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Its an Illusion by John Harris. Please read each and everyone of you, this is so important

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

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What you are about to read may at first confuse some of you, some may not believe and some will be shocked. What you are about to read is truth and I urge you all to stay and read all this information and understand it because it concerns you and it concerns your children and all your property.

Lawful Rebellion

The British Constitution Group

Stoke on Trent 24th January 2009

Its an illusion

(Transcript on a talk by John Harris called ‘Its an illusion’ from The People’s United Community )

To watch the video please go to

What I want to do today is show you a different perspective. We have been doing a lot of research for the last two years. We have been looking a something that’s called the ‘Freeman’, a position if you like. A lot of people have brought a lot of information to our website, ‘The People’s United Community’,, information has been brought to me which I have deciphered and decided to not accept the normal view of things, I’ve decided to question – question in depth and this is what you’re about to see.

(Slide shows the following;)

Do you believe ‘parliament’ to be elected to ‘REPRESENT’ the people and their wishes?

Do you believe in ‘POLITICS’?

Do you believe that the only way to sort this country out is to get another ‘POLITICAL PARTY’ elected into power?

Do you believe ‘ACTS’ of parliament (STATUTES) are ‘LAW’?

Do you believe ‘STATUTORY INSTRUMENTS’ are ‘LAW’?

Do you believe in a ‘CONSTITUTION’?

Do you believe the ‘SOCIETY’ we live in is broken?

Do you believe we have ‘COURTS OF JUSTICE’?

People say to me society is broken

What I am going to tell you today is its not broken, it works exactly the way it was planned to work, because this goes back hundreds of years, this is not something new.

There are COURTS OF JUSTICE, how many in this room have suffered at the hands of the COURTS OF JUSTICE, injustice is actually what is happening.

What I am going to tell you today is, members of parliament are actually directors of a corporation that is what your electing, because you are only electing directors of a corporation nothing will change – it will go in the same direction forever because politics are not what you think they are.

(Slide shows website of Dunn and Bradstreet) –

If you are going to do business with a company or corporate in the world then you can use Dunn and Bradstreet, at the moment there is about 160 million corporations worldwide. You can use them to find out if that corporation does good business, do they have any debts, has it got any county court judgments against it. So what this is is a register of corporations, of companies.

(Slide shows Dunn and Bradstreet website with members of parliament as a registered company) –

The members of parliament are a registered company, Gordon Brown is a company, David Cameron is a company. (This one I like) The labour party is trading as ALISTER DARLING MP, its their trading name, the reason they trade with ALISTAIR DARLING MP is ALISTAIR DARLING is a DIPLOMAT. There are about three of them, if they trade in his name, that trading name has DIPLOMATIC STATUS, that means they can bend things, and do things that you don’t know about – whole different way of doing things. That’s what politics is about.

You believe the people are representing you, they’re not, this is what they are doing.

So we look at politics as pertaining policy or the administration of a government, a plan or course of action, also defined as a government, political party or corporation, as a government, political party or corporation, a written contract or certificate of insurance.


Do you know what LEGISLATION is, you’ve heard of this word. COUNCIL TAX is a STATUTORY INSTRUMENT ENACTED on the 1st of April 1993 under PRIMARY LEGISLATION The LOCAL GOVERNMENT FINANCE ACT 1992..



Where does it say its law? Can you see it?

Lets look at the word ‘Society’ – SOCIALLY DOMINANT members of a community, a society is a number of PERSONS united together by mutual CONSENT in order to deliberate, determine, and ACT jointly for some COMMON PURPOSE.

Does this country have a SOCIALLY DOMINANT element that wants to stay SOCIALLY DOMINANT ??

A SOCIETY is a number of PERSONS united together by mutual CONSENT in order to deliberate, determine, and ACT jointly for some COMMON PURPOSE – Does that ring any bells?? (Audience laughs).

CONTRACT; is an agreement between two or more PERSONS that CREATES or MODIFIES an existing RELATIONSHIP.

OFFER, CONSIDERATION and ACCEPTANCE must exist for a contract to be made.

Then we look at a CONSTITUTION

  • The fundamental RULES written or unwritten, that establishes the CHARACTER of a GOVERNMENT by defining the basic principles to which SOCIETY must CONFORM. Do you have to CONFORM to things, do you? (Audience shout, NO). Do you pay TAX? (Someone in the audience shouts NO, John replies and says, ‘join the club’, laughter from the audience).

  • You were not given a choice if you wanted to join this SOCIETY, it was made for you at a time when you could not express a choice.

  • Then we define the word STATUTE

  • A LEGISLATIVE RULE of SOCIETY given the FORCE of law by the CONSENT of the GOVERNED, a RULE as of a CORPORATION, can you please explain to me where in that definition taken from Blacks law dictionary that that says that STATUTE is law? ( An audience member shouts out ‘the force of law’) John replies by stating, ‘the force of law but it’s not law.’

From Neuter of Latin: STATUS: the, LEGAL CHARACTER or condition of a PERSON or thing: What does our society rely on? STATUS! Yes? That’s what we want to be better in STATUS, more money, bigger car, bigger this, bigger that, better than the next door neighbours.

Well that’s the word STATUS and it all comes from this.

STATUS – is a LEGAL CHARACTER of a condition or a PERSON or thing. It is not real, its imaginary, OK, completely imaginary.

Also by its own definition it is not LAW, its only given force of law by the consent of the governed. Which means it will only apply to you if you give your consent, what does the word consent mean?

So what if you don’t agree – it isn’t law. It can’t be given the force of law. By its own definition it only applies to a PERSON and not a man or woman.

How many men and women in the audience think they are a PERSON?

(Slide shows Dunn and Blackstreet website with United Kingdom)

The United Kingdom is a CORPORATION, now up until February 2008 it was United Kingdom PLC – In February 2008 it dissolved and they have never ever published their accounts, if you want to check this out go on to company’s house because its there on Dunn and Bradstreet, they are now registered as United Kingdom Corporation Limited.

Any CORPORATION has employees, the employees are not just civil servants they are all of you, everyone of you. If you have a NATIONAL INSURANCE number that means ‘you to’ are an EMPLOYEE of this CORPORATION.

COMPANY POLICY of this CORPORATION requires you, as an employee, to pay TAX and follow all the LEGISLATIVE RULES of that CORPORATION in this case; STATUTES.

As in any COMPANY, if you break the RULES, you will be DISCIPLINED under the COMPANIES LEGISLATION.


The POLICE of the UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION are all COMPANIES that run for PROFIT too! ‘cos that’s what COMPANIES do, they run for profit – and who are they making profit for – directors and shareholders – they all want a profit – where does that profit come from? (Audience shout out – ‘US’)



  • If you break the RULES they will ‘invite’ (SUMMONS) you to their place of BUSINESS to discuss your PUNISHMENT

  • Except that they are not inviting you; you just think they are !

  • Even the highest COURT in the land is a CORPORATION – THE HOUSE OF LORDS

(Slide shows their business address on Dunn and Bradstreet)

  • So we believe that the COURTS are issuing us justice. We believe we are going to get a lawful trial, there is a massive difference between lawful and legal, a massive difference.


(Following slide shows a police man and a police officer)

Policeman (Human being) _-                                                      Police Officer (Fiction)

A Policeman or woman’s duties                                      –                                      A police officer is a CORPORATE employee

Duty under common law is to serve                              –                                     A REVENUE collector

Service and protect every individual in this land   –                                       To enforce STATUTES

Uphold common law (that is their duty and never delay right or justice)

A policeman/woman’s duty is to uphold Common Law and never ever delay right or justice for any individual in this land. They must uphold Common Law. But they have a fiction attached to them called a police officer – now if you look at the word ‘officer’ it comes from the CORPORATE world, what is a CEO – A chief executive officer. The officer (fiction) in what enforces STATUTES on you. But the trouble is the boys in blue who I have all the admiration in the world for don’t even know the difference. I have got a lot of friends in the police force who don’t know the difference – They don’t know the difference anymore, some of them did not know the difference in the first place – ‘cos they have been told wrong.

This people (slide shows policeman on the left) are only being told about this bit (slide shows police officer ‘fiction’ on right)

And funny enough I had a conversation with Albert Burgess  the other day and he was telling me some things that are going on in the police force regarding their training at the moment and all of them are being trained to be this, (slide shows police officer ‘fiction). OK.

So when you meet one of these people, what we are trying to do, I would not say educate them, we are trying to bring them to an understanding of that they really are and what they are supposed to do. I recently, the same as Albert went through from a police force from down the bottom to a chief inspector and made the chief inspector over rule STATUTORY LEGISLATION and go back to common law, anybody can do it, you’ve just got to know the language to speak, because there’s a language they are using against you that you do not understand, you may think you do because its English but its a language of the law society. (You can start a society tomorrow and create your own language, anybody can do it,) so we need to gently tell these people. Now we have methods of talking to these people. But it doesn’t always work if they’re going to slap cuffs on you and drag you to the cells – they are going to do it and you might as well make it easy but always let them know that you are protesting – peacefully and no violence, this is not about violence as Gandhi once said, ‘An eye for an eye makes the world blind.’

Right just to let you know I said all the police are registered CORPORATIONS, City of London Police, Northumberland Police, Gwent Constabulary also trading as Gwent Police Authority – so they’re trading, that means a COMPANY who is trading for PROFIT and how they generate that PROFIT is by ENFORCING STATUTES on you, that’s how they do it – NOT LAW, its policy (John makes reference to a video they have just watched) What you saw in the video was two POLICE OFFICERS trying to get this man to give his name and address because in the world of a POLICE OFFICER they can only ACT on you if you CONTRACT with them, because its the world of CONTRACTS – remember the STATUTORY INSTRUMENT it is a CREATED WRITTEN CONTRACT – they need you to give your name and address because they need to ACT on your PERSONS, not the man or woman. Darren, (pointing to a guy in the audience) didn’t know what he was doing at the time and he is laughing but the point is this is natural, its inherent, its already in you, you’ve just been conditioned to not know it, that’s all that’s happening. When Darren wouldn’t conform, the lady police officer tried to pick a spoil, (argument) with him over any issue she could to try and ENFORCE a STATUTE, now that is not a policeman or woman, that is not upholding the law of this land – the real law of this land. OK. That is a CORPORATE ENFORCEMENT policy agent – you now understand there is a big difference between the two, a massive difference. GO and check it out for yourselves.

What is LEGALESE; the language of the CORPORATE EMPLOYEES.

A language can be created by any society, a CORPORATION can be such a SOCIETY. LEGALESE is such a LANGUAGE. It is in ENGLISH but the same words have very different meanings.

For example LEGALESE is the LANGUAGE of the LAW SOCIETY – check it out. (One of the things I was going to say at the start but forgot is do not take a word I have said as being the truth – don’t, go and look at this stuff yourself, its the only way you will suddenly realise what is going on. The truth is only the truth when you realise it, its meaningless, its down to you to realise this. I can tell you all afternoon but until you realise it for yourself that’s the only way.)

Example: MUST is synonymous with the word may. If someone says to you from a CORPORATION you must they’re actually giving you a choice because they can’t force you, they are not allowed to because its not law. Its only policy.

Example: SUMMONS is synonymous with INVITATION, when you get a SUMMONS from a COURT of supposed law, you are actually being invited to a CORPORATE place or business to discuss how much money you’re going to give that CORPORATE place of business and you won’t get anything for it either.

Example: UNDERSTAND is synonymous with STAND UNDER – If I say to you do you understand and you say yes, that means you stand under me and you’ve given me authority over you. Simple as that. Its so simple.

This is the language you don’t know and you don’t know you’re being spoken to by this language.

MINISTRY OF JUSTICE also trading as every magistrates COURT in this land, the HIGH COURT of JUSTICE, all of them, every single one is a CORPORATION, running for PROFIT, know who you are. If you go to COURT its a CORPORATE PLACE of BUSINESS and they will immediately ask you for your name – They will even presume to know who you are and will ask as such.

They would say to me, Mr Harris?, Mr is the title of something; with LEGAL PERSONALITY (STATUS). I was named by my parents, but I was not named Mr John Harris.

If I replied ‘yes’ guess what I have agreed to REPRESENT? A man cannot be acted upon by STATUTES, nor can a woman, a human being, a living soul, these only apply to the FICTIONAL ENTITY with LEGAL PERSONALITY, i.e. MR JOHN HARRIS/ Mr J Harris.

Every TITLE in this land is FICTION if you’re Lord whatever, its a fiction, every title is a fiction – it doesn’t apply to a human being, its the LEGAL STATUS, remember the word STATUS it comes in to everything.

Natural Law and Common Law applies to us all. Inherent law – you don’t need to be told it you know what’s right or wrong – do you not? You know don’t you, its inherent, its just there.

Commercial Policy/ Civil Policy/ Political Policy – They all apply to the FICTION

Your human represents the FICTIONAL PERSON because the FICTIONAL PERSON doesn’t exist in the real world – If you look at a company, a company exists because a piece of paper says its a company but its not real – its not in the real world – its just a piece of paper that says this is a company.


The only basic principle that any people, of any nation, need to adhere to are those of natural law which are mirrored in common law

  • Never harm or cause loss – It covers every eventuality, there is nothing it doesn’t cover, nothing

  • Common law applies to a man or a woman, a living soul.

  • STATUTE RULES apply to the PERSON only when the man or woman CONSENTS to REPRESENT the PERSON.

  • CONSENT can be given by in-action as well as action.

  • Within common law exists the word JUSTICE, within STATUES RULES you will just receive a SUMMARY JUDGMENT – you broke the RULES of the CONTRACT – you LOSE! What SUMMARY JUDGMENT is, it doesn’t matter which COURT you go into, as long as that COURT is going to make money from someone, that’s all its about and there are reasons they want to extract revenue from you – there is such a reason.

You are a man or a woman – you have a PERSON.

Man – John Harris       – Person Mr J Harris

Exists naturally          –              Fictional Entity

Created by the Divine (call it what you want) –        Created by the government (FICTION)

Subject to common law jurisdiction      –         Subject to civil policy jurisdiction (FICTION)

Must never harm another or cause another any form of loss                 –                             Must fulfill duties given to and governed by corporate policy (tax etc) under  STATUE (FICTION)

Free unlimited ability to contract and settle debt in private under commercial law  –  Does business in the public, controlled by civil law and corporate courts (FICTION)

(I can basically do as I please as long as I abide by the principles on the left).

So what is a PERSON?

They are inviting a PERSON created by the UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION. They created something when you were born – you just did not know, your parents did not know and their parents did not know because it has been hidden from you. Because its too simple. Our world is so complicated but its not complicated – everything complicated has a very simple foundation – everything is simple.

  • Your PERSON was created when your birth was REGISTERED and is evidence of your BIRTH CERTIFICATE

  • Man created GOVERNMENT, which in turn created PERSONS, your PERSON is not you, it is a LEGAL FICTION which you are falsely identifying with because you have been deceived massively.

