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We have recenty discovered that a couple of websites have taken all of our information and passed it off as their own on their own website. Actions like this spoil it for everyone else so we have to ask that those wishing to use our information that we have spent 10 years accumulating contact us first.

Obviously any articles used we would ask that a credit is given to our website and the author - this is out of respect. On our website where the article/poem is not our own work, it has been acredited to the original author. Children and college students are free to use the information for their course work without permission.

Earth Day - LRFF gets planting !

Save Our Earth - Lets Get Planting
For Earth Day 2011, La Reserva Forest Foundation and the Samara Foundation have joined together to host simultaneous events - one in Berlin named “Let’s Get Planting” which includes entertainment, tree planting and talks on protection of tropical forests, while a second event takes place in Costa Rica, hosted by the Maleku.

LRFF is also working with etnies Shoes to plant 35,000 trees for Earth Day Network’s Billion Acts of Green campaign. Tune into Let’s Get Planting website for live video streaming!

Rio Sol Corridor

Save Our Earth - Rio Sol Corridor by La Reserva
Our friends at La Reserva Forest Foundation are looking for donations to fund their Rio Sol Corridor project.

The Costa Rican government recognised 3000+ hectares as the Maleku territory in 1977, and 33 years later, they still have not been compensated. With the non-indigenous landowners moved off the land, the Maleku will buy this land and convert 2/3 to native forest on which they depend for housing, food and medicine.

This biological corridor will restore the native forest along one side of the Rio Sol. It will return the forest that the flora, fauna and Maleku tribe depend upon for a full life.

The project is part sponsored by Sole Technology, makers of etnies Shoes. The 35,000 trees to be planted in the new corridor are etnies extremely generous contribution............more

WWF are asking the Save Our Earth community - What Wood You Choose?

Save Our Earth - WWF Timber Tracking
WWF, the world's leading conservation body, have just launched a study which has found that companies in the UK are selling items such as kitchen worktops, doors and decking that come from places where illegal logging is having a devastating effect on people and wildlife.............more

Campaign For The Rainforests

Save Our Earth - Earth & Postage Stamp
We are asking everyone to send a letter, email and/or fax to tell the World governments that you will no longer ignore Tropical Rainforest destruction and that action needs to be taken now to end this catastrophic crime against the Earth, for the sake of our future. Use the sample letter, or your own and send to your World Leader or more and tell them why Rainforest Destruction must end today!...........more

World Bank Responsibility

Save Our Earth - Chad Pipeline
For years, the World Bank has given aid to projects around the Earth, without regard to environmental protection. Despite changing their environmental policy to a 'greener image', we are calling on them to take responsibility for environmental damage caused by projects funded by themselves. ......more


La Reserva - Costa Rica

Save Our Earth - La Reserva
La Reserva Forest Foundation is a non-profit volunteer, educational and scientific charitable organization dedicated to the recovery and preservation of indigenous tropical rainforests in Costa Rica. It began nine years ago on a 100 acre dairy farm overlooking Lake Arenal, in the province of Guanacaste (north central) Costa Rica. Please visit our friends at La Reserva and read about their mission to replant the rainforests.

Earth Changes Predicted in 1992

Save Our Earth - Ann Walker
In 1992, Ann Walker, a Spiritualist Medium and author of several books, wrote a report which was sent to the United Nations and World Leaders about what would happen if we did not protect the tropical rainforests - they confirmed the report as 50% correct - the other 50% had yet to happen at that time, but we are seeing these changes now! The climate can change naturally but Man has in no doubt accelerated and interfered with this natural occurance as the IPCC stated in their Fourth Assessment Report released in 2007. Please visit Ann's website to read more about this remarkable lady.
Save Our Earth - The Messenger The Messiah by Ann Walker & White Arrow

Read Ann Walker & White Arrow's new book - available from Amazon (USA and UK) and all good book stores.

Global Impact

Ever wondered whether climate change is changing our home? We have been documenting different impacts across the Earth whether they are storms, floods, famine or disease. This new feature also lists news stories relevant to the region. Read the warning signs and we will save the Rainforests....more

Facebook Updates   Save Our Earth - Facebook

There are too many political games being played with our lives over the climate. Countries do not commit to anything on climate change, even the choice of 'very likely' in the IPCC report was voted on by governments as it would hurt their economies and they would have to act to save this planet. Now if they had forgotten about capitalism and saved the environment, would we be facing decades of debt, people losing their jobs and homes? But the choice is also ours - we decide to buy into an economic system that is rampaging across our planet. Will we ever learn....

The IPCC has stated it is 'very likely' that emissions had led to an increase in daily temperatures and extreme weather events will increase if the world continues to warm.

Save Our Earth : News : IPCC: Climate impact risk set to increase
This news story, IPCC: Climate impact risk set to increase, is briefly summarised with a link to the original story at BBC - We are dedicated to saving the Rainforests of the Earth. We only have a short time to achieve this...Sign our petition, spread the word and save the Future!

Fantastic news from Bolivia where President Evo Morales has scrapped a planned road project through the Amazon - this shows that collective protesting does work - see

Save Our Earth : News : Bolivia's Evo Morales scraps Amazon road project
This news story, Bolivia's Evo Morales scraps Amazon road project, is briefly summarised with a link to the original story at BBC - We are dedicated to saving the Rainforests of the Earth. We only have a short time to achieve this...Sign our petition, spread the word and save the Future!

In 2001 we were introduced to Ann Walker through her Spiritualist Church in Hillingdon Middlesex. England. Little did we know then what we would be getting into and who we would be working for. It is our utmost pleasure to have worked for the duality of Ann Walker and White Arrow, Ann Walker passedin 2004. Ann Walker fought for over thirty years to bring the leaders and the peoples attention to saving the forests for she knew that without these trees around the equator we would have much to deal with in regards to earth read Denise's blog, visit

Save Our Earth : A Message from White Arrow and Ann Walker – ‘The Light Within’
This is the Save Our Earth Blog - We are dedicated to saving the Rainforests of the Earth. We only have a short time to achieve this...Sign our petition, spread the word and save the Future!

It is disappointing that deforestation in the Amazon has increased but good news that Congo has decided to start planting 1 million hectares from November 2011 up to 2020. How much longer must we watch the environmental see-saw shift from one country to another before a concerted effort is made by everyone? Will Rio+20 deliver next year? We can pray and have faith that words are met with action.

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Rainforest Petition

Save Our Earth - Rainforest

Have you signed our Rainforest Petition? Do you want to add your name to the thousands that have already done so? Then help save the Rainforests and sign the petition today!...more


Thank you to all of you who have asked to pledge money to Save Our Earth to help save the rainforests. Unfortunately we are not a registered charity and as such cannot accept donations.

Therefore we are directing potential donors to La Reserva Forest Foundation who are planting much needed trees in the equatorial rainforest regions, where as other organisations who raise money for the forests do not show you where the money has been spent. Although we are not disrepecting these other charities and we hope the money is going to the forests, we know that to combat the damage we have caused to the Earth, we need to afforest the rainforest regions with urgency and La Reserva is doing just that!...more

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