A cure for cancer and all diseases and its suppression – The story of a genius Royal Raymond Rife

                  I decided to include this piece in our blog because the information is important for us all to see what world we have allowed to be created. We are seeing more and more truths unfolding where history will have to be rewritten. We of course cannot blame all the people for controlling this world as we have to take some proportion of blame for allowing injustices and control to continue but there are many aspects which are just outrageous and even murderous and this following story fits into that category – for all the people that have passed from a deadly infection or the millions who have passed with cancer believing that they could not ‘beat it’.   I myself was diagnosed with breast cancer in February this year and I decided to only have surgery to the amazement of the consultants, who in the beginning told me it would be ‘my decision’ about what to do but then kept trying to convince me, no badger me to take radiotherapy and hormone treatments. I was told I should sign the consent form to allow all my lymph nodes to be removed under my left arm in case they were cancerous, […]

A Message from White Arrow and Ann Walker – ‘The Light Within’

                  In 2001 we were introduced to Ann Walker through her Spiritualist Church in Hillingdon Middlesex. England. Little did we know then what we would be getting into and who we would be working for. It is our utmost pleasure to have worked for the duality of Ann Walker and White Arrow, Ann Walker passed in 2004. Ann Walker fought for over thirty years to bring the leaders and the peoples attention to saving the forests for she knew that without these trees around the equator we would have much to deal with in regards to earth changes. There is so much debate over climate change and global warming and many people do not want to be misled into believing something that might just be a scam by the government to get more money from us, but this is more than that, we have given nothing back to this earth and we have taken and we keep on taking her resources like there will be no consequences for us. It is difficult in a world where money is king and everyone, well the majority of us human beings just need enough to feed our families and have a comfortable existence and […]

Urgent Donations Required for Replanting of Trees in Costa Rica Rainforest

                  Hi all, This is an urgent plea to ask for donations for a group of dedicated individuals who have been working tirelessly to regenerate the rainforest in Costa Rica. We have known Roberta Ward Smiley and Daniel Spreen Wilson for many years now and know of their hard work to restore and preserve pockets of the rainforests in Costa Rica, those of you who have been following Save Our Earth will be aware of the importance of the rainforests and how we need this biological eco-system to survive and be protected and maintained for without these great lungs of our Earth and the loss of trees around the world we are causing great imbalances within out atmosphere, in short we need oxygen to live, so do animals and plant life. We must take responsibility for our foot print on this Earth. So we are putting out an urgent call to all who can spare a little or a lot of cash to go towards replanting of trees and maintaining natural habitat. Below is the information on La Reserva and links to see what they have been doing and to see where your money will go.  Thank you, I know its […]

2012 Galactic Alignment and what it means to us all.

                  I am constantly going to add info on this issue as we are ALL entering a new phase of evolution and we need to accept this fact that each and every one of us is changing, our reality is changing and all the things we have been conditioned to believe will be changed forever. So much of our world is in upheaval and this has mainly been due to the fact that the reality we see is not true reality and we as humans are finding it difficult to understand what is going on in the world today and we are fearing the outcome and don’t know what to do because so much of our conditioning has been based on a SOCIETY which has been created to exploit you and this world. I know on my blogs that I have added information on this and the ruling families which have been privy to the information we are all going to experience over the next few years but we must think about ourselves as a civilisation both as humans and the animals insects and plant life that make up our world. We can sit here and point the finger and be […]

The Astrology of 2012 by Helen Sewell and an intro from us

                  I have decided to add Helen Sewell to my Blog as she seems to have a good  understanding of astrology, Helen’s web site is www.astrologicalinsights.co.uk. Here Helen talks about the approaching New Age of Aquarius, 2012 and what changes are in store for us at this time. I have added a short piece of my own before you get to Helen. The average person on the planet has been conditioned to believe that astrology is mumbo jumbo and that, which has no bearing on us mere mortals on this round sphere called Earth. The newspapers in the west print a couple of lines of your starsign which is general, has no bearing on an individuals time of conception, time and date of birth and so can cover a large amount of people so of course we will brush it off. But before you throw the baby out with the bath water you have to seriously consider what is it about astrology. We have all lost great knowledge of the planets, astrological signs, cycles of the sun and the moon, were we meant to forget or were we made too? There are images of astrology, astronomy, geometry and so called ‘mythological’ […]