  • You don’t get to say what its RIGHTS and DUTIES are; the UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION does. Like I have said you have been misled.

  • But it has to MISS LEAD via; DECEPTION.

Lets Define the word PERSONS

  • Includes natural PERSON, FIRM, CO-PARTNERSHIP, ASSOCIATION, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY or CORPORATION – LEGAL PERSONALITY. Well I have got a problem with this, how can you define a PERSON as including natural PERSON. Defining a word with the very same word is failing to define anything! This definition is from Blacks Law 8th Edition.

  • PERSON is defined as a FICTION in Blacks Law 3rd Edition. (its not real).

I would like to ask why you would need 8 revisions of one dictionary of law for what possible reason – why would the words change – well, why would they? A word means something it never changes. So if its being changed, its being changed for a reason.

The Creation of a PERSON



Your FICTIONAL PERSON known by MR, MRS or MS your NAME or MR, MRS, MS, your name is created by the same means.

This information comes from Rob Bernard


When you SUBMIT; you are bending to another’s will.

When you REGISTER; you are handing over LEGAL TITLE of what you are REGISTERING to

ACKNOWLEDGING or TRANSFERRING the AUTHORITY to another by this PROCESS – this means what ever you are REGISTERING you are handing over your TITLE ownership of whatever you are REGISTERING – you actually, physically hand this over.

In doing this you ACKNOWLEDGE the TRANSFER of that AUTHORITY.

When you APPLY; which means to beg; the assumption is made, you know exactly what you are begging for, by whom or what you are APPLYING to and that you know, exactly what you are willing to give up for it. That’s what this means.

Most of the time you actually VOLUNTEER your APPLICATION and you were not forced to. Did they make you get a credit card? You SUBMIT an APPLICATION.

The whole world runs on, SUBMITTING APPLICATIONS for this, SUBMITTING APPLICATIONS for that. ( I am waiting for health and safety to come and tell me I can’t put a pencil behind my ear in case I get a splinter – but its going to come and you know it that’s why you are laughing.)


You get a certified copy of your BIRTH CERTIFICATE you do not get the original because that goes somewhere else.

When you get home look at your CERTIFICATE and look at it, its phenomenal what they have done.

Name of PERSON being created in CAPITALISED SURNAME – see the SURNAME is in CAPITALS ok. That fiction is going to be created there but what they need is another FICTION to do this;

Name of the PERSONS Father/ Mother CAPITALISED LETTERS (They have to have a FICTION to do this)

Who is the INFORMANT: QUALIFICATION needed to be able to INFORM, Father/ Mother to inform on your child being born!

You actually inform on your own children – Do you know that? You inform on them! Its brilliant isn’t it?


This is absolutely true, look at your BIRTH CERTIFICATE the QUALIFICATION needed and it will say needed – and you inform because you are the Father/ Mother.

What you don’t know is that at the bottom there is a DECLARATION, now a DECLARATION is a sworn oath of a man or a woman, and there is a reason that this is on the bottom – because without that man or woman being present, the FICTION mother or father isn’t present.

Now you are seeing that the PERSON is attached to a human being bit to do this they need the human being to be there. That’s why there’s a DECLARATION at the bottom of it.

It says it quite simply – you have to be present to REPRESENT the PERSON needed to create the new PERSONS LEGAL PERSONALITY. Its mind boggling, it really is and it all makes sense.

Then you REGISTER it to a CORPORATION (slide shows GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE). Get your BIRTH CERTIFICATE and lift it to the light and it will say GRO, that’s the GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE. That’s who you are REGISTERING it to.

REGISTRATION and your children!!

This is not funny, this is really true. To this day REGISTRATION still means the same thing;

  • That you hand over that TRANSFER of LEGAL TITLE to the body you have REGISTERED with

As you have seen the worst possible way that this process could have been abused is in the REGISTRATION of BIRTHS!

Its been abused.

A simple show of this

  • Do you have to mandatory school your children, (someone in the audience shouts, ‘No’. John then continues) Well you do.

  • And can you take them on holiday when you want to? What happens when you take them of term time? I know people who have received £100 fines.

  • Children have to be vaccinated.

The thing is its their property, you signed over TITLE OWNERSHIP of that child to the GOVERNMENT when you REGISTERED them.

You have got no claim to your children whatsoever – You just don’t know it because you’ve been duped.

If you want proof of it – The SOCIAL SERVICES – what happens when you don’t look after their property or they pertain you are not looking after their property. What happens – they take the child away but not all children are taken away because the child is in danger – Linda Lewis, Baby P. Don’t believe that for one second because that’s all propaganda – Its not true and Mr Brian Gerrish can prove this many, many times.

(Slide shows Dunn and Bradstreet and Social Services)

What you will notice is, it says SOCIAL SERVICES PLC because it is a PLC and a PLC is a Public Limited Company that has shareholders and the shareholders need profits, where do they get profit from – stealing children.

I couldn’t believe this when I found out. I was stunned. Brian Gerrish has been telling me this for eighteen months and I couldn’t believe it because I couldn’t see any facts and I only deal in facts. I deal with black and white, right or wrong and this is fact and it makes sense. I want to prove it as well.

Please consider this!

Consider this, could the GOVERNMENT actually take your car away and crush it lawfully if you actually owned it?

  • When you REGISTER your vehicle you hand over the ownership, TITLE ownership of your vehicle to the GOVERNMENT.

  • You get a V5 DOCUMENT and its the REGISTERED KEEPER (look on any of them). If you look at the advert on the telly where a car is crushed in front of a couple who have come back from somewhere and they crush their car in front of them, the voice says, ‘we have the legal right to do this’, It does not say we have a lawful right, because they haven’t got a lawful right. They have duped you into giving them your property, in this case your car, to them, so they can crush it when you don’t put any tax on it. Its incredible.

  • Basically when you REGISTER it as STATED because it is STATED you AGREE to ABIDE by their RULES, MOT CERTIFICATE, TAX and the fuel levy tax as well – you AGREE to this – This is what you AGREE to, because its part of the deal. And then you REGISTER it to another CORPORATION, DVLA, DEPARTMENT FOR TRANSPORT.

Please Remember –

  • When you REGISTER something/ anything you give up ownership (POSSESSIONS), your house, your children to it, and instead you get a CERTIFICATE of TITLE, this is worthless and this is why you do not own anything, not even your CHILDREN!!

  • But your children are your children and no one has the right to take that child away from you- NO ONE.

  • You get a CERTIFICATE OF TITLE and its WORTHLESS, not worth the paper its written on.


So why are there so many FIXED PENALTY NOTICES being given for the most ludicrous reasons?

You get a fine for filling your bin up too much, putting out the wrong bin on the wrong day, putting it in the wrong place. Parking in a place a CORPORATION deems you can’t, speed cameras, SORN DOCUMENTS, the list is endless.

What are these NOTICES in the real world being issued by these CORPORATIONS who never stop dreaming up REASONS for PENALISING you?

They’ve been issued by CORPORATIONS to PENALISE by the way of FORFEIT; something surrendered of subject to surrender as PUNISHMENT for a BREACH of CONTRACT.


An ADHESION CONTRACT is a type of CONTRACT that is a LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT between two parties to do a certain THING, in which one side has all the BARGAINING POWER and uses it to write the CONTRACT PRIMARY to his, her or its ADVANTAGE.

A NOTICE is not a BILL, A NOTICE is not a DEMAND. ( If you went to a restaurant and the waiter/ess comes up and says that’s £60 for your meal and I serve you notice, what would you do? Pay or ask for the bill? Well you’d ask for the bill)

Have you ever thought about asking the council – ‘Can I have a bill for my council tax’?

This is simply a tool for REVENUE COLLECTION and the true reason why this is being forced upon you is simply to maintain the ILLUSION that they have control over your LIFE, your FORTUNE and your FREEDOM because of your fear and their ABILITY to take from you something you deem VALUABLE and that is MONEY – yes?

Do we all believe that MONEY is VALUABLE, we all use it everyday, yes? We all believe its got some worth. These pieces of paper and coin has some worth, because you take it somewhere and someone will give you service for it, you can buy things, you can trade it. You believe its valuable but have you ever asked yourself this

A ‘PROMISE’, what’s that worth?

‘I PROMISE TO PAY THE BEARER ON DEMAND THE SUM OF TWENTY POUNDS’ – For one thing its in capitals, so its again the fictional world but have you ever asked yourself;

TWENTY POUNDS of what? Its true, of what? Go and ask the BANK OF ENGLAND – you’ll get thrown out, that’s what happened to a friend of mine. Seriously.

This is the real truth – you are the currency, not money, you, because without you everything grinds to a halt.

So is the MONEY VALUABLE or the work you are doing to get that MONEY? Because the principle workforce of any machine or any CORPORATION or any COMPANY are SLAVES and they have to give you something to believe in to do their work. And you will not question. And to make it valuable they are going to stiff you with as many fines that are make-believe to make you give over that worthless piece of paper to another CORPORATION just so you believe its real, No?

Lawful Rebellion

Lawful rebellion, this is what I entered into some of you might know what I did. A friend of mine who is sat in the audience, Robin, gave me some information once and funny enough another gentleman also in the audience gave me the same information and I looked at it and its called, ‘Lawful Rebellion’ – its actually written in ‘Magna Carta’ 1215, its article 61. Now I know a lot about the Magna Carta and its certainly wasn’t written for us, and we cannot use it but we can use the methods of ‘Lawful Rebellion’ because what article 61 of the Magna Carta actually says is, ‘Lawfully hinder’ and it says you must never ever use violence. We can’t sort this out with violence because if we sort this out with violence, violence will always ensue.

We have to do this peacefully and the way we do this peacefully is learning the RULES of the game. So when these people come to us, you’ve got to understand there are people out there working in all walks of these CORPORATIONS who know there is something very wrong, they don’t know what it is. They are trying to do something about it but they can’t do something about it until they have the knowledge to do something, and we need to give these people that knowledge.

Every time you write to the TAX OFFICE, ask them, ‘what do you want me to pay with?’ ‘What’s it worth?’ ‘You want me to give you a worthless piece of paper?’

These people need to be educated, they need to learn this, the police, the courts, the judges, the politicians. There are politicians that don’t even know about this.

So what we do is, whenever you are stopped by one of these individuals.

Lawful Rebellion.

  • Always ask – ‘Am I obliged to answer your questions?’ Because they don’t know what the word obliged means.

  • Peacefully resist all claims against your PERSON by refusing to CONSENT to the CORPORATIONS POLICY.

  • Then ask them ‘Under what AUTHORITY and under what law are you ACTING?’ The reason being is, if they say to you, ‘Its under this law’, and you prove its under STATUTE an ACT OF PARLIAMENT, that says it in itself. PARLIAMENT that’s all it is, an ACT.

Shakespeare said, ‘All the worlds a stage‘. Its all acting.

When you say the following to these people and you can actually say this because I’m about to say this to the chief constable of Devon and Cornwall police.

  • Remind them that, ‘Failure to DIFFERENTIATE between STATUTE and a law is GROSS NEGLIGENCE which is equivalent to FRAUD, to the common law crime’.

They are committing fraud, they have been committing fraud on you since the day you were born. This applies to anyone who is trying to ENFORCE A STATUTE upon you, no matter who they are.

You are a man or a woman, you are NOT a PERSON. The LEGAL world is the same as your PERSON, it is FICTION, its not real, its an ILLUSION, its not real, you just believe it is because you’ve been duped. And they have made it so complicated but its not complicated because it doesn’t exist.

The CORPORATE EMPLOYEES must get a man or a woman to REPRESENT the PERSON before a CONTRACT can be formed, that’s absolutely true, they will ask you your name and your address, when they have got your address they have got, ‘JOINDER’, there can be 100 thousand John Harris’s in England, they need that address to get JOINDER, so they can prove who you are. The second you do that the human being has said ‘yes I am that PERSON.

Remember there is no justice in this country and there isn’t any justice in this country, I see it daily. I have people contacting me and I hear the most saddest of stories. I know a lady sat in the audience who’s story is so incredibly sad about her Dad and I’ve listened to it and I want to help but I can’t help her, not at this moment but I have a way of doing it though.

Remember there is no justice and you only ever receive SUMMARY JUDGMENT, they just want to extract money from you because they want you to believe that this stuff is real. For every COURT even the highest COURT in the land is a PROFIT CORPORATION which is part of the UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION.

Lawful Rebellion is the final part to play; we need to sacrifice the PERSON, this is the only way to do this and I’m not asking anybody to do this, I’ve never asked anybody to do anything I do. I want to save my country, I want to save this island, why have we got borders, why do the English hate the Scottish or the other way around, or the Welsh, because we have been divided, because when we divide we cannot unite. We have been divided by languages. Political parties were designed to divide people. The only way to get rid of this once and for all it to sacrifice the PERSON. To sacrifice the PERSON is to remove that PERSON completely and that means the BIRTH CERTIFICATE has to be destroyed and it can be done, I have seen it done, massive implications but it can be done and I am going to do it, because I am not living in this society one moment longer than I have to and watch my fellow human beings suffer under it. I will find a way to get out of this and I will succeed. The reason is that what I am doing is right.

It breaks my heart, I could weep for the world.

If anybody tells you a grown man cannot cry. Yes he can.

Thank you

John Harris

Thanks to;

Dr Stephen Hopwood

Alan from Bournmouth

Brian Gerrish

Anthony Beckett

BBC5. tv

Colin ‘power’ Williams

Dan ‘Freeman’ Hughes

Roger Hayes

Scott Hudson

Anyone who passes this on.

John Harris has a website called, The People’s United Community. To watch the video of the above transcript please go to

This was typed up by us, all the work we do is for the benefit of all the human beings, animals and plants on this earth. Our time is given freely and we ask for no payment or donations for this time, all we ask is that you mention our website name when you use any of our material so we can keep spreading the good word to free us all from this slavery. And please give credit to the humans that have done the work you read, like John Harris from The People’s United Community who has worked very hard to get the truth out to us all.

Thank you

Denise Tansley and Mark Naughton

You believe as a people we have ‘no’ power! The power to say ‘no’ by John Harris

Friday, November 27th, 2009

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You believe as a people we have ‘no’ power! The power to say ‘no’

Posted November 28th, 2009 by John Harris

We are not called consumers by some sort of mistake….

I would like to take fifteen minutes of your valuable time to explain something to you if I may. This article is for those of you in particular that have been entrapped by a core belief system. Everything in this article will be explored in greater depth in my book.

“..a core belief system is constructed from ideas or terms that someone has systematically arranged, that has been accepted as being truthful without question; as in scripture, education or doctrine – political or any other form of..”

