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A story by Denise Tansley and guides Sister Ann and ‘Red Feather’ 13th July 2002

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

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A Promise

A conversation took place between two people;

A Man was asked;

Will you tender to my gardens, for even though I am around there will be times when, the rain stops and the land needs to be cared for and harvested.

I need you to love the land as I love it.

The man was then asked;

Will you tender to my animals, for even though I am around, there will be days so cold and times so hard that they will need feeding and will require your love and care.

I need you to love them all as I love them.

The man was then asked;

Will you tender for my children for even though I am around they too will need your love and comfort when I cannot be found?

I need you to love them all as I love them.

Finally the man was asked;

Will you tender to each other for even though I am around you may not find me and lose the love and understanding that I have shown you.

I need you to love each other as I love you now.

The man made a promise that he would;

Tender to the land, look after the animals, care for the children and care for one another.

And so the land flourished and the crops grew regularly as the soil was fertile and produced much harvest. The animals grazed and fertilized the land and were well, as the birds sang from the harvests the horses stayed fit, the chickens produced healthy eggs and the chain of nature flourished. The children grew strong and healthy, were clean and comforted, love was in abundance as all was shared. But as time went by with many good harvests the man became wealthy and his finances grew along with his overindulgent waistband, he grew tired of his responsibilities with no time to tender to his land he became so greedy that he forgot how to love and be loved. The animals became idle and as the source of food from the land dried as the soil lost it’s minerals, the animals were eaten one by one by the man and the chain of nature stopped and animals died. The children became weak and so as a result got sick with many diseases, there was no love for them as the man hardly noticed they were even there. He didn’t need his loved ones and his old friends, now he could afford new ones that appreciated him and his wealth and gave him compliments.

The man died not long after this with all his bad living, slumped in his chair penniless and lonely with no one at his side, his body breathed its last breath. He then opened his eyes to see a form in the shape of a man standing before him, he felt overwhelming love yet a fear was in his heart as he bent his knees and fell to the floor.

The person spoke to the man and showed him his life. “Do you remember me?” asked the person, “When we last spoke I asked you to do something for me and you promised me that you would!” The man looked stunned and could not think what he had promised this person.

The person looked at the man. “I asked that you to tender to the land and I said even though I be around there would be times when I needed you to care for the land, yet your greed and gluttony got the better of you and you became idle and lazy and you did not give back what you took, the land tried to tell you it was dying but you did not listen!”

“As a result the animals also became idle, you took of their flesh and made it yours because you had no crops, the animals and insects then suffered”.

“The children became unclean, diseased and empty in love and hunger because you were too busy counting your money and living a life of luxury.”

“Lastly I asked you that you tender to each other, that you would give to others in need of your help with love and understanding, yet you ignored your true friends and pushed away your loved ones because you found wealthy friends who spat fancy words to you and you them!”

The man hung his head in shame and asked the figure what he could do to make up for all the things that went wrong.


Just then the alarm clock buzzed, the man awoke, stunned with the memory of the dream vivid in his mind. He looked at the clock and it was 06.00, he got up and went downstairs to be greeted by his wife and children and there he kissed them all and gave a longing look at each one of them.

“Do you know what?” he said to his family.

“God has given us one beautiful world to take care of, we are only borrowing it for a while and then we hand it over to the next generation of keepers until it is their turn to pass it on. We have an easy job to do, if we all stick to our parts of the bargain, but if one of those generations refuses to fulfil his end of the deal, the rest will suffer.”

“Let us be humble, let us have understanding, let us always have love for the land, the animals, the children and each other”.

He then smiled warmly and left the table to tender to his land as the children followed.


Denise Tansley

with her guides

Ann and Red Feather 13th July 2002


Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

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” What is love ? ”

” The total absence of fear,” said the Master.

” What is it we fear ? ”

“Love,” said the Master.

Healing thy self writings by Dr. Akilah El and Marilyn Gordon

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

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Writings by Dr. Akilah El and Marilyn Gordon

Many of us hold on to negativity because we believe that the other person that caused us pain, anger, hatred, guilt, sadness, fear, and resentment is affected by our experience. When people hurt us we want to hurt them back. We want them to experience our pain, so we hold on to the negative experience. Holding on to these negative experiences is the KEY reason why we are bonded to the situation we want to escape.