The Save Our Earth Blog – Please take the time to read

                  Hi and welcome to the save our earth blog. Since 2001 we have been campaigning to educate people and to bring an end to the destruction of the worlds Rainforests with the help of you the people. Before campaigning for the rainforests our vision when we started out was really to create a ‘people’s paper’ of positive news on the web from around the world. As thoughts progressed we realised the importance of the Rainforests especially after meeting and working with an international medium and prophet called Ann Walker. If it was not for Ann Walker and White Arrow we would not have got involved and become as passionate as much as we have and it is important to read Ann Walker’s work for yourselves to understand how much knowledge a housewife and mother could have regarding secrets hidden from mankind and her writings on the environment. In 2004 Ann Walker suddenly passed to the Spirit world. For us the last eight years have been an upward struggle,getting the information out to all the leaders of the world to inform them that the Rainforests must be saved for the survival of humanity and for them to take notice, listen and […]

The Truth About Gardasil – The Cervical Cancer Injection – HPV

                  Gardasil is the HPV vaccine, touted to fight cervical cancer. What they are not telling you is that thousands of girls are having adverse reactions to the HPV Vaccines, some have even died -at last count, at least 103 lives have been lost. We have got to do something about this. These girls need our help! These girls are having reactions such as; seizures, strokes, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, headaches, stomach pains, vomitting, muscle pain and weakness, joint pain, auto-immune problems, chest pains, hair loss, appetite loss, personality changes, insomnia, hand/leg tremors, arm/leg weakness, shortness of breath, heart problems, paralysis, itching, rashes, swelling, aching muscles,pelvic pain, nerve pain, menstrual cycle changes, fainting, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats, nausea, temporary vision/hearing loss just to name some of them! There is no known treatment to help these girls, as they suffer in silence. The doctors, if they even admit the connection, have no idea how to help them. So they spend their days going from appointment to appointment, from specialist to specialist trying to find someone to help them. Many of these families have started looking for help outside of mainstream medicine, which in some cases, may bring minor relief. However, most insurance […]

Headlines Nigel Farage: A New Democratic Revolution is Sweeping Northern Europe


The quiet cruel invasion of Tipnis, deforestation and the injustice against the Bolivian Indigenous peoples

                  An Interview with Adolfo Moye Posted on May 19, 2011 by cochabambino This interview was originally made in late 2010. I have translated it into English and added an introduction to give some background on the subject. To read the article in the original Spanish : http://www.isiborosecure.com/tipnisdocuinvasion.htm Who is Adolfo Moye? Adolfo Moye is the leader of the community representatives for the TIPNIS area. He is the leader of the Subcentral TIPNIS, which represents the 64 indigenous communities of the area and collectively is the legal owner of the indigenous territory. Where and what is TIPNIS? TIPNIS is the “Isiboro-Secure Indigenous Territory and National Park”. It is located in the departments of Beni and Cochabamba, in Bolivia. It is doubly protected because it is a national park and also an indigenous territory of the moxeños, yurakarés and chimanes. It has an area of 1,000,000 hectares and is an area of exceptional biodiversity and natural beauty. Isiboro Secure National Park was created on 22 November 1965. In September 24, 1990, the park was declared the ancestral homeland of the Mojeño, Yuracaré and Chiman peoples by Supreme Decree. TIPNIS always been the scene of conflicts and confrontations between Indians and the settler […]

Urgent Action: Please help Turtles from a violent game called ‘Snapperfest’ August 20th