I would like if I may to deal with the word consumer and to touch on briefly core belief systems. I would like to explain to you how much real power you have, even though you have been entangled in a web of deceit based upon the concept you haven’t any. Because you have been entangled in this web you can use this to your advantage, as in everything that has ever been done against you it can be reversed. Everything has a 180 degree effect built into it and there are no exceptions to this rule. Although what at first might look to be decidedly negative, there is always a positive to be found. There is no mystery in the process needed to find these positives, all I have found is you look again, but this time use real eyes. This I call the ‘stand back approach’. Read something and your mind will help you contemplate (a template for the con) what is wrote to bring some form of under –standing. Then stand back and do not think about what you have just read, generally go and do something completely different.
I have found by doing this ‘realisation’ sets in – you suddenly realise there is in fact two messages; one for your mind to stand- under; which is the literal meaning generally the negative, the controlling aspect. And one which is the true meaning of what is wrote down, the positive to reverse the controlling aspect. When you realise the true meaning for the first time, you realise that everything wrote down has this, there truly are no exceptions. This is not something you have to practice; all you have to do is know this occurs and have realisation of when it does. As in most of us I ignored this for it was against my core belief system. A system I didn’t even know I was defending as most of us don’t.
So let’s take this approach with the word consumer: One that consumes, especially one that acquires goods or services for direct use or ownership rather than for resale or use in production and manufacturing.
One definition of consumerism; it is built upon the theory that a progressively greater consumption of goods is economically beneficial. This is a core belief system we have been fed by those who require the consumers to keep purchasing products for one specific reason; enrichment. You could argue that enrichment is a good thing and many will (a self defence mechanism of the core belief system), the fact that if we consume more it is beneficial to the economy, but surely understanding the true meaning of economy is to be sparing, restrained, or create efficient use of; is not consumerism the complete opposite? Ask yourself who controls the economy and in essence who really benefits? Is this consumption more beneficial to the earth? Looking at the way these products are constructed, produced, the amount of time the products actually last and the amount of energy they consume, who is that beneficial too – us or the people producing such products – for what reason do they benefit? Look at food. No food lasts as long as it used too even though it is pumped full of preservatives that are supposedly there to help it maintain a longer shelf life (hmm). No fruit lasts as long as it used to, but why? If it does not last as long then you are required to go and get more far sooner – so who benefits from this process? It’s not rocket science, metaphorically who benefits from being at the top of any food chain?
Part of this core belief system is to make us believe that it is good to enrich our lives with bigger, better and more materialistic possessions that we can value, keeping the core belief system alive and well based upon an economy of enrichment created by  consumerism, consumption and materialistic value; greed. What you will soon realise, if you haven’t already, is that all core belief systems are built upon a word that resides within words such as belief, believe and believed.
When realisation of this fact sinks in ask yourself this – what is the real reason they would need us to attach so much value to our possessions?
When looking again with real eyes, you will see the real meaning of consumerism; an attachment to materialistic value; our need to value our possessions. The attachment is what the core belief system relies upon which we stand-under unaware that we do. The consumers are controlled by the materialistic value they assert to their possessions monetarily. By using this simple aspect to assert control upon the consumer, it is maintained that the consumer is always controlled by the fear of loss of such possessions. For this aspect of the core belief system to work properly there was the need to create a legal system that would allow for this process to become relevant. Once you have allowed the consumers to amass the materialistic possessions you then can control the consumers with the fear of loss of such possessions. This is the controlling aspect the legal industry on behalf of any government (whether that is central or local) relies upon. They could create any amount of acts of parliament (as they do daily) saying you ‘must pay this’ as they did with council tax, PCN’s and many other stealth tax’s and the majority of people will pay. Why? Because they fear that if they don’t pay they will loose what? Their material possessions they value or the commodity used to gain those material possessions. If anyone gives evidence to the contrary the core belief system kicks in to defend itself generally being displayed with arrogance, anger or ridicule.

“..If you have accepted the doctrine created by the architects of a core belief system, then you have accepted the two built in elements. One is obvious which is the core belief itself; laying down what you should believe. Then secondly the core belief systems self preservation mechanism; what happens if you stop believing or if someone starts to questions your beliefs. Both of these elements require fear to function properly, because without fear neither would work. All core belief systems originate from the same source and have the same basic structure and function..”

You suffer at the hands of people who are nothing more than confidence tricksters, sales people that simply rely upon a core belief system of their design that you have accepted as being truthful. They rely upon sales pitches derived from the core belief system which will in most cases almost certainly sell the product(s) and/or service(s) for them – simply making you believe you need what they have to offer or to accept such is in your best interest. To convince you, they use deception in their sales pitches. They deceive in the accuracy of the information regarding the product(s) and/or service(s) not necessarily by directly lying, but by never telling the real truth. A simple show of this is a council issuing PCN’s or charging council tax on the pretence it is to help with the services within that local area. Both are ‘contractual payments’ that you do not have to pay that are issued by companies making profit for one reason and one reason alone, that was never destined to be used for the services in that area,  gaining money under false pretences is fraud. What happens is people believe that the government can do as they please and whatever the government say’s or enforces must be accepted by all. If you accept the government can do this then you have accepted a core belief system based on inaccuracies and un-truths and you will almost certainly attack my statement that these are nothing more than ‘contractual payments’ that you do not have to pay. This is one example of how people just accept core belief systems without understanding the reality of what they are accepting.
Most of what politicians devise as corporate core belief system structure is called the ‘what if syndrome’, this is normally based upon what is called the ‘precautionary principle’. This inverts the very principles of justice and negligence allowing the government to enforce anything it deems fit upon those who accept the core belief system without repercussion, accountability and without any form of recourse for those accepting such legislation in whatever way. The terrorism policy in place is absolute evidence of this, although many other examples exist. Central government and councils use something that is called a ‘tort of conversion’ which simply amounts to legal theft; to take someone’s belongings unlawfully. This only works if you have accepted the core belief system they need you to accept, firstly making you believe you need to value your possessions and the more you have the better. Secondly to make you believe they can take them from you without your permission. What results is a perfect system of control, which is nothing more than genius in its simplicity especially when you realise the truth is, we do not own anything it actually owns us and in essence this is the one fact they rely upon
But as a consumer you can use the real 180 effect built into this to show who really does hold the power, the power to simply say ‘no’.
May I ask you a few questions?
  • If a company manufactures a range of products designed for us as the consumers to buy and if us as the consumers don’t buy these products – what happens to the company manufacturing the products?
  • If a company issues PCN’s that no one pays – what happens to the company issuing the PCN’s?
  • If everyone decided to not go to work tomorrow – what would happen to the country?
  • If everyone stopped buying fuel tomorrow what would happen to the fuel prices?
So may I ask you again; who holds the power to say ’no’?
As the few simple examples above show the power has always been held by you and has never been taken from you because it cannot be. You just believe it has. This is how a core belief system works it creates a belief that you can never go against it and you must always conform to that belief system, whether that is consumerism, religion or politics as examples; if no one buys or buys into what is being offered – who is offering does not survive. Evidence of this is in the above statements. This applies to anything and everything.
Let’s take the fuel prices. At four of my last talks I explained, not a new idea and not one that has not been used before, but an old one. We chose at the talks to stop purchasing fuel from TESCO, a total boycott. If enough of us do this and TESCO loose a good percentage of their customers, what will they do to attract those customers back? Lower their fuel prices – so everyone will start going back to them as they will be lower than any other supplier. Then what will every other supplier do? Exactly the same lower their prices. Down come the fuel prices. So who holds the POWER? But let’s not stop there. Once the prices start falling pick a new supplier to boycott and start the process again and keep doing it until such time as we have the prices at a reasonable level.
“The consumer, so it is said, is the king … each is a voter who uses his money as votes to get the things done that he wants done” [Paul A. Samuelson Economics]
So how do you get enough people to do this? Simple; by using the most powerful medium in the world, word of mouth. This medium cannot be stopped it is ours and always has been ours and has always been at our disposal. Look at gossip, look how fast it spreads. Now take that principle and apply it to something good and positive.
john x
The above information has been written By John Harris for more information go to  The power is with the people.

Positive Quotes – Enjoy and live your dream

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

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Positive Quotes


On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain: either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow. Friedrich Nietzsche

Use your talent (everybody has one) in anyway you can. Don’t keep it for yourself like a miser – spend it like a millionaire! Lucy MacDonald

The following quotes are a attributed to Albert Einstein;

“Only a life lived for others is a life worth while.”

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”


The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm” Swedish proverb

Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense” Sir Winston Churchill

You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.” Herm Albright

The following quotes are attributed to Carl Jung;

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”

“Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious.”

“If one does not understand a person, one tends to regard him as a fool.”

“It is on the whole probably that we continually dream, but that consciousness makes such a noise that we do not hear it.”

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely”

“We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.”

“If there is anything we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.”

“There are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year’s course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.”


I think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.”

Willie Nelson

Not the owner of many possessions will you be right to call happy. He more rightly deserves the name of happy who knows how to use the God’s gifts wisely and to put up with rough poverty, and who fears dishonour more than death” Horace

True happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose” Helen Keller

Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress. Nicholas Murray Butler

Seek out that particular mental attribute which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive, along with which comes the inner voice which says, “This is the real me,” and when you have found that attitude, follow it. William James

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour, catch the trade winds in your sail, explore, dream. Mark Twain

With benevolent feelings and good wishes we can free people from worrying. When we come across someone who is faced with a difficult situation because of which he is worrying, we too usually tend to think about it. Instead of helping the other person to be free from worrying, we too begin to worry. This doesn’t help either of us in anyway but only adds to the negativity of the situation. We need to develop such benevolent feelings for the ones who are going through the situation that the power of our positive feelings will spread to them too. It will act like the light of the lamp, which helps to dispel the darkness around. Only when there is positivity in the mind will they be able to think of some solution.~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu.

When there is real transformation we never repeat our mistakes. When any mistake of ours keeps repeating again and again, it becomes part of our nature, a habit and then we make it an excuse and defend ourselves saying, ‘this is just the way I am, this is my nature, etc.’ When we justify our mistake we will not be able to work on it to remove it and we find that it is only further strengthened. Once we have recognised the fact that our nature has become such that the mistake keeps repeating again and again, we need to make an attempt to change it without giving any excuse to ourselves or to others. Unless our attitude towards the mistake changes, i.e. we stop justifying it, we will not be able to do away with it.~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu.

I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet. Ancient Persian Saying

If you don’t like something, change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Mary Englbreit

He who has so little knowledge of human nature as to seek happiness by changing anything but his own disposition will waste his life in fruitless efforts. Samuel Jackson

I don’t like that man, I must get to know him better. Abraham Lincoln

I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where I thought the flower would grow. Abraham Lincoln

I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains. Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

Life is great. Don’t let circumstances and society fool you into believing it’s not. Adabella Radici

Say you are well and all is well with you, and God shall hear your words and make them true. Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes. William James

What is possible? What you will.

Angus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare, Guesses at Truth, by Two Brothers, 1827

The Astrology of 2012 by Helen Sewell and an intro from us

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

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I have decided to add Helen Sewell to my Blog as she seems to have a good  understanding of astrology, Helen’s web site is Here Helen talks about the approaching New Age of Aquarius, 2012 and what changes are in store for us at this time.

I have added a short piece of my own before you get to Helen.

The average person on the planet has been conditioned to believe that astrology is mumbo jumbo and that, which has no bearing on us mere mortals on this round sphere called Earth. The newspapers in the west print a couple of lines of your starsign which is general, has no bearing on an individuals time of conception, time and date of birth and so can cover a large amount of people so of course we will brush it off. But before you throw the baby out with the bath water you have to seriously consider what is it about astrology. We have all lost great knowledge of the planets, astrological signs, cycles of the sun and the moon, were we meant to forget or were we made too? There are images of astrology, astronomy, geometry and so called ‘mythological’ beings everywhere; countless churches, governmental buildings and temples around the world – and you have to ask yourself – Are we actually living in the Matrix as the film suggests, because to the majority we do not have a clue what these images mean. We have become drones working constantly to pay debts that will never be paid only to make the very rich richer, we are enslaved by this debt and we have forgotten our history our roots and where we have come from, the knowledge that has not been passed on from our ancestors because of what has happened in the past. All the knowledge that these very rich people have is all in the heavens – As above so below – everything is reflected and the people that run this world at the moment are relying on the simple fact that we do not know the true way of living and they do not want us to know. There is one thing which is correct, I believe that in the wrong hands this great knowledge can be used for great evil and due to this the knowledge will only be understood by initiation and by the grace of God – to prove yourself worthy of such knowledge. You see in many secret orders around the world initiates are sworn to secrecy most probably because of this reason. I do feel that there are people in the world that are using forces to acheive an outcome and this outcome unfortunately affects the many because we are not on the same playing field as these people, they have understanding and access to great knowledge which brings them their power and ultimate control, it keeps this power and control firmly in their hands. If you understand the true teachings you have the world at your feet. If we lived our lives according to a Spiritual path, which would mean great sacrifices for some,  we will have to look within ourselves and learn to control the forces therein. When we look at the philosophers stone we look externally to obtain this ‘stone’ which will reward us with riches, yet this is not the true philosophers stone for here is the secret and that those that seek and are worthy in body, mind and spirit will begin to climb the ladder to acheive real riches one cannot imagine on earth. These are not riches of the grossness material wealth but a far more important wealth.  No man or woman is free no matter what you think, we are all on the wheel of the Zodiac and its influences lifetime after lifetime until we learn what we are truly here to acheive. We have much to learn, much to share with each other but our ultimate aim is to acheive enlightenment to return to the source many call GOD – for we have that spark within us and when we acknowledge this we can begin our journey. Many will fail and this is not a bad thing it just means that in this lifetime you are learning and each lifetime you step further up the ladder to reach that golden temple. I believe people like the Mayans, Peruvians, peoples of Easter Islands and many other civilisations that just disappeared achieved this enlightened state, for those that can see will more than likely catch a glimpse of these beings and indeed all the other beings that reside around us from, sylphs, to nymphs, salamanders, fairies. For those of you that do not believe and criticize,  that’s OK but unless you go and seek  the truth not only by reading the manuscripts, rare and aged books and more importantly begin a spiritual pathway which incorporates meditation in a regular fashion how can you possible comment and criticize. But it may also be that one is not ready for this pathway in this lifetime – the best way in this case is to be of goodwill to yourself and others, accept death as a process which takes you on to the next adventure and do not fear it – we all see the films when people who are passing have a desperation to ask for forgiveness or share their love or to reveal secrets hidden. Whatever it is – express yourself, tell people you love them, share your hopes and dreams, don’t be afraid to let someone in that you trust or someone that can help you. Incorporate some of the Spiritual ways of life, respect your life for you have a job to do here on Earth and you are as important as the next person, don’t put your energy into believing money and material wealth is needed to be happy, look at the rich/ famous people in the media!!,  respect nature and animals, put love in all you do and all you say and what you think and try to live a more alkaline life, look at the impurities you put in your vessel/cup (body).  When you start on these things you flow with life and your fears are blown away and you start to live your life in a more positive way and you learn to just BE.

