it taken us so long to listen to our dreams?

All the messages along the way we didn’t see the clues

But come with me and hold my hand for you have an angel too.

Copyright@ Denise Tansley and Maria 2000




Denise Tansley

Dad, you were a friend of mine

Although I didn’t know it

I look at all the talent that you had I never know

I seemed to take it all for granted, I should have said I loved you from the start

But how could I know that you’d be gone so soon and leave me a broken heart

So now I’ve leaned my lesson to give all the love I’ve got to give

And I’ll remember the good times, the fun we shared and not regret a thing

Whispering voices are calling my name giving me their glory

And I can tell their stories for them now

I opened my heart and let good things come from bad

And I hear you telling me these words

Don’t cry for me for I can still see, I am the wind, the air you breath

When you are down and feeling blue, I’ll bring sunshine to your door

Don’t cry for me for I can still see, I will guide you forever more

And I will live a thousand years with you

Copyright@Denise Tansley 17/08/2002


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  1. Denise Tansley says:

    Hi there,

    I see a Denise Tansley wrote the above poems. Where do you live as there are not too many Tansleys around and to have the same first name is very interesting.

  2. admin says:

    Replied by email

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