                   Ohio County, Indiana, is home to an extraordinarily cruel event called “Snapperfest”—next scheduled for this Saturday, August 20! Every year at the Campshore Campground, wild-caught snapping turtles endure terrible violence at the hands of participants. The frightened animals are grabbed by their tails and repeatedly slammed to the ground. Their heads are yanked from their shells, and they are then swung around until “contestants” are able to wrap their fists around the animals’ necks. STOP THIS EVENT! Please contact the commissioners and the campground and politely ask that they do the right thing and replace this cruel event. Please send polite comments to: The Honorable Connie J. Brown Ohio County Commissioner yvonnewalton@hotmail.com 812-438-4624 The Honorable Todd Walton Ohio County Commissioner twalton@cinergy.com The Honorable Shane Koons Ohio County Commissioner 812-584-0378 The Honorable Connie Smith Ohio County Auditor ohioctyauditor1@earthlink.net 812-438-2062 Campshore Campground 812-438-2135 (office) 812-290-5939 (cell) info@campshorecampground.com Call or write and report back at StreetTeam@peta2.com for 1,000 points! Thanks for speaking up for these turtles! Sincerely, Rachel Owen Assistant Manager of Youth Campaigns peta2 RachelO@peta2.com Add peta2 on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter

Crop Circle in 2009 Predicts Object in our Solar System June 1st 2011

                   Milk Hill of June 2009 seems to predict a new, bright astronomical object in our solar system, possibly a comet or even an “extra planet”, on the new Moon of June 1, 2011 Source http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/time2011b.html Over slightly more than a week in June of 2009, a large new crop picture appeared at Milk Hill in southern England in three separate phases (see milkhill2009c or lucypringle.co.uk or lucypringle). Almost two years later now in April of 2011, still no one seems to understand what they were trying to tell us there! While we were studying several crop pictures which may predict an enigmatic “planet X” for December of 2012, we came across some distinctive astronomical symbols in Milk Hill of June 2009. Those distinctive symbols suggest that it may refer to an upcoming date in June of 2011. To be more precise, the Milk Hill crop picture of 2009 seems to show a rare planetary alignment which will only occur once in the near future on June 1, 2011. It also shows an extra anomalous symbol to represent a “new astronomical object” in our solar system, currently of unknown origin, which will supposedly be seen on the same date.  The new object could be a “comet […]

EU herb ban technically starts today! Please sign the petition

                  EU herb ban technically starts today! Today is the day that the European Union’s regulatory noose on herbal products is pulled tight.  The result?  Thousands of herbal products technically become illegal, simply because they cannot negotiate the regulatory minefield built by the EU over the last 10 or so years.  The full implementation of the EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) today represents the most recently placed piece of this complex jigsaw that will impact the majority of the most useful and effective herbal products on the EU market.  This includes the majority of herbal products associated with very long-standing non-European healthcare systems like traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Tibetan medicine, Ayurveda, southern African, Amazonian and other traditions. Sign the Avaaz petition NOW! And if you feel there is something fundamentally wrong with this — whether it frustrates, angers or simply concerns you — please sign the Avaaz petition and ask as many of your contact group as possible to do the same.  We need to be able to show the European Commission, the European Medicines Agency, EU governments, European Parliamentarians and others just how strongly people feel about this gross injustice. Technically, any manufactured herbal medicine that has not […]

Updated – Annie the elephant to be freed to Longleat – Well done people but animals in circuses still need your help. Sign the Petition

                  Update – Great news Annie the elephant is being released and will live out her days in Longleat with the Born Free foundation. Well done everyone, now lets help all the animals to be free from circuses, read the info below and follow the lonk Here is the email from the RSPCA The plight of Anne the elephant has captured the heart of the public.  We are delighted to announce that Mr Roberts has agreed that Anne can be rehomed to a place where she will feel safe and secure. Animal protection groups and Mr Roberts have agreed that Anne will be handed over to Longleat Safari Park as an immediate place of safety, where her condition can be assessed and she will receive veterinary attention.  Longleat has facilities to house Anne and provide her with a secure environment with the best possible veterinary care. At a meeting on 30 March 2011, Animal Defenders International (ADI), British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA), Born Free Foundation, Longleat, RSPCA and Specialist Wildlife Services, discussed the best options for this elderly elephant who has endured so much.  It was agreed that steps should be taken to move Anne as soon as […]