As the year 2012 approaches, the Internet, the media, books and the films industry will become awash with stories of great changes on the Earth bringing death and destruction – resulting in fear and sadness, desperation and and a feeling of  hopelessness. I remember the year 2000 and how we all read on the web how a comet would fall from the sky, some people believed that a space satellite called Cassini was going to crash, how we were obsessed with Nostradamus and how we would all lose electricity. How planes would fall from the sky because the clocks could not handle the 00 in that year – and what happened – yep, nothing. We have to laugh when we look back. Each time humanity is faced with something that is unknown, fear overcomes us and we grasp on to any piece of information without really digesting it ourselves. With the readily available access to information at a touch of a button we are filled with all sorts of scenarios when it comes to the unknown it is easy to follow the herd and be swept up in this frenzy. My feeling is that if we all connect with the divine source, call it what ever you want, by meditating we will find all the answers we need.

No matter what you believe we were all given a guide when we came here to this planet of learning. The light here in matter does not shine so bright and so these guides are literally that, when the dark, heavy matter of the earth gets to great, they can guide us and can be called upon for they are full of love for you, not the kind we have on earth but an unconditional, nonjudgmental love, a love we crave for since the moment we come into this world. With the help of our guides by meditating we can connect with the source and feel that love and light once more – we will also gain truths that we all have within us and this will stop the fear and we can be guided on our chosen pathway – the one which we agreed to before we came here. So if you are fearful of what the future holds for you – please join a good meditation group ( go to a few and see which one is right for you) as this will help you with any questions you have and you can have fun meeting like-minded people. Join a yoga class where their aim is to raise your kundalini but please bare in mind that this is a powerful untapped source capable of creating havoc, its not anything to fear it is just better that you are helped with a trained professional who can help you deal with emotions and energies that may arise.   We practice Kundalini yoga and try to do this at least three times a week, ours was from Maya, website is here where you can buy the dvd and I believe she is sometimes on sky channel 275- body in balance. We were already aware of the power of the kunalini and were aware of Spirit so we practice this yoga at home but if this is your first time or are new to this teaching – start with the basic yoga to get supple and then move on to a group that can help you with raising the kundalini through yoga and meditation.  And above all believe in the power of prayer, whatever your beliefs there is only one Divine source where we call come from, the spark is within us all and by silently chanting our prayers we ‘WILL’ them – As in Heaven as on Earth.  Thank you and lets think positively and for a world we want, for the more we live in chaos and negativity the longer the problems on Earth. Denise Tansley and Mark Naughton

THE ASTROLOGY OF 2012 by Helen Sewell

The 2012 phenomenon was first brought to my attention when Geoff Stray asked if I could see any significance in the astrological chart of 21st December 2012.

Researching the astrology of 2012 has taken me on quite a journey and led me along many interesting and diverse paths, and I would like to share with you my discoveries on one of these tributaries that has proven to be of particular interest to me: the astrological significance of 2012 for the UK, England especially.  This ancient land and culture is very unique and special in many ways and it is regarded by many people as the ‘heart chakra’ of the world.  We are also blessed for some reason with the majority of the crop circles that appear in the world, as if our consciousness is somehow more tuned in to this type of symbolism, wherever it may come from.  I also think there is some significance to the fact that the English language is so widely used around the world.

It is never easy to convey astrological concepts to the layperson without using the jargon that astrologers bandy about like a foreign language.  However, I will endeavour to describe them in the most accessible terms.

The Astrological Chart of England
As a background, I will first give a brief description of the astrological chart that I use for England (and, by default, the UK) – the crowning of William the Conqueror at Midday on 25th December 1066 (I shall expand on my reasons for using this particular chart later).   Countries have horoscopes that can be interpreted just the same as one would for a person.  In fact, a chart can be cast for anything that has a ‘birth’, and it will embody the qualities of that moment in time.  As the planets continue on their cycles through the heavens, they form new aspects (astrologically meaningful positions) to the planets on the birth chart, and it is through the transits between them that astrologers glean clues and indications as to the type of energy that is around and the possible events that can then manifest as a result.  Astrology is therefore a very powerful tool, as the ancients knew only too well.  I cannot say that the transits of the planets actually cause things here on earth, but statistical analysis shows there is a clear correlation of transits with types of events and there is certainly something strangely synchronistic that happens.  As the old saying goes: ‘As above, so below’.

If I give you an interpretation of some of the planetary energies which were around when William the Conqueror was crowned (see Fig. 1), you may be able to recognise some of our more obvious national traits.  Countries do seem to have ‘personalities’, and it is quite fun to see how the national characteristics of a country can so easily be recognised from their horoscope.  This is why we as a nation are so different from, say, Italy.

Figure 1.  Coronation of William the Conqueror

England as we know it now was effectively ‘born’ when the Sun was in the stable earth sign of Capricorn.  The quality of earth is to move and change very slowly and it has a liking for things that have a lasting value.  We are conservative as a nation and therefore like to preserve our traditions, a good example being the monarchy.  Indeed, the character traits of Queen Victoria and our current Queen Elizabeth embody the qualities of loyalty and devoted service to duty that is reflected in our nation.  As a people, we are stoic and often like to be seen as respectable, responsible and reserved to the point of the ‘stiff upper lip’.  We like to grumble and moan (embodied by such characters as Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh, and Puddleglum in the Narnia books) and can be quite melancholic, sometimes taking life too seriously.  We err on the side of cynicism and it is difficult to pull the wool over our eyes.  However, this is wonderfully offset by our ironic and very dry sense of humour.  A personality such as characters played by John Cleese is indicative of the sort of caricatured Englishman that could be recognised around the world as someone typically British.

The chart some astrologers use for England and/or the United Kingdom is the Union of Great Britain with Ireland on 1 January 1801.  Fascinatingly enough, the Sun is in Capricorn at virtually the same degree as the 1066 chart and Pluto has also returned to the same position.  There are many similarities in these two charts and therefore the significant transits occurring in 2012 will have similar affects, whichever chart is used.  The reason I use the chart for 1066 is because England changed so dramatically after the invasion of William the Conqueror.  He brought with him the birth of a new and more cohesive nation, with Norman culture indelibly sweeping aside much of what had gone before, and since this time (not withstanding events such as the Civil War of the 1640s, in which Charles I was executed) there has been a virtually unbroken line of kings and queens.  It is also the date that most people remember as the birth of modern English history, far more so than the 1801 chart.  The fact that it is so entrenched in the national psyche automatically gives it psychological significance on a collective level.

I am sure that in the past astrologers would have been consulted about the best times for auspicious state occasions such as coronations, and it is probable that kings would be crowned at midday, because the Sun would then be at the zenith of the sky and therefore in the tenth ‘house’ of the horoscope.  This is the house associated with public standing and our status in the world, and it is therefore a very powerful placing in the chart, whether it be for a person or a nation.

The fiery sign of Aries was the sign coming up over the horizon at the moment of William’s coronation, and therefore this is known as the ‘Ascendant’, or rising sign.  Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war, who embodies the dynamic masculine principle of action and desire.  Aries rising likes to be a leader and is not content to sit back and be a spectator.  He is fearless and likes a conquest.  The spirit of Jason and the Argonauts would be typical of this sign.  So, with the combination of Capricorn’s urge to build something solid and lasting, together with the Aries urge to conquer, we created our Empire.

You will observe that the Moon in the chart is in the sensitive, watery sign of Pisces, and this helps to soften the harder aspects of Capricorn and Aries.  I see this reflected in our Welfare State and the NHS.  The Moon also resides in the twelfth house, which rules institutions and, more esoterically, spirituality, music, poetry and the arts, the collective unconscious and hidden enemies.  With Pisces being the last of the Zodiac signs, and the twelfth house being the last house, the position of the Moon signifies a greater connection with the numinous and our ultimate return to the source, before the whole cycle starts again with Aries.  Our caring and generous national spirit can also be glimpsed in the hosting of events such as Live Aid, and people often talk of how collectively caring we are for each other in crises, as was demonstrated in the Blitz.  However, just like a person, a nation has a shadowy side and this I see in the Moon, tucked away in the hidden twelfth house.   This side of our character can be witnessed in our desire to escape from our personal responsibilities and be looked after by the ‘Nanny State’.  This placement, I have to say, is also representative of our nation’s drinking habits, teenage pregnancies, and our recent appearance at the bottom of the UNICEF league table for child care!

There is a wealth of information in this chart, but as that is a whole essay on its own, the final observation I would like to make here about our nation’s chart is that the Moon is in a very dynamic aspect with the maverick of the solar system, Uranus, and also with Chiron (an astrologically important asteroid with an eccentric orbit), known in myth as the wounded healer.  This aspect is what gives us our slightly eccentric nature and produces the classic ‘mad inventor’ types.   We can sometimes unexpectedly act out of character and get to produce programmes like Monty Python, and tend to be at the forefront of contemporary music with our originality and trend setting.  It doesn’t, however, make for a very cuddly Moon, and this can be witnessed in our attitude towards children – the classic ‘children should be seen and not heard’, as illustrated by how unwelcoming we can be to families in pubs and restaurants.  There is definitely something rather detached about our emotional life.

The Chart of 2012
Moving on, then, to explore the chart of 2012, let us see what insights this chart can bring us.

The Chart of 21st December 2012

Figure 2. Winter Solstice 21st December 2012

I was very excited when I discovered that the time of the 2012 winter solstice was 11:11 Universal Time (see Fig. 2).  I have been following the 11:11 phenomenon since the early 90s, and am hoping very much that the evolution of consciousness promised by its devotees will indeed take place!  There is a wealth of information on the significance of the numbers 11:11 on the internet but, in a nutshell, much of the material comes from the channelled messages of the US medium Solara, and the underlying theme is that we are moving away from duality to oneness.  This development is a global phenomenon, which began in 1992.  The channellings state that eleven ‘doorways’ will open (the first one opened on 11th January 1992, and the last one will open on 11th November 2011), and with each opening there will be a shift in our consciousness.

At this moment of 11:11 on 21st December 2012, the Sun will have just entered Capricorn and the tenth house and this, I feel, is particularly significant.  Capricorn is the last of the earth signs, and if we think of the evolution through the signs, arrival here is when we should have reached the greatest understanding of this earthly plane and physical reality.  In Geoff Stray’s book, Beyond 2012, he writes extensively about the possible spiritual and esoteric changes that could take place at this time, so if there is one astrological sign in which to have an actual manifestation of an event, it would be very fitting for it to take place in Capricorn.  It is entirely appropriate, for instance, that – symbolically (i.e. given the date we choose to celebrate it) – Jesus was born under this sign.  This speaks to me of the actual physical incarnation of the godhead.  It is worth contemplating the meaning of the glyph for Capricorn, a creature half-goat, half-fish, as the coming together of spirit and matter.

Capricorn is an earth sign and therefore all things associated with the earth will automatically come into focus, and issues with an ‘earth theme’ will assume greater importance.  Therefore an increase in earth changes and natural disasters may very well manifest, not just while the Sun is in Capricorn, but especially with Pluto, the planet of death and transformation, transiting through Capricorn from 2008-2024.   We are also likely to see the whole ‘green’ movement escalate dramatically over this period, with the politicisation of issues such as climate change and global food production.

We can see that Neptune has just moved back into its own sign of Pisces in 2012 (each sign has a ‘ruling planet’, and Neptune rules Pisces), after its 165-year cycle.  Neptune is associated with the numinous – all those intangible things, such as the arts and music.  Neptune signifies how we seek redemption, and gives a deep longing to return to that pre-birth experience of being merged with ‘the source’.

All planets have a dark and a light side, and the problem with sensitive Neptune is when it finds it too difficult to cope with the harsh reality of life and all its mundane responsibilities; then it often becomes victim-like or wants to escape into fantasy or altered states of consciousness, to get back to the feeling of that pre-incarnated state.  We also have to be very careful of delusion, deception and confusion when it is so powerfully placed on the Ascendant of the chart.

Neptune spends approximately fourteen years in each sign, and at the moment it is in the airy sign of Aquarius.  To give an example of Neptune’s influence on the world during this current period, it is interesting to observe how we have been seeking that feeling of oneness with others through the cool detachment of Aquarian technology – the internet and mobile phones in particular.  We can be in the remotest parts of the world and yet still feel connected to others.

In 2012, when Neptune enters Pisces, we will then be seeking redemption through the arts, spirituality, victim/saviour situations, relationship, and selfless service.  There may well also be the strong urge to transcend our physical reality.  In fact I have a fantasy that we will no longer need to use Aquarian technology to feel connected to each other (that is too rational and emotionally removed for watery Pisces), but rather we will just naturally develop our psychic abilities.  Pisces needs to feel really merged with another, and because Neptune is associated with telepathy this could well be a faculty we all develop strongly over the subsequent fourteen years.  The last time Neptune was in Pisces there was a huge resurgence in spiritualism, hypnotism, and the occult in general.

The next interesting point I would like to draw attention to is the Yod, or ‘Finger of God’, which is quite a rare configuration and is marked by the green triangle between Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter.  This again emphasises the spiritual side of this chart.  At the apex is Jupiter, which is associated with spiritual growth and the expansion of our boundaries.  (Perhaps what is also worth pointing out here is that Jupiter is more frequently found to be prominently placed in death charts than Pluto, which is normally associated with death, hinting at expansion literally out of our physical bodies.)  Jupiter is the big gas giant of the solar system and whatever it touches it expands that principle.  Astrologically, Jupiter the god imbues hope and optimism and the desire to become more than what we are.  He gives meaning to our lives and a vision of the potential for a better future.  Jupiter is in the sign of Gemini in the third house and both are associated with communication, the acquisition of knowledge and broadening of our minds.  Although I believe the 2012 effects may be more gradual than some are anticipating, Jupiter is nonetheless very appropriately placed if, as some people believe, we are to witness a dramatic shift in consciousness taking place on this actual day.

The aspects to Jupiter from the two heavyweights in the Zodiac – Saturn and Pluto – give the whole thing gravitas.  Pluto contributes a feeling of deep and permanent transformation, and Saturn brings a seriousness and reality to it.  However, because of the nature of these planets, it does not suggest the transition will be easy.

So far I have been quite positive about the potentials in this chart, given the fact that there are some of the most advantageous positions and aspects of the planets for the possible and much-anticipated shift in consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.  However, there is also something far more sinister gathering momentum, which peaks in 2012, and it is this that potentially paints quite a different picture.  In fact, I consider this particular aspect could well be the overriding feature of the year and it will without a doubt be difficult to navigate.

Throughout the whole of 2012 there will be a very volatile 90 degree configuration in the heavens between the planets Uranus and Pluto.  These two planets aren’t like the personal inner planets, the energies of which are much easier to integrate and deal with.  Instead, they weald the powerful archetypal forces of the transpersonal planets, which bring about massive and permanent changes in the collective, and sometimes manifest as catastrophic natural disasters.  It might be helpful to look into the meaning of these two planets, and what was happening in the world at the time they were each discovered – always a key feature of the astrological significance applied to them.