When we encounter a similar situation the subconscious mind shifts the memory that is stored from past experience and brings it to the conscious mind. We recreate the initial situation and react not to the present, but to the experience we had 2, 10, 20 even 30 years ago. Holding on to negative experience causes us to over burden our spirits. We begin to invest in hate and not in healing.

Unfortunately, when we hold onto these negative emotions, we are denying our inner power to grow. We are suffocating our spirits. The only way to free our spirit and allow it to grow and keep growing is to Forgive.

We all are held accountable for what we say, do and even think. When we send negative thoughts, say negative words, or do negative things we believe that we are hurting the other party but we are really hurting ourselves. When we send out negative energy, we recreate the negative experience all over again. This is why many of us say; “Why does this always happen to me?” It happens to you because you were not taught how to LET GO! We can only let go by forgiving others.

Forgiveness is a major step towards spiritual growth and development. Forgiveness comes from the heart and not the mouth. When we forgive, we understand who we are and what our purpose on this earth is suppose to be. Forgiveness brings peace and harmony into our lives. It allows us to be free of any and all negative experiences. When we are free we are open to the experience of love, joy, happiness, success and peace. When we forgive, we learn. When we learn, we grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.

If you are not receiving good things in your life, you need to forgive. If you are not giving freely and feeling good about it, you need to forgive. If there is someone in your life that you have negative emotion towards or bad memories of, you need to forgive them. If you are feeling lonely, confused, desperate, frustrated, and depressed, you need to forgive. Forgiveness is like a spiritual cleanse, which purges the mind, heart and spirit.

But, you may ask, what about evil? Can we bless the horrors of terrorism or war, of the great acts of perpetration by governments and individuals? In Star Wars, Obi Wan Kenobi says to Darth Vader, “You can slay me, but even then I will be more powerful than you.” Can you bless Darth Vader for helping to make the forces of the light saber more powerful? Can you have compassion for a man like Darth Vader (or any other so-called evil force) who is only a shell of a being, doing what he came here to do – and ultimately making his adversary more powerful? An enemy can make you stronger, teach you something about yourself. Can we bless this force?

One more book called The Book of Mirdad, speaks of great acts of horror and terror as the tearing away of the veils that separate us from our understanding and experience of the divine. This book, written by Mikhail in Lebanon in 1948, said this:

Man tears his flesh in shreds and spills his blood in streams. While God, the Father-Mother, lovingly looks on. For He knows well that Man is tearing but the heavy veils and spilling but the bitter gall that blind him to his oneness with the One.

So here there is opportunity for blessing as well, where it least seems to be. All of our trials are calculated to enlighten us, though we may come though them kicking and screaming with the pain we feel. It’s all meant to take off our blinders and strip us of our mistaken notions about what is real and what is not, what is good and what its evil, what is death and what is infinite.

We keep on doing our best to uplift our lives and the lives of others. Blessing everything can help us to do this. The tricky part is remembering. It is only too easy to remember what hurt us. It is perhaps more challenging to extend a blessing from the heart; yet it carries with it a great abundance of blessings for ourselves.

Say No to Microchips

Monday, July 20th, 2009

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If there is one thing alone that you do to secure your freedom it will be saying NO to the microchip. We cannot afford to take a chance on the massive efforts to inflict this on to humans. It is a violation of our human rights and the only way it can be allowed is by consenting to have the chip implanted into you or someone you love, this is unless you have committed a crime in which case it seems that these people do not have this right to say no – this IS a violation, many will say well you are a criminal so you deserve it but I will say to you with each day comes another reason to call someone a criminal, whether it is dropping litter or you are unable to pay for living and you commit a crime. Here in the UK you are penalised for putting your bins out on the wrong day, does this make you a criminal? Does this give the powers that be a right to implant a chip into you? NO!!!!

To get us to accept the microchip, they might not call it that because of the negativity around the name, they may give it another name to sell it to you, a bit like the London Olympic Logo which says 2012 but spells ZION, yes it really does and it is freaky.  We will we hear stories of how people have ‘died’ because their medical records were not available which would have saved their life, (some Doctors now are already accepting the microchip as the new way forward). We will be told that it can help with medical advancement, for people with disabilities, what better way to play with your heart, (in an emotional sense that is). We will be like a packet of biscuits at the checkout!

