Ann Walker 1942 - 2004

Ann Walker was a normal housewife and mother when at the age of 37 a Native American appeared in front of her in the form of Spirit. This Native American called himself White Arrow and he would dramatically change Ann's life forever and guide her on a remarkable journey. Ann was soon giving clairvoyant readings and would go on to read for thousands of clients from the UK and abroad - she was likened by the media as the new Doris Stokes. She gave talks on the Spirit world and toured the UK. In between readings Ann would converse with Spirit beings and have daily conversations with Aliens and would meet some of the world's most renowned figures such as Imhotep, Albert Einstein, Isis, Moses, Jesus and many more. Ann's first book was published, “Heaven Can Come Later”, a biography of her life before and after her contact with the Spirit world (1990).

Ann's spiritual pathway was opening up a world which was becoming more and more involved and she realised that the meetings with the Aliens were just the beginning and the true nature of why White Arrow was here was becoming clearer. One evening she was told by White Arrow that there were problems with the Earth. She was taken on board a spaceship and was shown maps of the Earth and information on areas which would be most affected due to environmental changes. Ann was told to write all this information down and this became, “The Report”, a 90-page environmental report detailing the workings of the Earth and its atmosphere and outlined the problems that face us if we continued to deplete resources, continue to destroy and pollute. One thing was clear that we must save and preserve the world's rainforests for Mankind to survive. Ann's second book, “Little One - A Message from Planet Heaven”, was published (1994).

(The Report was continually sent to World leaders, Heads of State, and governmental groups such as the IPCC and the United Nations who in 1992 confirmed the report as being 50 percent correct, the other 50 percent could not be confirmed as it had yet to happen, yet disturbingly today we are seeing more and more of the report coming to pass yet the Western leaders still choose to ignore the Rainforests and it continues to be destroyed).

Ann was now dealing with the enormity of it all and her next journey would take her to Egypt and the book that followed, “The Stone of The Plough”, shows detailed pictures, symbols, ancient writings and evidence revealing Man's true history and when uncovered would prove White Arrow words to be true and people would then save the Rainforests. (1997)

Ann's life was now a far cry from her old life and she was immersed in her work for White Arrow and her journey would take her to Mexico, Jerusalem, North America, Brazil - The Amazon, all revealing secrets hidden from Man for thousands of years. Ann's fourth and final book was self published in Easter 2003 called, “The Messenger The Messiah”. Ann always said that to her this book was the new bible for all of humanity and contained a stark warning to us all, and yet the book is full of love for who we are, where we came from and what we can achieve.

Ann's work was complete. She had done what she came here to do. On the 13th January 2004 Ann Walker passed to Spirit. She had given over twenty five years of her life to serve mankind. Sadly Ann did not see the Rainforests being saved in her lifetime but she left us with evidence, faith and truth and a knowing that we must all come together to save the Rainforests which will inevitably save us all. We have been given an insight into our past and our future and now it is up to us to fight to make it a secure world for our children and future generations.

In the Knowledge of God

ISBN 0-9545044-0-2

The Messenger The Messiah by Ann Walker & White Arrow

For most of you that already know, Ann passed to Spirit on 13th January 2004. Ann spent most of her adult life working for Spirit helping thousands of people contact their loved ones, but this was only part of Ann's journey. Her real work was to save the Rainforests and with the help of her beloved White Arrow and the Aliens, Ann documented all of her journeys in order to show people that White Arrow was in fact the Son of God who had returned to help save the people of the Earth and the Earth itself.

Many people may think that the journey has ended and all that Ann has left are great stories, but we all have to remember that these are indeed facts that will be proven true in time and so with this in mind, we cannot ignore what Ann, White Arrow and the Aliens spent their lives showing us that we must now continue to save the Rainforests before what is predicted in the book, The Messenger The Messiah, comes to pass. It is up to each one of us now to save the Rainforests of the Earth for in saving the Rainforests, we can save ourselves.

If you have not read The Messenger The Messiah, Ann and White Arrow's latest book, we urge each and every person on Earth to read this book with an open heart and mind, for not only is their message in there for all mankind, no matter what race or religion, but 50% of the sales of this book will go to saving the Rainforests.

Please note that all of Ann and White Arrow's books were republished in 2003

The Campaign Continues...

Since Ann Walker's passing the report and letters have been sent to all leaders of the world along with Prince Charles, Kofi Anaan of The United Nations, scientists including Peter Cox at Met Office Hadley Centre - Exeter University, Michael Benton at the University of Bristol, Dr Pachouri for The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. We have also campaigned for the UK government to help preserve Guyana's rainforests, and have sent God's words from The Messenger The Messiah to all World leaders. In November 2009 before the Copenhagen Climate Summit, we sent letters to all World leaders again telling them that they have until 2012 to save the rainforests. The Swedish Minister for the Environment, Andreas Carlgren, announced to the European Parliament that 'we must take immediate action with regards rainforest destruction as even with ambitious offers at Copenhagen, we will be unable to reduce emissions quickly enough.'

Recently, Norway has pledged £150 million to Guyana to preserve their rainforests, and has pledged £500 million to Brazil's International fund set up to protect and preserve the Amazon Rainforests. Norway is working closely with Prince Charles to end the destruction and preserve the Rainforests. Brazil have also announced a plan to stop net deforestation by 2015 by setting up forest reserves, planting more trees than that felled and cracking down on illegal logging.

For copies of Ann Walker's books please check out the links on the right to read about Ann's books - there are links which will take you to They are also available in other countries, you may need to type the titles into your search engine. Fifty percent of Ann's book sales will go towards saving the Rainforests.

For donations to the Rainforests you can visit PPRP, La Reserva Forest Foundation, and The World Land Trust stating that you want your money to go to the Rainforests.

For more information on the Rainforests please visit where you can write to the leaders of the World asking them to take action. This site also has updates on what is happening regarding the forests and information on environmental news worldwide.

If you would like to visit The White Arrow Church set up by Ann Walker and Tony Walker in 1984, now being run by their daughter Joyce Walker, visit their website at

Thank you for your time and we hope that you can make a difference by making the rainforests your priority today.


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