Uranus, the planet which rules Aquarius, is the idealistic sky god, always trying to create the Utopian dream – the perfect system that exists on a mind level – and if that means shattering the status quo to obtain it, it will do so whatever the cost.  He wants the perfect Universe, with all things equal – but his actions are often unpredictable, unconventional and shocking.

Uranus was accidentally discovered by William Herschel in 1781.  Two revolutions occurred in the late 1700s – the American and the French – and the French battle cry of ‘Liberty, equality, fraternity, or death!’ totally encapsulates the Uranian spirit coming through into our consciousness at this time.  Uranus brings sudden enlightenment, a bit like when we suddenly get those ‘Eureka’ moments, so you can perhaps see how it is also connected to electricity, which was first being properly researched around this time.

In myth, Uranus mated with the great earth goddess, Gaia, and because his offspring did not meet with his vision of perfection, he could not bear to set eyes on them, and buried them deep in the earth.  Uranian ideals often come at a high price because, though fair and humanitarian, he is a sky god and detached from human emotion.  Think how many people throughout history have perished in the name of an ideal.

Currently, airy Uranus is transiting through the watery sign of Pisces and this ordered god is, I think, struggling with the Piscean lack of clear-cut boundaries, facts and a logical systems.  Uranus constantly seeks answers through the clear intellect of the mind, and emotional Pisces rules mystery and illusion.  It is a bit like driving a car along in thick fog – if we put on the full beam (Uranian light) in the hope of seeing better, we find it makes things even more unclear!  We can see it everywhere at the moment, especially in the conspiracy theory world, which has mushroomed all the while Uranus has been in Pisces.  The urge is so strong in us under this transit to try and seek that ‘Uranian truth’ that we are sure must be there, but I doubt that is entirely possible in this current Piscean world of smoke and mirrors, with its propensity for deception and lies, fantasy and self-delusion.  [This aspect is made doubly strong, as Neptune (the planet which rules the sign of Pisces) is in Aquarius (the sign normally ruled by Uranus) – a phenomenon known as Mutual Reception.  Neptune has been in Aquarius since 1998 and enters Pisces in 2011]  When Uranus moves out of Pisces into Aries in 2010, the fog will lift and there will be much more clarity and action.

Pluto is regarded astrologically as the most powerful planet in the solar system.  He rules such fundamental themes as birth, death, sex, and transformation.  He is also the planet of evolution and the bigger cycles in history, and if pushing those cycles means the annihilation of a species then, in Pluto’s eyes, so be it.  In our psyche, he rules our dark primitive instinctual nature – our raw unsophisticated emotions that lurk in the shadow.  When they erupt they threaten to overpower us.  Pluto also rules the occult and all things hidden and shadowy in society.  I think the reason we fear Pluto so much is because its potential for creation, death and destruction is very great.  It requires an incredible degree of consciousness to use this kind of power constructively for good and not evil.

When Pluto was discovered in 1930, the world was in crisis.  The Pluto energy can best be seen in the rise of the Third Reich.  This sadly, but graphically, shows how the abuse of this kind of energy can be used in its most destructive and devastating form.  Also at that time, however, we saw a much more positive manifestation of its potential through the work of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung and the birth of depth psychology with the understanding of the complexities of the unconscious mind.

In myth, when Jupiter had overthrown his father, Saturn, and was dividing up the spoils, he gave Neptune the rivers and seas and he gave Pluto the Underworld.  This was not, however, the lesser inheritance, because Pluto’s laws were final and nobody (not even a god) was allowed into his kingdom without irreversible change through death and without paying his due to Charon, the boatman who ferried souls across the River Styx.  In the Underworld lay the greatest treasure, and this is symbolic of the therapeutic process of transforming our darkest sides into something constructive and creative.  Shining the light of consciousness onto those shadowy areas is like finding the ‘treasure’ of freedom from our complexes, ultimately gaining enlightenment.

Pluto has been transiting through the sign of Sagittarius since 1995 and will not leave entirely until the end of 2008.  Sagittarius is the sign associated with religion, philosophy, higher learning and the ‘bigger picture’.  It is a fiery sign, full of potential and the desire to make an optimistic journey into the future.  However, with Pluto, the dark lord of the Underworld, passing through it the future no longer looks so bright.  The ‘devil’, in whatever guise, now seems even bigger, scarier and darker, and holds more potential to overpower and control us.

This placement could be interpreted as the death of religion in its current form, and has certainly contributed to the chaos and strife we are now experiencing.  Archetypally, death has always been seen as something to be feared and the religious fundamentalists do not want to face any prospect of change which might threaten their power.  They are literally fighting to the death to preserve their own particular faith.

This theme is also accentuated by the fact that we are currently in a transition seeing the death of the Age of Pisces and the birth of the Age of Aquarius.  Each Age has gods and religions which reflect the symbolism of that particular sign of the Zodiac, and maybe the Piscean religions of the past 2000 years are now in their death throes.  However, until they are replaced, there is a certain amount of collective fear and trepidation in not knowing what is coming next.  (Part One of the highly recommended film Zeitgeist makes further reference to this.)

With Sagittarius, everything is exaggerated and of epic proportions, and is reflected in the films of this time, such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Narnia movies, which pick up on the theme of the Age: the large-scale battle of good against evil.

On a very literal level, another example of Pluto (ruling sex and hidden things) passing through Sagittarius (ruling religion) is that we have had the whole issue come to light in the Catholic church of children being sexually abused, with cover-ups now being exposed.

Uranus and Pluto – An Explosive Combination
Bearing in mind the nature of Uranus and Pluto, you can imagine the cocktail when these two planets get together in a dynamic aspect.  If we look back in history at the Uranus/Pluto cycle, this particular one started with a conjunction of the two in Virgo in the mid 1960s.  The conjunction of two planets is like seed-planting time, when their conglomerate energies collide like nuclear fusion and new things are born.   Looking at what was going on at this time gives us clues as to the potential of these seeds for both good and ill as the cycle matures.  In the mid 1960s there was huge rebellion against the establishment, seen in such examples as the American student riots against the Vietnam war, and the Cultural Revolution in China.  It was a time of experimentation with psychedelic drugs, the ‘sexual revolution’ (Pluto ruling sex and Uranus ruling revolution), and various rebellions against the social norms of the time as an attempt to ‘break out’ of restricting, outmoded ways of being.

In 2012, Uranus and Pluto are going to come into their first really challenging aspect to each other since the 1960s and this will create a build up of an incredible pressure – of volcanic proportions.  The tension between the two forces could detonate revolution and rebellion (even earthquakes, on a physical level), and could bring crashing down what we thought were established political structures.  This will be especially so, because Uranus will be in the war-like sign of Aries, and Pluto will be in Capricorn, which represents authority, the establishment, political structures and governments.

My vision of one of the possible outcomes of the ‘clash of the Titans’ is this:  Our freedoms are gradually and perniciously being eroded away at the moment and, with Pluto having just moved into Capricorn in January 2008, governmental control may well become more extreme.  Uranus, particularly when it moves into Aries in 2010, will no longer be able to tolerate its freedoms being curtailed and will revolt in a possibly very sudden and violent way.

Figure 3.  England and the Transits of the 21st December 2012

The Charts of England and 2012 Combined
In Fig. 3 we see the chart of the England on the inside and the chart of 21st December 2012 on the outside.  This then allows us to see if the transits of the planets in 2012 are making any significant angles or conjunctions to any of the important points in England’s chart.  (This technique is exactly the same as when a person comes to an astrologer for a reading to see which planetary influences are reflecting what is going on in their lives.)

From this combination, I notice – with some trepidation – that Pluto is, extremely significantly, exactly on England’s Midheaven and Sun, while also squaring Uranus in the twelfth house of the collective.  So all that energy for revolutionary change will be focusing on our national identity in the world.  The twelfth house is also about hidden enemies and the ‘rebel’ could well emerge suddenly from quite an unexpected source to rise up against Pluto’s power and control, with very serious consequences indeed.

The reason for the rebellion, of course, may also come from different groups (Uranus rules groups and societies) with their own particular agendas, as it seems to me people on the whole are often quite reluctant to act unless they are affected personally.  Interestingly, the Uranus/Pluto cycle is also connected to the slave trade, and in lots of ways we have a new kind of slavery today – debt, which begins as soon as a student leaves school and takes out a loan for their further education, and is then gradually replaced or added to by high-payment mortgages and other loans, which ensure we are kept enslaved to the financial system.

The whole religious issue, which has effectively dominated global politics and the ‘War on Terror’ for the last decade, is also not going to go away overnight and may well escalate to an Armageddon-type situation.  When planets transit through Sagittarius, as Pluto has been doing, it tends to be in the realm of philosophical thought and the potential of something – it is only when it enters the sign of Capricorn that those ideas are then materialised.  There is currently quite a bit in the media about believers in ‘End Times’, highlighting how an awful lot of people are trying their hardest to make this rather frightening day-of-judgment scenario a reality.

Pluto on the Midheaven of England’s chart will certainly bring power to our nation, and seeing this makes me understand why England, in a strangely fated way, won the bid for the 2012 Olympic Games when it seemed so against the odds.  When a person has a Pluto transit like this, they often come into their power and are thrust into the limelight; a good example of this was when Margaret Thatcher came to power.  So it is interesting that all the world’s eyes will be on England in the summer of 2012.

Mentioning Prime Ministers, I believe that David Cameron could well be the person in power in 2012, because he was born under the conjunction of Uranus/Pluto in 1966 and will be so very familiar with these energies.  Potentially, he could be the one to best steer the nation through its transition.

9/11: An Example of Pluto in Action
To demonstrate the sort of effects a Pluto transit can have when it hits a sensitive spot on a country’s chart, I refer you to Fig. 4, the chart of the USA (shown on the inside) seen with the transits of the planets at the moment of the first attack on the World Trade Centre on 9/11 (shown on the outside).  At this time Pluto had arrived right on the Ascendant of America’s chart and this can literally be interpreted as the dark lord of the Underworld,  bringing death and destruction to the face of America.  Astrology can sometimes be incredibly literal in its symbolism, as is demonstrated by the fact that Pluto was opposite Saturn in Gemini in the heavens at this time: Saturn represents physical structures (think of the World Trade Centre buildings themselves) and rules such things as financial institutions, status and authority; and Mercurial Gemini (just look at the glyph for Gemini!) represents commerce and trade.  Indeed, the World Trade Centre was the centre for world capitalism.  Pluto opposite Saturn does not necessarily have to wreak such catastrophic havoc, but, as I indicated earlier, it does require an enormous amount of consciousness to deal with this type of energy.

Figure 4.  The USA and the First Attack on the World Trade Centre

Pluto transits are all about the use and abuse of power and control, often through fear (whether we own that power and use it well, or whether we feel utterly powerless and at the mercy of our fears, or controlled by others).  9/11 could have been a wonderful opportunity for America to look at its own dark side and how it wields its power and control over other nations.  The interpretation would work exactly the same if this were a person; if we do not recognise our own dark side we can be quite sure we’ll meet it (often rather unpleasantly) in an external form.  America projected its own darkness out onto Al Qaeda rather than battling its own demons much closer to home.  And, of course with Pluto being representative of hidden things, the growing numbers of people who believe the attacks could not have happened without inside US help may also have something to say about this.  The amount of  control the US government has now been able to exert over its people – with knock-on effects around the world – in the name of ‘fighting terror’ and securing the nation leaves an uncomfortable taste in the mouths of some.

We can use Pluto’s potency for powerful transformation and to change ourselves for the better, or we can choose to only see the ‘bad’ in others and demonise them.  America wants us to believe it is the ‘Land of the Free’ – democratic and fair – and that all the opposite traits reside in the enemy ‘out there’.  Sadly, we can only use our imaginations to picture a different and more consciousness-raising scenario than the one that actually did occur in the wake of 9/11, perhaps one with America taking a brutal look at its own foreign policy, seeing where there could be fundamental changes made for the good of the world, and implementing them.  This is perhaps a naïve hope, considering where we are in reality in the evolution of consciousness.  Sometimes, therefore, maybe we do unfortunately have to suffer catastrophic and painful events as a wake-up call and to force the creation of a new consciousness.  Sometimes in our own personal lives we experience challenging crises, but it is those who do not take the stance of being just an innocent victim and instead look at the situation as an opportunity for self-awareness and growth through examining their own part that are the ones who become more enlightened, wiser and mature.

2012 Hotspot
I decided to scan the whole year of 2012 astrologically to see when would be the most dangerous hotspots, and it would appear that June is the most tension-ridden month of the year (see Fig. 5).  Here I have put the June Full Moon chart around the chart of the UK, because Full Moons and New Moons heighten whatever tensions are in the air, and often cause a physical manifestation of an event.  What makes it so potentially explosive is that Mars, the god of war, is now thrown into the equation by landing exactly on the nation’s Saturn, representing our stability, structure, and also our defences, and being at the apex of the T-square (90 degrees) with the Sun/Moon opposition.  Incidentally, the London bombings on 7 July 2005 were on the New Moon, which was similarly in a square (90 degrees) aspect to Mars.  So this is again a graphic example of the type of aggressive act that can be perpetrated under such an aspect.

Figure 5. The UK and the June Full Moon 2012

Opportunities for Growth
With the Uranus/Pluto square in 2012 there will again be another opportunity for growth.  How painful or traumatic this process will prove to be depends so much on what happens between now and 2012.  In lots of ways we are already experiencing the affects associated with the whole 2012 phenomenon.  When I look around me, I see people struggling enormously with difficult issues that seem to be coming up thick and fast for them, as if on some level we are tuning into the urgency of having to wake up to a new way of being.  It is up to us how we embrace those challenges, but I do not believe there are any fast-track methods to enlightenment.  It may be easier for some, but for most of us it is a long and painful process involving deep inner work and soul searching.   I would like to think we could reach the consciousness necessary for a positive change, but that could be a tall order for people to gain the kind of self-awareness necessary before 2012.

However, many people do believe we could get a helping hand in this regard.  The Sun will be exactly positioned  at ‘Galactic Centre’ in 2012 and some believe we will then be more open to the energies of pulsing galactic super-waves (see other articles on the Diagnosis 2012 website, and in Geoff Stray’s Beyond 2012).  This may activate our pineal gland, which could, in turn, raise our vibrational frequencies to much higher levels – and possibly take us into new dimensions altogether.