You WILL see the ‘Media’ reporting information on this on a constant basis, slowly at first, it is always slowly, trickle, trickle. Stories on how it will help you with tracking your children – if they go missing they will be found due to the microchip. Then they will show someone who has been lost and with the microchip suddenly found and how it saved their life or even worse a child goes missing or many children go missing and they are not found, God forbid, but I am giving you a scenario that these people who have invested billions will do anything to protect and sell because the money and control. So take care of your children and watch where they are and who they are with. Will more adults go missing for us to accept the microchip, remember it needs you to allow this to happen. So we put an end to this we must take responsibility for our children and our loved ones.

Why would something that is so great for mankind be manipulated in such a way to get us to accept it? It is not God’s will, our will, we are strong powerful beings. As one Hopi Elder once said, ‘Apes may be your ancestors but they are not mine’. We come from the stars, we are infinite consciousness.

Believe that you are a product of the divine source not the aggressive, helpless, drunken, greedy, selfish person – we are constantly told we are. Please people we have to fight this together. By allowing the microchip to be implanted you give up your rights. This technology no matter how attractive is not there to help, why has help not come before for people, all this science and technology and a ‘chip’ is going to solve all the problems in the world. No it is there to control us. Yes you have to make your own minds up but we need to listen to our instincts. We have to start to take responsibility for ourselves and our loved ones, teach our children about these instincts and how to protect themselves. We need to look out for and look after each other, not fight. We are all brother and sisters no matter where we come from, what our beliefs are, and what our colour is.

If we all started with a handful of people on this Earth, then we MUST all be related. There is a saying ‘Divide and Conquer’. This will not happen if we stand strong.

Do not allow your self to be fearful. Strengthen the brain, drink plenty of water, try to get as many minerals in you as possible each day (this is something I will go into on another subject) push yourselves and find the truth and it will surely set you free.


A Chance For Change

Monday, July 20th, 2009

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A Chance for Change

Just like the recent remake of the film, ‘The Day the Earth stood still’ Keanu Reeves plays an Alien and tells us he has come to save the earth, nothing is stopping this from happening now. We have a golden opportunity to become superhuman beings by taking responsibility for our actions. We can no longer continue to take whatever we want from the Earth, pollute and destroy. The majority of human beings on this Planet are kind and want to help but we are letting Politics, religion, hatred and bad history form our future when we have total control over our actions we cannot continue to kill each other and continue to allow ourselves to be separate from each other, the Earth and nature. We are all one and all connected. The time is coming when a new human must be born to replace the old human. A forward thinking, superhuman working for the benefit of all life and co-habitation of all species.

We must start making the choices now for the betterment of each other and not believe what you are being conditioned to believe, that we are selfish, evil, troublemakers out for ourselves. We are only acting this way because we think that is the way we should behave and so it is a domino effect. The way we act is a mirror and reflects back on us so the only people we hurt are ourselves, we are loving and caring people that really do want to help people.

We are so powerful it scares the people that have had the control over us via every conceivable outlet but now there is an uprising all over the world by people who fundamentally know that something is not right and are spreading this message far and wide.

In this country we have a government that has committed treason by selling us out to Europe and also allowing the Bank of England to be privately owned, the former has huge implications for the people of England for we are now owned by the EU who can put whatever laws they want into place, in fact they have passed 300 laws since coming into power five years ago and we did not even have a say in one of these ‘laws’.  There is a consensus to bring together the whole of Europe to be controlled by one central point, there will be laws we will have NO say over, things like vaccines, climate change, what we eat, what we drink, weights and measures, alternative foods and medicines, immigration and how we live. Policing – their aim here will be a European police force, this country is already turning into a police state with laws passed that take away our freedom ( for information on the laws as there are only three in this country the rest are statutes and cannot be classed as law please see The same thing is happening in America as they pass ‘laws’ to join other Countries and become one, Bush sold America out with eradicating the constitution which Obama is keen to continue. As we have said above, Gordon Brown committed treason and sold us to Europe which is a crime still punishable by death. These changes have been made right under the noses of the people and we were not even consulted on this. Soon Ireland will decide whether to sign the Lisbon Treaty with pressure from the EU to say yes and propaganda to enforce this decision.

