Why are the Rainforests not being saved

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We have come to question the lack of action by world leaders after fighting for eight years to call for the halt on the destruction of the rainforests due their importance for the survival of the human race. All we get time and time again are standard replies from so called leaders of the world, complacency and apathy towards such an important issue it has moved us to find out just why these people do not care about the existence of human beings, the extinction of animals and the changes in the environment. Hopefully during my blog I can go into other areas in more detail and get to the bottom of what is happening, where humanity is heading and who is leading us on this pathway.

People like David Icke who I admire and have respect for along with Ian Crane and others are putting out that global warming is a myth and an effort by the worlds governments to squeeze yet more tax from people and this seems to be the case which we agree is not the way to go about it, but one thing we hope people are not confusing this with is, that as a human race we have neglected to see what our over-consumption, pollution and disregard for nature has done to this Earth so please do not confuse the two. We believe that humans have contributed to Climate Change, not global warming as this is a fallacy as the earth moves in cycles and so warming and cooling will obviously happen. What we are concerned about with the rainforests is that they do more than suck up carbon dioxide, of course this gas is always present in the environment but since the industrial revolution and the rise in fossil fuel, increase in populations and our addiction to cars we have pushed this limit to the extreme from an average of 270ppm (parts per million) to what one scientist has said is over 600ppm, this is not a general view shared by scientists as they believe it is 390ppm which is way off the first calculations, so who is telling the truth?

Apart from being the lungs of the earth, the rainforests also regulate the winds and stop the cool winds from reaching the warm winds without the trees we have chaos like we are seeing now, but the weather forecasters and media are not informing us that there is a problem, of course there is a problem. Some of us can remember when we could get a weather forecast for the week as we planned our school holidays but now they cannot even predict the weather for a day, something is wrong. So why are they not being honest and admit they don’t have a clue or if they do know tell the public, that due to the rainforests being destroyed the winds are erratic rains are displaced and it is effecting our ability to predict the weather. The rainforests also add a tremendous amount of weight to the Earth, as the trees are burned and chopped down and removed, (which again releases stored co2) this weight is reduced causing the Earth to tilt – and tilt it has. We have a damaged ozone layer which absorbs around 95% of the sun’s ultraviolet light but due to damage caused from gases previously used in fire extinguishers and refrigerators as CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons) which can stay in the atmosphere for up to 100 years along with nitric acid (a chemical compound used in the chemical industry, in cars and used in power plants) this has also affected the instability of the earth.  The Equatorial regions receives 12 hours of sunlight a day so this damage in the ozone layer and the reduction in ground cover causes the Earth to heat up and has an affect both on the core and the mantle making it more unstable, the heat needs to escape and cool hence earthquakes and volcanoes erupt and I am sure in time will explain the movements and distribution of heat by Hurricanes and alike.

The governments around the world have known about the problems that face us as a human race since 1992 and possibly before then. In 1992 an International Medium called Ann Walker worked with along side Aliens worked on a 90 page report, ( I know some of you are thinking ok, but to understand Ann Walker’s work before you critise I ask you to download her 90 page report, it is available on the web or here at www.annwalker-whitearrow.com) and send to the world leaders in the hope that their greed would stop and they would save these rainforests. You can understand why these rainforests are so important when you think of all that they do, securing the stability of the weather, balance of the earth and cleansing of the air, the report goes into much more detail.. You have to remember Ann Walker, although an international medium was a housewife and grandmother with no training or education on climatology and the workings of the Earth. The report will shock and surprise you as indeed will all her writings which she covers in her books, “Heaven Can Come Later, ” “Little One: Message from Planet Heaven,” “Stone of the Plough,” and her last book “The Messenger The Messiah,” all available from Amazon and other online stores. Ann’s report was sent to all the leaders of the world then and now with subsequent letters informing them of the disasters that face the inhabitants of this world, the report was also sent to celebrities, actors, actresses, singers and royalty –  one being Prince Charles ( who now campaigns for the rainforests). The report was also sent more importantly to the IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) who confirmed that the report in 1992 was 50% correct the rest had not yet happened. That was eighteen years ago and more and more of the report is coming to the fore.

So 17 years later and the rainforests are still being destroyed, plenty of talk and conferences on the issue of climate change and 5 years worth of report by the IPCC  (Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change) and still no urgency.  We have thus decided to look for projects in the Equatorial Regions where people like you and I are making every effort to replant in these areas and stop big corporations from taking the land. One group in particular who we are working with is La Reserva in Costa Rica, who plant trees, raise funds to buy land to protect the wildlife and support local people. This is something we will be progressing with because we can see where their funds are going – and that is to plant trees. It is still important to continue to make your views known to the governments and keep putting pressure on them and show them the problem will not go away and neither will we.  As much as it is our responsibility to make what ever changes we can to lesson our footprint on this planet which included only buying reclaimed or FSC wood, stay clear of Teak and Mah0gany wood, recycle your waste, cut down packaging, buy local produce or grow your own if you can ( get your street involved, if you all grew one or two seasonal crops you can share the veg/ fruit with each other), have a clear out – what is your rubbish is another’s treasure and saves you throwing into landfill and helps others from buying more new products costing the Earth. Don’t buy unless you need to and start saying NO to the children when they want money or new goods, get them to have a clear out and give to charity or have a boot sale. Explain to them why this irresponsible behaviour of mankind has led us to the mess we are in and it has to stop because the children of the future need a peaceful, clean world with freedom of speech without fear of suppression and imprisonment, and our generation  now needs to start fighting for this.

The leaders of the past and the present still refuse to act to save these forests and indeed keep from the public the fact that aliens do exist and have been in communication with us for thousands of years. The few go out of their way to suppress news coverages of UFO sightings and if it is put out in the media it is to discredit the sightings by suggesting; Chinese lanterns, weather balloons, fake video footage or the person delusional.

Just worth noting  – If the Aliens are trying to help us who is stopping this and why???

If you would like to make a donation or read more on La Reserva please see www.saveourearth.co.uk and follow the links or visit www.lrff.org. For more information on Ann Walker please see. www.annwalker-whitearrow.com or www.whitearrowchurch.co.uk

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