Uranus is associated with the myth of Prometheus, who had a special affinity with mankind because he made them from the dirt under his fingernails and his own tears.  Zeus did not want mankind to become enlightened through having fire, because then they would achieve a godlike status and that was threatening to him.  However, Prometheus disobeyed Zeus and though he knew the price would be high, he stole fire from the smith-god Hephaistos and gave it to mankind, thus bringing them the light of consciousness.  Zeus severely punished Prometheus by chaining him up in the Caucasus mountains.  Each day an eagle came down and pecked out his liver, and each night it grew back in an endless suffering.  To me this is analogous with how those people who try to tear down the veils of hypocrisy, deception and lies in search of the truth, in the hope of illuminating mankind, are being ‘punished’.  But sometimes this is the sort of sacrifice that has to be undertaken for the good of mankind.  At least after thirty years (though some say 30,000 years!) Prometheus was finally released from his suffering.

The best thing we can do is to work on ourselves to improve our own personal integrity, honesty, discernment and, most of all with Uranus in Pisces, compassion for each other in this struggle.  Then, and only then, can we gain the wisdom necessary to be an example to the rest of society, and especially to our children.  The more people who can do this, the more it will become mainstream, eventually creating a radical shift in the collective consciousness of mankind.

Conclusions and Solutions
Lastly, I would like to draw on myth again to try and help give us some clues for a way forward in all this.  When Gaia (Mother Earth) wearied of Uranus being repulsed by their offspring and consequently burying them, she employed her son, Saturn, to castrate him as he slept.  When he carried Uranus’ severed bleeding genitals down to the shore and cast them into the sea, he inadvertently fertilised the ocean.  Thus, up rose Venus (or Aphrodite) – the goddess of love – out of the foaming brine.

This would suggest to me that we have to accept we live in an imperfect world and that the Uranian vision of perfection, as seen through the cool unfeeling eyes of masculine logic, has to be balanced by Gaia’s earth wisdom – otherwise the darker side of the feminine will rise up and brutally retaliate.  It is interesting to me that it is Venus who is the end product of this story, insinuating that it is indeed love that offers the resolution in the end.  It is worth noting how there could be dire consequences by neglecting the feminine archetype in all our hopes and fears for what 2012 might bring, and both men and women would do well to heed this.

It is said that there were only two things the gods required from mankind – and these are inscribed above the temple at Delphi.  The first is ‘Man know thyself’, and the second is ‘Nothing in excess’.  I leave it to you to contemplate how well you think we have fared in this regard since those ancient times!

Helen Sewell
May 2008

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What’s in an ‘E’ – Info on Additives

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

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This is ongoing as the information is quite large but I have decided to put it up on the blog, but it is work in progress.

In 1984 Food labeling gave us an insight into what was being put into our foods this allowed the consumer to see what was being added to these foods used for preservation and colouring but up until January 2009 there was no law that made it clear to the consumer what ingredients were used used to flavour food and drinks but thanks to an EU ruling this has now changed.

In spite of this labelling many of us still do not understand what the label is telling us, there is a mass of information including E numbers which we are not aware of what they mean so we tend to chuck it in the basket and not give it a second thought.  Sadly many now suffering the consequences of a build up of these synthetic chemicals both in body and mind.  It has been stated, by the people that recommend the amount of additives used, that most of them are at a safe level but I believe the concern is that we are eating food and drink with additives in larger quantities and we are feeding these additives to our children in the same quantities and over a short period time the food and drink laden with additives lead to, in some cases, dramatic changes in personality and behaviour, but why do foods need added chemicals – we are all drawn to certain colours and find some more attractive to our vision and pallet but maybe it is us the consumer who’s minds need to change regarding this.

Here I would like to list the additives put in our foods daily so you can make informative decisions for you and your children. It would also be an idea to check the behaviour of your children and indeed yourselves when eating food with E’s both before and after and possibly cut them out or at the very least, cut down. We are in a better position now then in the last twenty years as we are now growing our own vegetables and there is more choice in organic products but on the flip side of this the people who have the lowest income may not have a garden or the money to buy organic so reading the label and checking the additives may help people choose more wisely.

E220 Sulphur dioxide -Used in alcoholic beverages, beers, soft drinks, juices, cordials, used in all the stages of the production of wine, vinegar and potato products, dried apricots and other dried food. Interestingly any alcoholic drink above 1.2% strength does not require an ingredients label yet E220 is known to provoke asthma attacks and is associated with increased respiratory symptoms and disease, difficulty breathing and premature death. It is difficult to metabolise for those with impaired kidney function, triggers hypertension and emphysema, It also destroys Vitamins B1, B12 and E and is not recommended for consumption by children.

While we are mentioning wine it might be worthwhile noting that if you are a vegetarian or vegan and you are not aware, nearly all wines are produced with animal derivatives. They are;

Edible gelatine which is crushed bones normally from cows. Isinglass made from the swim-bladder of animal albumin ( a dried blood powder)

So unless the label states the letter ‘V’ for vegetarian or vegan you are better off leaving well alone.

Eggs – The colour of an egg yolk is measured on a scale from 1-15 most eggs that you eat on a daily basis have a colour reading of 11, however some manufacturers want a more orange appearance for the yolk and add orange pigments to the chicken feed in doing this they also pump the price up. Free- range eggs are not exempt from this tampering either and there is no law preventing this. Chickens that have a yellow colour to them have more than likely been given xanthophyll in their feed.The Fish industry is also another one that adds pigment dies not only for farmed Salmon but also for other fish, they can be dipped in a red die to give them that pink tinge. emmm lovely!!!

E110, commonly known as Sunset Yellow FCF and Orange Yellow S. It is a synthetic coal tar food colouring and an azo dye and is generally used in fermented foods. E110 is thought to worsen asthma and when taken in combination with benzoates it produces hypertension in children. Other effects of this additive is vomiting and severe weight loss. This E110 has been approved by the EU but has been banned in Norway.

Children’s food and drink that contain E110 or Sunset Yellow; Bob the builder Cake, Cheesy corn snacks by walkers, Clown cake by Asda, Football mixed sweets by Haribo, Fruit ‘n’ Grain Apple and Cinnamon bars by Asda, Fruit ‘n’ Grain Strawberry Bars by Asda,  Fruit Pastille Lollies Rowntree’s, Fruit Pastilles by Rowntree’s, Jelly Tots Rowntree’s, Jelly Pots Orange by Rowntree’s, jelly pots lemon and lime by Rowntree’s, Jewsters by Starburst, Kola Champion Flavoured Soft Drink By DG Jamaica, Let’s Party Cake by Lightbody, Little Madame Cake by Lightbody Celebration Cakes, Loony Tunes Taz Cake by Memory lane Cakes, M&M Minis Magic Marble Cake Mix by Green’s, M&M Minis Mini Muffin Cake by Green’s, Pizza Flavoured Doritos Crisps by Walkers, Red lemonade by Nash’s, Scooby Doo by Lightbody Celebration Cakes, Smarties by Nestle, Smarties Cake by Nestle, Smartprice Orange Jelly and also Strawberry Jelly by Asda,  Spiderman Cake by Lightbody, Star Mixed Sweets by Haribo, Sugar Animal Shapes by Supercook, Tangtastic Sour Mixed Sweets by Haribo, Tangy Cheese Flavoured Corn Chips by Walkers, Tizer by AG Barr, T&K lemonade (red) drink by C&C, Whiney the Poo Cake y Lightbody. There are many more but if you see this number you know that  possible effects.

Now you take these foods and drinks home for your children and you give them the following food and drinks which have additive E211 Benzoate  ( As stated above mixing the above E110 and E211 Benzoate causes hypertension in children) and you wonder why so many kids have behavioral problems, ADHD ( Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder) and breathing related dis-ease.

E211 Benzoate; Apple and Blackcurrant Squash (no added sugar) by Safeway,  Apple Squash (no added sugar) by Asda , Barbecue Dip by McDonalds, Blackcurrant and Elderflower Flavoured Spring Water by Asda, Blackcurrent Ice Lollies by Ribena, Blackcurrant Squash (no added sugar) by Asda, C Vit by Smith Klein Beecham, Cherry by Sodastream, Citrus Fruit Crush by Asda

Its time to let these manufacturers know that we will refrain from buying their products unless they remove these ‘harm full’ additives.

See here for parents comments on additives and the affects they have noticed on their children –

We have trusted manufactures believing that they have had and do have our best interest at heart but sadly these corporations only have profits and brand names to protect, maybe its not their total responsibility because as humans we have allowed people to make decisions for us. Thankfully humanity is starting to see clearly and make the right choices for themselves and their families. We are approaching a time when we must see what is real and what is an illusion, make decisions for ourselves and not follow the hype of the media, whether this is about food, our health and well being, vaccinations or levels of crime if we allow ourselves to be controlled and not make the choices for ourselves we cannot blame anyone else because there is always a choice.

Thanks to for the information on children’s food products and thanks to ‘The New E For Additives by Maurice Hanssen and Jill Marsden. This book is available from Amazon and all good book stores.

Are you ready to hear the truth? 2012/2013 Esoteric Agenda

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

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Are you ready for the truth and more importantly what will you do about when you know. It is important that you are aware of what is happening, watch the video by copying the link below and decide for yourself.  There is a plan to reduce the population of the world by 70-90%  this is being done through;  foods, vaccines, chemtrails, flouride in water, GM crops, codex alimentarius. We can no longer just say oh that’s crazy and oh you are a conspiracy theorist without finding the truth. For to long we have put our faith in the media, the politicians, religion, pharmaceuticals and big corporations. Now is the time to make choices and if you are in a profession and you do not like what is going on,maybe its time to take a step back and evaluate the true nature of your work and the ethics behind it. There is a hidden – but is it for positive (enlightenment) or negative (Greed)? The question is what are we going to do about it? We realise something has to change because the Earth’s resources cannot continue to support us all, but can it?  There are ways to change what we have become, we all have skills that can help each other, we all have knowledge, there are minerals and trace minerals in volcanic rock that help crops grow more healthily and produce more yield and full 0f the minerals our body needs to remain healthy, the governments have been made aware of this mineral rock and how it can help in farming and can reduce termites from eating the crops without the need for harmful chemicals. I did not even receive a reply back from the government and I sent the email in may 2009.  We are now entering a new era for mankind, a Spiritual existence which the ancients all around the world have told was to come, as this starts to take effect many will change their patterns, eat less, become vegetarians, feeling unconditional love for their neighbours, (meaning everyone) have more respect for the Earth and nature and to see the world from within as one instead of being separate from it, knowledge will come from withing like we have known it all along. We have love for one another, no matter what is portrayed, the majority of people all around this glorious planet are full of love and kindness. Even though it is our responsibility, the governments and religions told us to have faith in them and that they would guide us and we let them but look at the mess we are in we are now seeing that the history we once perceived as correct is now being eroded and our true history is emerging and what a history we have. We must now take responsibility for ourselves and help each other.  There is a saying ‘A helping hand is the one at the end of your arm’ and we need this more than ever now. Lets start to find the child within us and make no apologies for it, lets start to live again. When we see what that greed is stopping us from moving forward we can make choices for the betterment of all, whether this is changing our bank to an ethical one, to getting rid of our cars, changing from meat eating to vegetarian foods, to looking after animals, the rich in money helping the people who have not got money wealth on an individual scale along side your charity giving, at least you can see first hand what your Earth luck can do to change the life of another human. We all have something to give and now its time to share that gift and spread the love. Important changes are coming in the next few years, the date varies from 22/24th December 2012 to 19th February 2013 depending on who you listen to. It is such an important time for us to reconnect with nature, rid ourselves of our demons (all inside our heads) and begin to love ourselves and others unconditionally. Meditation really is a must here not only to help with your Spiritual growth and the transition but also to rid your mind of the negative. I will be writing more about 2012/2013 later. A couple of book which hold the secrets for man is The Messenger The Messiah by Ann Walker and White Arrow and The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol 1 and 2 by Drunvalo Melchizedek both of which are similar in their truths.

Here is the link

Those conspiracies that are too incredible to be believed, are by the same right, those which most often succeed.—-Marshall McLuhan, philosopher

“Sarah, if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched.” —-George Bush Senior speaking in an interview with Sarah McClendon in December 1992

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”—-President Woodrow Wilson (in The New Freedom, 1913)

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”- Benjamin Disraeli, first Prime Minister of England, in a novel he published in 1844 called Coningsby, the New Generation

Swine Flu Vaccination and Boosting the Immune System by Dr Stephen Hopwood A must read

Monday, October 26th, 2009

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The following information was shown on channel 200 sky- controversial TV ‘A Critical State’ Dr Stephen Hopwood

Dr Stephen Hopwood is a qualified doctor who gave up practicing with western medicine due to the pressure of pharmaceutical dominance in treating patients within his profession, he now practices with the ancient treatment of acupuncture, Chinese medicine, true medicine practiced long before western synthetic drugs. He now looks at all aspects covering the body mind and soul but also agrees that there is a place for western medicine in an emergency situation. Many of these drugs used today suppress the problem without addressing it – they interfere with the body’s own natural healing process, the NHS is now starting to realise the benefit of the ancient wisdom of techniques and treatments.

Many of these alternative medicines cannot be patented and so the pharmaceutical companies cannot make money from them, so do not want the mass public to be aware of these true medicines. The pharmaceuticals have a strong hold over the medical profession – where they spend a lot of money on perks and incentives to push their drugs onto the public via doctors and the medical profession. This really is a massive conflict of interest. had a huge database of information on vitamins, minerals, herbs, complimentary therapies and medicines which they took down and threw away the archives, denying access to well researched and thoroughly documented information. People are not supported in knowing what’s good for them and so they only have pharmaceutical drugs to rely upon. Dr Stephen Hopwood is now part of the BBC5.TV and it is here that you can find this huge database as they have gained access to it, BBC5.TV also offers an alternative to BBC as they are not providing the public with sufficient information or the correct information.


Up to 1/2 of all doctors will refuse the swine flu vaccine and 1/3 up to 1/2 of all nurses will do the same as they believe the vaccine has not been fully tested and could potentially be dangerous. The testing of the swine flu vaccine has had clearance but has not been tested with adulants, (certain additional chemicals added to the vaccine), the trials they have been conducting are without these adulant substances like squalene which is known to be linked to gulf war syndrome – causing great reactions in the immune system, creating fibromyalgia, ME and post viral fatigue – directly linked to the use of squalene in the vaccine and there maybe 1000 times more squalene in the swine flu vaccine as was present in the gulf war syndrome vaccines, this is one of the adulants not current in the research they are doing. There will also be formaldehyde, mercury and a whole host of other adulants – which are severely detrimental to the immune system.  ( So a vaccine is being brought to the market by the pharmaceutical industry – yet the full vaccine is not being tested in the one being released.)  This is not the half of it, this virus may well be man-made, it is not possible in nature for; bird flu, swine flu and human flu to intermingle into some super virus without intervention. The virus has gone from different parts of the world and affects different species and the only way you can get them to interact  in that way is a bio-tech lab. The virus originated from Mexico and there are a lot of pharmaceutical companies based there: Baxter, Novartis and other German companies. Baxter has a major part to play in the military development of viruses and vaccines as bio-warfare, already this is well established and the research has been done and they are more than technically capable of producing these things as bio-warfare mechanisms.  It is a clean way of fighting your enemy leaving infastructure intact, protecting the economy and it is unattributable as a virus could break out anywhere.