The way they have gone about this is to totally devalue the countries currency like Iceland, call it a recession and then you tell the people of that country that joining the EU will make the economy stronger. So if you are reading this and your country is facing the prospect of being taken over by Europe, please think about what it means to you and future generations as your freedom is slowly sucked away.

Just to note – England pays the EU 40,000,000, that’s forty million pounds A DAY for the privilege of being told what to do.

Because Blair and Brown privatised the Bank of England 1997 it is bleeding this country dry. We are all frustrated with the government for not improving quality of life, national health, and infrastructure, funds that could go towards a more sustainable future for us all. Organic farming methods, cradle to cradle products – yet where is the money you earn going? It is going in the pockets of the corrupt people that run the bank of England. Your taxes are paying the  interest on the money the government borrows from the Bank of England. Your money should be reaching you the people and the improvements this country so desperately needs to make England a country to be proud of again.  Each time the government needs money they have to borrow from the Bank of England and then pay that and the interest back to them so there is always a loose loose situation, robbing peter to pay peter back with interest – making peter a very rich man indeed.  A point we won’t go into is that this money that is borrowed is just a piece of paper and does not even exist so we pay interest on money that does not even exist. (For more info please see regarding the monetary system and also, this web site has a wealth of info for you to have a look at and will surprise even the most skeptic of people ). This is madness and the government needs to take back the Bank of England, this can only be done by you the people we can no longer bury our heads in the sand. This is your money which you believe is paying for a better environment, yet you are not getting it and we are all sitting there in our living rooms getting more and more disillusioned with the same clap trap from the governments, no matter who they are and prices are rising higher and higher and people are getting poorer and poorer.

This is a chance for change.  As John Harris from the stated ‘Imagine if our country was a ‘car’. Who would be the engine? And what happens to the car if the engine stops working?. We are the engine that keeps this country going. Our labour is what secures the finance. The ruling families do not want us to know the truth hence the dumbing down, drugs, pesticides, chemicals, vaccinations against everything ( long hours at work, numb TV and news repeaters with inconsequential stories with excessive scaremongering. There is just too much going on when you look at all these issues to even think this is conspiracy. Go and do the research, knowledge is power, meditate on the information, connect to the divine source but don’t bury your heads in the sand because this is a chance for us all to change the way our future is heading and to help the Earth, the animals and future generations.

Why are the Rainforests not being saved

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

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We have come to question the lack of action by world leaders after fighting for eight years to call for the halt on the destruction of the rainforests due their importance for the survival of the human race. All we get time and time again are standard replies from so called leaders of the world, complacency and apathy towards such an important issue it has moved us to find out just why these people do not care about the existence of human beings, the extinction of animals and the changes in the environment. Hopefully during my blog I can go into other areas in more detail and get to the bottom of what is happening, where humanity is heading and who is leading us on this pathway.

People like David Icke who I admire and have respect for along with Ian Crane and others are putting out that global warming is a myth and an effort by the worlds governments to squeeze yet more tax from people and this seems to be the case which we agree is not the way to go about it, but one thing we hope people are not confusing this with is, that as a human race we have neglected to see what our over-consumption, pollution and disregard for nature has done to this Earth so please do not confuse the two. We believe that humans have contributed to Climate Change, not global warming as this is a fallacy as the earth moves in cycles and so warming and cooling will obviously happen. What we are concerned about with the rainforests is that they do more than suck up carbon dioxide, of course this gas is always present in the environment but since the industrial revolution and the rise in fossil fuel, increase in populations and our addiction to cars we have pushed this limit to the extreme from an average of 270ppm (parts per million) to what one scientist has said is over 600ppm, this is not a general view shared by scientists as they believe it is 390ppm which is way off the first calculations, so who is telling the truth?

