A Chance For Change

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A Chance for Change

Just like the recent remake of the film, ‘The Day the Earth stood still’ Keanu Reeves plays an Alien and tells us he has come to save the earth, nothing is stopping this from happening now. We have a golden opportunity to become superhuman beings by taking responsibility for our actions. We can no longer continue to take whatever we want from the Earth, pollute and destroy. The majority of human beings on this Planet are kind and want to help but we are letting Politics, religion, hatred and bad history form our future when we have total control over our actions we cannot continue to kill each other and continue to allow ourselves to be separate from each other, the Earth and nature. We are all one and all connected. The time is coming when a new human must be born to replace the old human. A forward thinking, superhuman working for the benefit of all life and co-habitation of all species.

We must start making the choices now for the betterment of each other and not believe what you are being conditioned to believe, that we are selfish, evil, troublemakers out for ourselves. We are only acting this way because we think that is the way we should behave and so it is a domino effect. The way we act is a mirror and reflects back on us so the only people we hurt are ourselves, we are loving and caring people that really do want to help people.

We are so powerful it scares the people that have had the control over us via every conceivable outlet but now there is an uprising all over the world by people who fundamentally know that something is not right and are spreading this message far and wide.

In this country we have a government that has committed treason by selling us out to Europe and also allowing the Bank of England to be privately owned, the former has huge implications for the people of England for we are now owned by the EU who can put whatever laws they want into place, in fact they have passed 300 laws since coming into power five years ago and we did not even have a say in one of these ‘laws’.  There is a consensus to bring together the whole of Europe to be controlled by one central point, there will be laws we will have NO say over, things like vaccines, climate change, what we eat, what we drink, weights and measures, alternative foods and medicines, immigration and how we live. Policing – their aim here will be a European police force, this country is already turning into a police state with laws passed that take away our freedom ( for information on the laws as there are only three in this country the rest are statutes and cannot be classed as law please see www.tpuc.org). The same thing is happening in America as they pass ‘laws’ to join other Countries and become one, Bush sold America out with eradicating the constitution which Obama is keen to continue. As we have said above, Gordon Brown committed treason and sold us to Europe which is a crime still punishable by death. These changes have been made right under the noses of the people and we were not even consulted on this. Soon Ireland will decide whether to sign the Lisbon Treaty with pressure from the EU to say yes and propaganda to enforce this decision.

The way they have gone about this is to totally devalue the countries currency like Iceland, call it a recession and then you tell the people of that country that joining the EU will make the economy stronger. So if you are reading this and your country is facing the prospect of being taken over by Europe, please think about what it means to you and future generations as your freedom is slowly sucked away.

Just to note – England pays the EU 40,000,000, that’s forty million pounds A DAY for the privilege of being told what to do.

Because Blair and Brown privatised the Bank of England 1997 it is bleeding this country dry. We are all frustrated with the government for not improving quality of life, national health, and infrastructure, funds that could go towards a more sustainable future for us all. Organic farming methods, cradle to cradle products – yet where is the money you earn going? It is going in the pockets of the corrupt people that run the bank of England. Your taxes are paying the  interest on the money the government borrows from the Bank of England. Your money should be reaching you the people and the improvements this country so desperately needs to make England a country to be proud of again.  Each time the government needs money they have to borrow from the Bank of England and then pay that and the interest back to them so there is always a loose loose situation, robbing peter to pay peter back with interest – making peter a very rich man indeed.  A point we won’t go into is that this money that is borrowed is just a piece of paper and does not even exist so we pay interest on money that does not even exist. (For more info please see www.zeitgeistmovie.com regarding the monetary system and also www.tpuc.org, this web site has a wealth of info for you to have a look at and will surprise even the most skeptic of people ). This is madness and the government needs to take back the Bank of England, this can only be done by you the people we can no longer bury our heads in the sand. This is your money which you believe is paying for a better environment, yet you are not getting it and we are all sitting there in our living rooms getting more and more disillusioned with the same clap trap from the governments, no matter who they are and prices are rising higher and higher and people are getting poorer and poorer.

This is a chance for change.  As John Harris from the www.tpuc.org stated ‘Imagine if our country was a ‘car’. Who would be the engine? And what happens to the car if the engine stops working?. We are the engine that keeps this country going. Our labour is what secures the finance. The ruling families do not want us to know the truth hence the dumbing down, drugs, pesticides, chemicals, vaccinations against everything (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J7xT9iOJIY) long hours at work, numb TV and news repeaters with inconsequential stories with excessive scaremongering. There is just too much going on when you look at all these issues to even think this is conspiracy. Go and do the research, knowledge is power, meditate on the information, connect to the divine source but don’t bury your heads in the sand because this is a chance for us all to change the way our future is heading and to help the Earth, the animals and future generations.

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