It is possible that when the vaccine is administered it is most likely that it contains these live viruses and that a new virus will be created which will trigger a pandemic, people need to know that the vaccine is potentially very, very dangerous and it is imperative people do not take the vaccine. (Dr Hopwood later states that he is not telling you not to take the vaccine but to go and research all the information on the internet and not just believe what you are being told, but that once you have taken the time you will more than likely come to the conclusion that this is not a vaccine to take.) Do your homework, look at websites and you can substantiate what as many doctors and nurses are, that this thing is untested and potentially extremely toxic and best not taken.

This vaccine will give the World Health Organisation martial law and military control over the people of Europe and the United States. In the UK we have the Civil Contingencies Act bought in in 2004 which was put in place – stipulating that in the event of a disease outbreak martial law be enacted, preventing people from traveling, gathering and even perhaps broadcasting information about these subjects. There are multi-level agendas going on here and also to give the World Health Organisation – the pandemic level 6, martial law control. In Massachusetts in America they have passed a martial law to say that the swine flu vaccine is going to be mandatory and a $1000 dollar a day fine and or incarceration will be imposed on those that refuse. There was an article in the Daily Star concerning Ireland and this new law, all countries who are under the World Health Organisation want to get pandemic level 6 authorization and we will all be under the same law. They are forcing vaccinations on people.

There are ways around this mandatory act by statutory legislation, this is a legislative rule of society bought in by the governments, we have only to comply with it if we give our consent – so you can say NO, because you are not obliged to comply with statutory legislation. More complicated routes are, looking at The Uniform Commercial Code’, in a way you can set up a statement which gives you authority of your corporate entity, (you are in fact separate from your straw man and your straw man is your ‘Scotti dog’ on the monopoly board- it represents your other ‘you’ in commerce, for more info on this go to or as this can be complicated and you need to understand it all to take full advantage of the benefits it can bring you and also applies to dealing with attending court and getting out of fines and tickets, definitely worth reading upon in case anything happens.)

There are alternatives and vaccines are not the answer. Increase your immune system by upping the intake of iodine. Japanese take 50 times more iodine via seaweed than the west. Japanese health statistics show that they have half the instances of breast cancer, half the infant mortality rates, half the instances of heart disease and half the thyroid disease we have in the west. Iodine is the fuel of the thyroid, the thyroid is the engine of the immune system – increases the circulation, metabolism and boosts your immunity. If you give the thyroid its essential fuel in the right dosage then the thyroid acts as a blood filter. Every 17 minutes the whole blood of the body passes through the thyroid and will pass through the high concentration of iodine which will kill off viruses, pathogens and will protect you from infection. You can do this in the form of Lugol solution, 1 or 2 drops of lugol a day will bring your consumption of iodine up to the average daily Japanese equivalent and give your thyroid some fuel to run its system and protect your immune system from viral infection. Lugol is available over the counter at chemists and health food shops and on the web.  Please Note: If you have a pre-existing  thyroid condition, or you are taking thyroxine or if you have a hyperthyroid condition or are very dehydrated or are on other drugs please seek medical supervision or see your GP before taking extra iodine.

A combination of taking minerals that support the immune system like iodine, magnesium and a full spectrum of sea salt – plus limiting wheat, dairy and sugar you can strengthen the immune system considerably. Magnesium de-calcifies the body, the pharmaceuticals and western medicine tells everybody how they should take more calcium in their diet and this is true but we also need magnesium. We have insufficient levels of magnesium, you get soft tissue calcium deposition, hardening the arteries and arthritis around the joints – so if you increase your levels of magnesium it takes the calcium out of the soft tissue deposition, brings the calcium back into solution and puts the calcium back into the bone so it strengthens your bones and your bone marrow. Your bone marrow is a very important source of white cell blood production, the bone marrow is an important part of the immune system. In the western diet we have a high level of lactose intake, too much calcium – without magnesium it is not good because you get soft tissue deposition which creates a lot of diseases and is not good for the immune system.

Full Spectrum Sea Salt is good to take,we are told that too much salt in our diet is bad for us but what is really bad is the processed  table salt, they take out 2% of what they call pollutants which are actually essential broad spectrum minerals and replace the minerals with an anti-caking agent and is often a cyanide derivative called hexacyano thorax 2 that they put in the table salt to stop it caking but turns into a very powerful toxin. It is important for our physiological function to have a broad spectrum mineral based input in order to allow our immune system to function.

So along with Iodine, Magnesium and Full Spectrum Sea Salt, Vitamin D is also essential, when there are lower levels of sunlight particularly in autumn/winter hence colds and flu we need to boost our Vitamin D levels make sure you are getting double the daily allowance. Vitamin A, D and E are fat soluble and you can overdose on these but if you take sufficient amounts you can protect yourself.

One more thing on December 31st 2009 Codex Alimentarius is being implemented.  After this date there will be limitations on vitamins and minerals. There is an incremental agenda here, dosages are going to be much lower on vitamins and minerals and if you are not careful they may be mixed with other chemicals like aspartame and saccharin and all other sorts of undesirable extras put in by the pharmaceutical industry. You can go to some very good websites to get good vitamins and minerals, Nutragold and Nutralink are good sources.

For more info on Dr Stephen Hopwood and the BBC5 tv and also the BBC archived info that was taken down from their site is now available on BBC5 –  go to www.BBC5.TV

For more info on A Critical State see channel 200 on Sky usually Saturday or Sunday night viewing or check out their website at Also if you have a story to tell regarding what you believe is a matter that needs to be heard, get in touch with them.

For more info on Codex Alimetarius check out Ian Crane’s investigations on this, type in his name along with codex alimentarius on  or just google him, or google the name Codex Alimetarius to find out what is going on.

Websites to look at are   and

To sign the petition on the downing street web site    ( this petition is now closed) or contact your local MP


Thank you for reading all we ask is that you pass it on – its time to stand up and be the man-gods you all are

God Bless you all

We Are Eating Creation – By Dr. Glen Barry, Ecological Internet

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

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We would like to first say that we agree with Glen on most points but we cannot condone the use of violence to harm another person or animal. This for us is not the way forward but we want to be democratic in putting peoples views across and so we have not edited the following piece.  We believe that we the people have the power and without our labour there is no controlling power and without our money and our willingness to work for money there is no power to the people that think they control this world. We all need to make choices every day and those choices have consequences for the world around us and the world at large. We can continue to waste energy, waste water, have a throw away culture or we can start to invent, to be creative and push the boundaries beyond what we used to believe was possible, to build great things that last and have no impact on a child working in India or China or rivers polluted with cancer causing chemicals used for drinking water. We must work together both in our community and around the world. We all have gifts to help each other and we all have a conscience so lets use it. Peace to us all. Denise Tansley and Mark Naughton.

By Dr. Glen Barry, Ecological Internet
Earth Meanders come from Earth’s Newsdesk,

A disease is ravaging Earth as ever more people, consume ever more, destroying natural ecosystems that are our shared habitat. In a few short centuries the violent, expansionist and deeply ecologically unsustainable Western mindset has become virtually universally accepted. The meaning of life is more, ever more of everything, at the expense of a finite biosphere. The emptiness of such a vacuous worldview is revealed through changing climate, devastating human inequities and an irredeemably corrupt economic system.

More than just a climate crisis, humanity is facing profound over-population and injustice that are spurring dozens of inter-related ecological and social crises. Billions suffer as their basic human needs go unmet, while billions more gorge themselves. Forests, prairies, streams, rivers, estuaries, wetlands, lakes, soil, oceans, air and all the rest are all life’s flesh and blood. Humanity, Earth and kindred species have entered the late stage condition of ecological overshoot — whereby our cumulative demands upon ecosystems exceeds their life-giving capacity and causes them to collapse.

We are eating creation. Hardly anyone is thinking or acting at the necessary scale to avert global ecological Armageddon.  Market based solutions are pervasive with corruption and inequity. Nothing we do is going to maintain an affluent life, as it is now for some. Widespread economic decline will certainly accompany abrupt climate change and global ecosystem collapse; indeed, it has begun. If existing political systems are unable to deal with the inevitable collapse of the growth machine, at the same time as pursuing rigorous environmental policy-making, then new political structures will be necessary.

A stewardship revolution that maintains life of some worthy, habitable sort is possible. Surely in a free country whose liberty came from such means, we can talk about revolutionary violence, as Thomas Jefferson said would continue to be necessary. “The blood of tyrants and patriots must flow to renew the soil.” What could be more glorious than fighting, and perhaps dying, for the Earth, and maybe even succeeding in saving her (and us)?

It is time for a credible revolutionary threat to protect the biosphere. What is needed is a  steady ratcheting up of pressure – protests, sit-ins, sabotage, assassinations — giving opponents every opportunity to respond to reasoned arguments – and culminating in guerrilla warfare and whatever else is necessary to save the Earth. If a few thousand insurrectionists can tie up the American military in Iraq, think what dedicated, highly decentralized and autonomous groups of tens of thousands of Earth insurgents could do to bring down industrial capitalism and the Earth eating growth machine.

People power protest culminating in an Earth Revolution needs to be done urgently yet thoughtfully. Not speaking of mob rule or rioting — that is what is coming from the status quo. We are speaking of highly disciplined, targeted protests including the possible use of violence to bring down the equipment and individuals responsible for destroying global ecosystems, and herald in a new ecologically sustainable, just and equitable way of living with the land, water and sky. Living must become a matter of what you can give to ecosystems, and others with whom you share being, rather than only being concerned with what you can take.

Economic growth cannot continue forever if greenhouse gases are to be curbed, and the myriad of other eco-crises solved. Efforts to cap and trade, certify, sustainably manage and otherwise reform our way out of the situation are orders of magnitude inadequate and failing. Free markets appear to inherently be unable to price carbon and other externalities. It is becoming increasingly unlikely (if not impossible) that current political and business growth systems can reform in time to maintain the ecosystems necessary for life.

The looming death of Gaia and most or all being is no one’s fault, or rather, it is all our faults. As many species have done previously, we have collectively overgrazed our habitat. We simply must immediately allow traditional ecological disturbance, regeneration and succession patterns to again operate. The industrial growth machine must be powered off and we must herald in an era of ecological stewardship and restoration. Even while we organize and pursue revolutionary action; each of us must plant, tend and restore our Earth’s natural ecosystems and permaculture gardens, and help others to do so.

Only dramatic and immediate revolutionary action to destroy the growth machine offers any hope of maintaining a livable Earth. We must commit to stopping burning and cutting — antiquated means to make a living — indeed killing those that refuse to stop. Rich people are setting themselves up to be fine in geo-engineered comfort while sacrificing the poor who no longer have free ecosystem services to sustain them. There can be no engineering of a biosphere; indeed, thinking we can has brought us to this moment. We must return to nature.

We must hold onto our humanity as we collapse and renew ourselves. Earth Revolution is as much about helping those that want to reconnect to Earth as it is sabotaging equipment and killing people directly responsible for ecocide. This means sharing food and water, shelter and clothing. But bring those responsible for ecocide to justice, utterly destroying them, their institutions and their equipment. The must be no indiscriminate terror, but if our warnings go unheeded, targeted violence against known ecological criminals is justified and warranted.

Given the momentum of nearly seven billion seeking to be super-consumers , do not see any other way to stop the forces of destruction other than a revolution. There is absolutely no way current energy and other resource use– much less expected growth in population and per capital consumption — can be produced either from agrofuels or more drilling. Humans have hit the biogeochemical limits of a finite planet, and each of us must seek what is enough, rather than always more.

It is well past time to be men and women of fortitude, set aside our computers and amusements, and commit our minds and bodies to stopping the destruction of being.  We must demand more courage and less corruption from ourselves and our leaders. The Arctic has already been changed forever. Soon your neighborhood, ecosystem and bioregion will be too (if you really look, almost certainly it is already). Please, as I do, take the end of human being through needless habitat destruction personally.

Part of the solution is allowing people to get back to Earth on their own plot of land. How we live in the future will be by necessity less urban. We will be called upon to make do with what is in our bioregion.
Let me make some further suggestions to you. Acquire land and seeds. Make or restore an Earth friendly shelter and plant trees and permaculture forest gardens. Prepare to live in your changing bioregion. Go back to the land. Ecologically farm and restore as you connect with like minded Earth revolutionaries to clandestinely carry out escalating protest, sabotage and guerrilla war.

I urge you to really think about what is necessary — both personally and in terms of social change — to sustain being, and committing to it. Token managerial reforms of the antiquated ecologically damaging activities of burning and cutting are not enough. Technology is not going to save us. Market campaigns using glamorous celebrities are not enough. Petitioning our leaders is not going to save us. Personal efforts will only get you and Gaia so far. Only escalating protest action targeting the destroyers, their equipment and their Earth eating worldview can still avert biosphere disintegration.

Set aside your best efforts at ecological denial, acknowledge the task before us, and join with others in becoming a reluctant revolutionary. An Earth insurgency could topple the growth machine in a day, though it may take years. The sooner the better, as more ecological remnants will exist to serve as the basis of ecological restoration.  Even as we pursue revolutionary strategies and tactics to maintain a habitable Earth, commit to remaining free and humane.  The answer is neither tyranny of the left nor right.  Above all else we must achieve global ecological sustainability through just and equitable means.

Protest and restore natural ecosystems including old forests right now. Work with others to destroy coal, tar sands, fishing trawlers, oil palm, industrial agriculture, pipelines and ancient forest loggers. Start today. Now continued human existence depends upon your courage, ecological wisdom and taking direct lethal action in defense of our shared ecological heritage. Each of us and together will transition to a state of ecological grace, quickly, and through action against the Earth destroyers, or we will all die a horrific and barbaric death together as being ends.

If we choose to fight for Earth there is hope, otherwise there is none. Share the anguish of not knowing if revolutionary violence is the answer or not. But it has to be considered comprehensively, thoroughly and quickly. Prove me wrong and demonstrate how to ecologically sufficiently address converging eco-crises in a couple years time within current economic and political systems. Yet revolution is almost certainly the only possible way to sustain and restore healthy ecosystems as the basis of human civilization and all life. Be strong, slay the growth machine, for Gaia.


Discuss essay:

This is an excerpt from Dr. Glen Barry’s forthcoming new book entitled “New Earth Rising”. Sadly, this will not be finished by Copenhagen, though we intend to publish the introduction soon as we begin serializing it at We eagerly seek a publisher and financial backers to finish the book which is nearing completion.