Apart from being the lungs of the earth, the rainforests also regulate the winds and stop the cool winds from reaching the warm winds without the trees we have chaos like we are seeing now, but the weather forecasters and media are not informing us that there is a problem, of course there is a problem. Some of us can remember when we could get a weather forecast for the week as we planned our school holidays but now they cannot even predict the weather for a day, something is wrong. So why are they not being honest and admit they don’t have a clue or if they do know tell the public, that due to the rainforests being destroyed the winds are erratic rains are displaced and it is effecting our ability to predict the weather. The rainforests also add a tremendous amount of weight to the Earth, as the trees are burned and chopped down and removed, (which again releases stored co2) this weight is reduced causing the Earth to tilt – and tilt it has. We have a damaged ozone layer which absorbs around 95% of the sun’s ultraviolet light but due to damage caused from gases previously used in fire extinguishers and refrigerators as CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons) which can stay in the atmosphere for up to 100 years along with nitric acid (a chemical compound used in the chemical industry, in cars and used in power plants) this has also affected the instability of the earth.  The Equatorial regions receives 12 hours of sunlight a day so this damage in the ozone layer and the reduction in ground cover causes the Earth to heat up and has an affect both on the core and the mantle making it more unstable, the heat needs to escape and cool hence earthquakes and volcanoes erupt and I am sure in time will explain the movements and distribution of heat by Hurricanes and alike.

The governments around the world have known about the problems that face us as a human race since 1992 and possibly before then. In 1992 an International Medium called Ann Walker worked with along side Aliens worked on a 90 page report, ( I know some of you are thinking ok, but to understand Ann Walker’s work before you critise I ask you to download her 90 page report, it is available on the web or here at and send to the world leaders in the hope that their greed would stop and they would save these rainforests. You can understand why these rainforests are so important when you think of all that they do, securing the stability of the weather, balance of the earth and cleansing of the air, the report goes into much more detail.. You have to remember Ann Walker, although an international medium was a housewife and grandmother with no training or education on climatology and the workings of the Earth. The report will shock and surprise you as indeed will all her writings which she covers in her books, “Heaven Can Come Later, ” “Little One: Message from Planet Heaven,” “Stone of the Plough,” and her last book “The Messenger The Messiah,” all available from Amazon and other online stores. Ann’s report was sent to all the leaders of the world then and now with subsequent letters informing them of the disasters that face the inhabitants of this world, the report was also sent to celebrities, actors, actresses, singers and royalty –  one being Prince Charles ( who now campaigns for the rainforests). The report was also sent more importantly to the IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) who confirmed that the report in 1992 was 50% correct the rest had not yet happened. That was eighteen years ago and more and more of the report is coming to the fore.

So 17 years later and the rainforests are still being destroyed, plenty of talk and conferences on the issue of climate change and 5 years worth of report by the IPCC  (Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change) and still no urgency.  We have thus decided to look for projects in the Equatorial Regions where people like you and I are making every effort to replant in these areas and stop big corporations from taking the land. One group in particular who we are working with is La Reserva in Costa Rica, who plant trees, raise funds to buy land to protect the wildlife and support local people. This is something we will be progressing with because we can see where their funds are going – and that is to plant trees. It is still important to continue to make your views known to the governments and keep putting pressure on them and show them the problem will not go away and neither will we.  As much as it is our responsibility to make what ever changes we can to lesson our footprint on this planet which included only buying reclaimed or FSC wood, stay clear of Teak and Mah0gany wood, recycle your waste, cut down packaging, buy local produce or grow your own if you can ( get your street involved, if you all grew one or two seasonal crops you can share the veg/ fruit with each other), have a clear out – what is your rubbish is another’s treasure and saves you throwing into landfill and helps others from buying more new products costing the Earth. Don’t buy unless you need to and start saying NO to the children when they want money or new goods, get them to have a clear out and give to charity or have a boot sale. Explain to them why this irresponsible behaviour of mankind has led us to the mess we are in and it has to stop because the children of the future need a peaceful, clean world with freedom of speech without fear of suppression and imprisonment, and our generation  now needs to start fighting for this.

The leaders of the past and the present still refuse to act to save these forests and indeed keep from the public the fact that aliens do exist and have been in communication with us for thousands of years. The few go out of their way to suppress news coverages of UFO sightings and if it is put out in the media it is to discredit the sightings by suggesting; Chinese lanterns, weather balloons, fake video footage or the person delusional.

Just worth noting  – If the Aliens are trying to help us who is stopping this and why???

If you would like to make a donation or read more on La Reserva please see and follow the links or visit For more information on Ann Walker please see. or

Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave you comments