Be A Vegetarian and Help Animals and Combat Climate Change

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

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This information comes courtesy of Doctor Art-Ong Jumasai Na Ayudhya –  Director of the Institute of Sathya Sai Education, Thailand
Chief Administrator of the Sathya Sai School, Thailand.  Official Trainer of Teachers for the Ministry of Education in Human Values Education. A former memeber of the Thai Parliament and former NASA scientist. He is also a vegetarian.  For details please see his blog –

The following talk is by Dr Art-Ong Jumasai Na Ayudhya,  On why humans are not meat eaters

Vegetarianism is the right way

You can see very famous people in the past who were vegetarians Sir Isaac Newton, Aristotle, Mark Twain, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jesus Christ, Confucius, Plato, Pythagoras, Einstein and Abraham Lincoln. When you look at carnivores you can see their skeleton and you can see their big fangs that they use to kill other animals and the teeth behind they are all sharp, they don’t chew their food they swallow everything. The vegetarian eating animals’ teeth are quite different, humans do not have the same teeth as the meat eaters. We as humans are vegetarian, we have to chew the food just as the cows do, they chew their food to make sure that it becomes digestible. Our digestion starts in the mouth and then we look at the intestines we find that for vegetarians we have very long intestines, in fact it is about nine times the length of our body. The meat eaters they only have three times the length of the body and the reason is because if you have a plate of meat and a plate of vegetables after three to four hours the meat will start to rot, will go bad, but the vegetables will last until the next day and will not go bad. So in that case we can out all the nutrients from our intestines because we have a very long one, our own intestines are more suitable for vegetables not for meat. You can see the lifespan of the Eskimo people they don’t have vegetables, their lifespan is 27.5 years, whereas the Hunzas Tribe in Pakistan and the Otomi Tribe in Mexico have a lifespan of 110 years. A medical doctor called Sir Robert Mc Carrison studied these tribes and concluded, “I never saw a case of appendicitis or colic or cancer amongst these people.” In another study a group of Harvard doctors and scientists went to a village in Ecuador, the villagers there were pure vegetarians and again they found most of them reached the age of over 100 years. A study in America of 50,000 vegetarians found that they lived longer, they had significantly lower rates of heart disease and lower rates of cancer compared to meat eaters. Dr Kellogg a famous theologian once remarked, “It’s nice to eat a meal and not worry about what your food may have died of.”  You can see Chicken flu, mad cow disease, nipah virus and all kinds of problems with animals. When you look at the protein you can see soy milk powder contains 41.8% protein, whereas chiken and lamb only has 18 or 16% protein – you get more protein from soy bean. This is one of the problems that is causing global warming, you need seventeen more times more land to get the same amount of protein when you compare the livestock to soy bean, you need eight times more water to raise animals verses growing vegetables and grains and when you feed grains to animals as in America you only get back 10% of the calories and protein of livestock when you eat meat so a lot of good food is being wasted.

So this is the solution to world starvation, many people are dying, everyday children are dying because they lack food, 80-90% of all the grain grown in America is used to feed meat animals. So when you reduce meat production by 10% only, you would release enough grain to feed 60 million people just by a reduction of 10%. If people would consume only 50% they would release enough food to feed the entire developing world. So become a  vegetarian and we can save the lives of so many people. We will have enough food for the whole world. Former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, (21 December 1918 – 14 June 2007)  said, “The food consumption of the rich countries is the key cause of hunger around the world.”  Let’s do whatever we can to reduce global warming.

In ‘The Celestine Prophecy’  James Redfield wrote something along the lines of, When man stops eating flesh they will then stop killing each other.

Must Read Books

Not On The Label by Felicity Lawrence Synopsis – A shocking and highly readable expose of the state of the food production industry in Britain today. Felicity Lawrence will take some of the most popular foods we eat at home to show how the food industry in Britain causes ill health, environmental damage, urban blight, starving smallholders in Africa and Asia, and illegal labourers smuggled and exploited in Britain.

comments: I thought I had some idea about how supermarkets operate and how our food is produced, but I didn’t know the half of it. Read this book (then lend it to everyone you know), ponder its contents for a while and I am sure you will change your shopping habits. Too many of us are shopping in supermarkets and giving them the power to dictate their own terms. It is clear that they do not have consumers or food producers interests at heart. I’ve gone right off chicken (only organic and free range from now on), I’ve eaten my last ready meal, I think I’m going to try baking my own bread, definitely Fair Trade bananas and coffee from now on and I’ve just taken over an allotment to grow some of my own fruit and veg. Its time to start enjoying good locally produced and carefully reared/grown food again.

This is the book the confirms all the sneaky suspicions you have always had when shopping in big supermarkets. Why is nothing ever out of season anymore? Why is everything packed in plastic? Why do we pay the same price for chicken today that our Grandparents did? If everything is so clean and perfect now-a-days why do we still have outbreaks of foot-and-mouth and bird-flu and E-coli, not to mention CJD?

I live in Spain and it just happens that after having read the chapter on salad and the greenhouse of Europe (southern Spain, Almeria(Andalucia)) we went to Roquetas de Mar for a weekend break. This had been booked long before I read the book! When we were there we couldn’t stop thinking about everything the author had commented on during her stay in Roquetas, about the soil being used for 3 harvests a year, the pesticides needed to support this, water brought down from the north. In the meantime we, the tourist, were stuffing our faces at buffets and wasting water in an area that is a man-made oasis in the dessert. How long can this go on? I looked out of my hotel room window and saw the sea, the beach and a beautiful swimming pool. Then I went for a walk and could see all the plastic covering the greenhouses shimmering in the sun light and I thought of all the immigrants living in the rubble with no clean drinking water and little food, who wait by the road at sunrise to get selected to go to work or not. That lettuce is then sent by lorry to UK or other EU supermarkets.

The Labour Government, and Opposition for that matter, should be locked in a windowless room until they have all read this book. Once read, you will walk through the likes of Tescos and Sainsburys, Asda and Sommerfield with a heavy heart. Macdonalds is not quite the be all and end all of ogres portrayed by Fast Food Nation because in the end we all have a choice not to eat there. Increasingly, however, we do not have the choice as to where we buy our food. I for one am digging up the lawn and growing my own.

Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser – Synopsis – Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser’s disturbing and timely exploration of one of the world’s most controversial industries, has become a massive bestseller in America and rightly deserves to be so this side of the pond. On any given day, one out of four Americans opts for a quick and cheap meal at a fast-food restaurant, without giving either its speed or its cheapness a second thought. Fast food is so ubiquitous that it now seems harmless. But the industry’s drive for consolidation, homogenisation and speediness has radically transformed the West’s diet, landscape, economy and workforce, often in insidiously destructive ways. Schlosser’s investigation reaches its frightening peak in the meatpacking plants as he reveals the almost complete lack of regulation. His searing portrayal of the industry is disturbingly similar to Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, written in 1906: nightmare working conditions, union busting and unsanitary practices that introduced E.coli and other pathogens into restaurants, schools and homes. Almost as disturbing is his description of how the industry “both feeds and feeds off the young”, insinuating itself into all aspects of children’s lives, even the pages of their school books, while leaving them prone to obesity and disease. Fortunately, Schlosser offers some eminently practical remedies. “Eating in the United States should no longer be a form of high-risk behaviour”, he writes. Where to begin? Ask yourself, is the true cost of having it “your way” really worth it? —Lesley Reed –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

comments: It’s no use closing your eyes and pretending it doesn’t effect you, because every time to put meat in your mouth you are eating chemicals, anti biotic and crap….by the ton and some from human waste. He tells how dead cats and dogs are collected from vets and converted into food for the cows, and if you think he is exaggerating

FAST FOOD NATION is one of those true life tales that’s as hard to put down as an edge-of-your-seat thriller. It’s Eric Schlosser’s detailed and eminently readable portrait of the American fast food industry: its founders (most notably Ray Kroc and Carl Karcher), its Southern California evolution, marketing strategy (especially as it targets kids), corporate alliances (e.g. McDonald’s with Disney Corporation), hiring and employment practices, franchising structure, food product design, flavor and color additives, food growers and processors, meat packers, food contamination, job-related injuries, union relations, regulatory agencies, and overseas operations. Everything you’re drooling to know – and then some. It sounds dry, but isn’t.

Did you know that Ray Kroc was so fastidious that he cleaned the holes in his mop wringer with a toothbrush? That the “smell” of strawberry results from the interaction of at least 350 different chemicals? That perfectly sliced french fries are formed by shooting the skinned spud from a high pressure water hose at 117 feet per second through a grid of blades? That none of the workers in McDonald’s roughly 15,000 North American stores is represented by a union? Or that every day in the U.S. roughly 200,000 people are sickened by a foodborne disease, of which 900 are hospitalized and 14 die?

The Save Our Earth Blog – Please take the time to read

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

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Hi and welcome to the save our earth blog. Since 2001 we have been campaigning to educate people and to bring an end to the destruction of the worlds Rainforests with the help of you the people. Before campaigning for the rainforests our vision when we started out was really to create a ‘people’s paper’ of positive news on the web from around the world. As thoughts progressed we realised the importance of the Rainforests especially after meeting and working with an international medium and prophet called Ann Walker. If it was not for Ann Walker and White Arrow we would not have got involved and become as passionate as much as we have and it is important to read Ann Walker’s work for yourselves to understand how much knowledge a housewife and mother could have regarding secrets hidden from mankind and her writings on the environment. In 2004 Ann Walker suddenly passed to the Spirit world. For us the last eight years have been an upward struggle,getting the information out to all the leaders of the world to inform them that the Rainforests must be saved for the survival of humanity and for them to take notice, listen and act. In 2007 the IPCC  (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) completed a five year global environment report informing world leaders that human activity has caused serious issues for the environment. The report also informed them of the steps that needed to be taken. The majority of the ‘developed’ countries have acted with such apathy towards emissions and pollution and in securing the protection and regeneration of the Rainforests whereas the people of this world can clearly see the importance of the forests and can find simple solutions – So what is going on!

We are starting to realise that it is not the leaders who are making the real changes required to make this world a better place but you the people. Groups all around the world are challenging these old beliefs systems and shouting from the rooftops and even realising that the only way to get things done is to do them yourselves, working collectively as a group to bring about subtle changes which will make big changes in the future, maybe not in time for them to see but for future generations.

Sometimes we need to climb outside the box to see the box exists and as history has shown people who have done this have not at first been popular because they are challenging beliefs people have had engrained in them and the powers that be do not want you challenging conditioned beliefs. This is why so much bad press is released when you have famous people speaking about issues that they want to be concerned about but they are made to feel and look bad because the media are owned by the very same people who do not want the truth known and do not want interference from all of us. It should make you feel very excited to know how powerful you are .

This blog has different subjects, it is not our aim to spread fear, there is enough of that to feed the world 10 times over. No, it is our aim to spread awareness and learn how we can empower ourselves for the new world that is coming, not the controlled, negative world which we see ourselves being drawn into everyday, but a world where your thoughts can manifest a world which you want to live in, where anything is possible. As Mahatma Ghandi once said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world‘. By channeling your thoughts in a positive manner you can literally change the world you live in. Other dimensions will open up and you will see the changes around you, people with like minds being drawn to you and you them. At first you will find this hard because you are changing beliefs conditioned in you for thousands of years but the more you practice the more changes you will see. If you find it hard to start thought-manifesting your day and you can only think negatively join a meditation group or get hold of books which can help you. Put the thought in the universe and be drawn to a book store or charity shop, or a friend may suddenly offer you a book out of the blue, try it you will be amazed at the results.  There are also meditation CD’s some with just music and some with a walk-through guide to help you relax.

This is a very exciting time for humanity, I believe we are entering a new age and this has probably not happened for 25,000 years. You have chosen to come here at this time and just think if we all come together as one with our thoughts in tune we can literally create the future.

People are talking about 2012 and what changes will be coming. Because the Mayan Calender ends on this date people fear that the end of the world will come. We have many youngsters fearing what will happen to them and the Earth. If we had put more effort into our Spiritual needs we would be prepared for the Spiritual changes that are to come. We saw glimpses of a pagan way of life (who were in tune with nature) before the churches built on the land of the pagan temples and people were converted or curtailed often brutally into a christian way of life. The witches and their great knowledge of herbs and plants as medicine were seen as a threat by Doctors to their profession and ruling families, churches and governments saw them as a threat and so their land and properties were taken as the witches were picked off one by one and killed in the most cruel way. Yet today we are grateful that this knowledge still exists. The hippie movement showed us free love, love of the self and of nature and the oneness that is missing today – unfortunately many drugs were misused and this drug induced way of life had to come to an end or it ended them. The  governmental and corporate ideals do not get rich from a Spiritual way of living and so it is ridiculed, persecuted and hidden. We can learn so much especially from eastern philosophy and a great deal from ‘The Native Americans’ who to this day are treated so badly. In Mans ignorance and lust for power and greed he has pushed aside such wisdom and greatness and this is why we are seeing the problems we have today; our children feeling low and depressed with no real happiness, a world of wanting it now with no patience, the way we live from day where money is king, but to what end?  We have taken so much from our Great Mother Earth without a thought to the consequences – we have polluted her seas her rivers and her skies for industry and our pleasures. We have torn down her forests for wood, cattle grazing and animal feed. We spill blood on her skin. In essence we have acted like she is not part of us but a place where we can do what we want without a second glance. We have come so far outward we now have to go inwards for us all to rise like a phoenix. We must start to expand our minds and treat out bodies as temples for here you will find the secret, the real secret which brings immortality. We have looked outward instead of inwards for far too long to find the answers to happiness, peace and love when all along we had the answers within.

To start your transformation, be aware of what is happening in the world but don’t get bogged down in the doom and gloom, act when you can and where you can – make a difference to your community, and the world at large. We ourselves have got involved in other people’s dramas so many times its so easy to get emotionally involved in something that neither warrants the drama nor needs it, most things really do work out in the end.  We as humans have had great practice at being put down – each time we try and build up a bit of faith something or someone knocks us down and we start again only to be knocked down again. In the end we seem to stay down because its easier and we fall into the trap of believing that this is how it should be. NO. Have absolute faith, it seems the hardest thing to do but practice, visualise your pathway, your future, do this before each day as you lay in bed, it might feel silly or hard to believe but start with small things that you would like to happen to you each day. What is it you need in your life to bring fulfillment and peace to you. Sometimes we may get what is right for us and not necessarily what we want and this is a good thing – be aware of  what you visualise, we may want money but will the money bring happiness if you are not already happy within? Visualise you being happy and living the life that makes you happy. Visualise perfect health. I myself will visualise the rainforests being regenerated, that the world will have plenty of fresh foods and mineralised clean drinking water, that all children are loved in a pure way and we are all at one with each other in a loving environment, where we all have peace within ourselves.

Now imagine what we can acheive if we have our thoughts brought together in one prayer – praying to the God within our minds quietly but with such concentration, we visualise our thoughts happening.

Get Visualising today and be grateful daily for what you have for you will always have more than someone else. Love yourself and this will spread to loving others and above all connect with our great mother and the rest will follow. XXX